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Nezukoochannn Feb 26, 2021

Yup I really recommend Bungou stary dogs if you like animes with mafia and stuff. XD

LUCIIIII Feb 25, 2021

Hiiii!! :D

Awwe thank you!! Thank you also for taking the time to look for the animes and puting the link ^^ It is such time saver, and so nice from you!!  :)

Ooh they seem really interesting especially youjo senki,future diarycode geass season 2, they seem pretty cool from the summary.
Wooew bofuri looks really cool (I am moving it to my watch list) so does overlord!!! ^^

I am looking forward to enjoy some of your reccomendations!!! :D

Yeah sure no problem!! Drop by with a message, whenever you find a interesting anime!! I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible!!:D

Nezukoochannn Feb 25, 2021

Hello seems like your a big naruto fan I mean its very clear I geuss. I gotta start watching it soon. (Don't mind me tho I'm randomly commenting on different profiles)

LUCIIIII Feb 25, 2021

Hiii, uhhh i dont know how I got here but you have quite good anime taste ^^

Would you mind recommending, or suggesting one of your favourites if I can ask :D

Btw, nice small comment you made of yourself!! You can actually write that too, on your bio on change profile :)

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