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This is a awsome anime, it's has good world build and story with great characters arc. Talk about characters, Anos a.k.a Demon lord (The protagonist) is now one of my favorite characters, his cool attitude is one of the best element of this anime exactly why i love it. Well just imagine he is a reincartation of DEMON LORD but no one eles is aware of that or likely don't want to accepte it even he claim that but he don't care because he know who is he and don't try hid himself so show other how demon lord is. The real fun is begin when some one face him off with rude attitude, well Anos don't try to fight them just teach them a lesson in his styls. Besides anso, still ther was lot amazing characters like Sasha, Ray, Isabella and Guster and some surprising characters, sure this anime has bunch of characters but still use all of  them perfectly and created good support for both protagonist and storyline. Talk about world build, that world have politics like royal (pure demon blood) and hybred (half-demon, half-other being blood), royal always treat hybred like trash while use anos name like "we are the demon lord true blood lines" but Anos born in hybred family so you're all know what will happan then... another good thing in this anime is story well l can't say it's great because this is just first season but good, the story contain lot of twists and wow facters so it's not dispoint you and i don't want to spoile that so go and watch it yourself and the opening song is not impress me, background musics also but dialogue and animation is good. In my opinion i recomended this anime to who want to watch anime series like too overpowered main character like thorw everyone into trash who face off him while using few percentage of his full power with badss or demon Lord's attitube (i don't see this type attitude in any anime i campleted)

          Some pepole compering this anime to The irreguler at magic high school i don't know why but i don't think it's correct, in my opinion ther had lot of difference between both of them characters and storys like Tatuya is always keep himself serect and use his power when it's reaily need, but Anos always expose himself and freely use his power as his wish.


9/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.7/10 overall
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