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This is from the get go a retarded series in a retarded setting. The author doesn't seam to want to bother much with worldbuilding, character creation and development or simply setting a coherent set of rules for the... powers? the hunters get, he seems to want to skip it all and to be honest that would be my recommendation if you want to read this, just skip the first 11ch (inexistant world building and character presentation) and you'll be better off for it, after that the next chapters are about dumb monologues, posing and the MC getting cocky, which seem to be the author trying to justify (and fail at it) how the MC changes. If, you somehow pretend those 25 or so chapters don't exist and you just pretend the char was somewhat strong, has a cheat skill and is a badass then you might enjoy this somewhat since from there it's a classical shounen with RPG elements.

Having said that, I find it hard to ignore those appalling 25 chapters, above all the lack of trying on the part of the author to make sense of the world is annoying, don't force what you want it to be for no reason and no valid justification, what happens in this manhua just make no sense for modern age Korea/world. If you set the world in modern earth then you have to abide by it, otherwise just transport the MC to another world or invent a parallel universe, and you can set all the new rules you want that way without so much need to explain. The only good possible explanation for all that happens is "simulation theory" but I really don't see the author going there and even if he does, it's very poorly executed so far. Likewise, the character setting is equally terrible, we are led to believe he does this for his mother yet he dedicates about one panel of the story to explain this, it's never mentioned again and come on! how is getting yourself killed in a gate is going to make your sick mom's and your sister's (that depends on you for a living) life better? if he dies his mom doesn't get medical care and his sis can't support herself anymore, also lets not forget the author insist on telling us the MC doesn't make ends meet with hunting so the justification itself is nonsense, not only there is a very high and real chance of him dying but he doesn't even make money from it. Last this is full of inconsistencies and the MC turns like a pancake so much he essentially becomes a different person, with him getting OP in no time, giving ridiculous explanations and him oscillating from retard to so cool just because the author wills it makes my eyes hurt, just look at the char design in ch 1 and then again in ch 50 and you'll see what I mean, they are nothing alike and only a few month went by.

In short, as a whole it might be somewhat decent manhua if you get through the initial chapters and are able to ignore them it gets better, after that it's a somewhat enjoyable yet somewhat mediocre, light, action packed shounen manhua that focuses on how "cool" the MC is and how OP he is and nice fighting scenes. Oh, art-style is very good thou the flow of the fights is a bit hard to follow at times.

5/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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sQua69 Aug 4, 2020

What I find truly hilarious, was that people keep getting butthurt because a guy/lady who just wanted to express his/her own opinion. not everyone likes what you like. if you can't take criticism then ya'll should just shut yer mouths. seriously, everyone has different perspectives or viewpoints. what mindset yall have, just because you gave it a ten and call it a masterpiece doesn't mean he/she has to, it's his/her choice. 

hnhjknmn3 Jul 30, 2020

the one guy who hates a manhwa everyone likes

Asyeurin May 22, 2020

I love how you're so mad about the literal premises of this story ^^"

On world building this has little to do with the author and more with the adaptation; I'm pretty sure we get some fairly involved briefs in the LN, how the gates appeared, people became Hunters, and society changed, and how -plot pointthey don't know the cause of all this  although it's been a while since I read the beginning. Why is adding fantasy to our world so appalling to you? And while, yes, he struggles to make ends meet as a hunter, and it's super dangerous, it's expressed that it still pays more than a regular job. You've got to consider, his mother isn't just on life support, she's on magically powered life support, which costs about an arm and a leg to run. Also, I think the Hunters Guild might pay these medical bills for him, on account of him being an active Hunter - employees benefits and all that.

On accellerated character development... well obviously it's going to be a little jarring, since his abilities are progressing at an unnatural pace thanks to this new power; that's the point of the story. His physical appearance changes so quickly it surprises the people around him - that's the nature of his skill/the System - so of course by chapter 50 he looks completely different. On the contrary, I think the artist did a pretty amazing job altering the character gradually through the chapters; I can pick out four or five different versions of Jin Woo as he changes. His character to start with was already rather jaded, and had quite sharps wits, but was expressly marked as weak. So when he gains the ability to level up, it's only natural his character changes as he grows in power too - not mention the tremendous trauma he undergoes to gain it. Again maybe the process is illustrated a little briefly in the manhwa, but not to the point where it needs you shitting on the author for no reason.

I don't want to give any spoilers for what happens/is revealed later on, but there is a greater plot bring things together right from the beginning, that includes all the world building details you were complaining about and more.

PZcolo Apr 21, 2020

Well you actually address the points I make other than "how dare you" or similar replies, so thanks.

There might indeed be an explanation at the end of the road but I still feel that the start is not well handled. As I said to others, I might change my review along the way (changed from 5 to 6 already) but I'm rating it as I see it right now, you read the novel and know what will happen so you are privy to info I don't have but I don't plan to read the novel, as said, I don't find this interesting enough to warrant reading it.

I don't want to sound like a broken disc, I have exposed my... issues with the story so far, maybe it's a matter of impatience as you say, but I think it's rather just bad excecution. 

Last, you know I have friends that hate "The lords of the Rings" which I find unveliebable, same with Isaac Asimov's works, and there are people who don't like Saramago's prose, which is hard to grasp, he did recieve a nobel price in literature after all. Still those people exist and ain't few and some of their arguments when I talk with them are reasonable, even if I don't share them. Also, if you read other reviews of this series you'll see that I'm not alone in my opninion, In any case, you enjoy it, ain't that enough?

Crizy Apr 21, 2020

I am quite stunned. Well everyone has their opinion, and the beginning may indeed seem confusing in the manwha.

I still have quite some problems reading you simply because the explanations you're demanding are to come in the future and there are reasons to why they can't be given at the beginning. Those who have read the Novel will know what I mean. I don't wish to spoil anyone so I won't give any details, but everything ends up being explained and that's also why this manhwa/Novel is so great. It is because everytime you dig more into it you find more, though the big part hasn't been "manhwaized" yet, the mahwa having only covered ~ at 40% of the story. 

The fact that you are recommending to skip the first chapters is also something that bothers me and that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND, doing that would just confuse the reader as "new" characters (which they were supposed to see previously) would appear, and you'd also not understand some things (as they are explained at the beginning). Then you can't complain you don't get any explanations or that some characters aren't given further info about.

I just wish that when you'll read the whole thing (hoping it keeps being well done) you'll be satisfied and that your complains will have vanished.

Side Note: The manhwa being of course well-made there are still many notable differences, and missing details between it & the Novel. If you don't see Novels as a bother I'd recommend reading it and see which one fits you best.