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LetsGetCherryPie Jun 5, 2016

Don't worry about the length, I don't mind at all!

Well, my name is Caitalin (it's just pronounced like "Caitlin" though), but you can call me whatever you like. Fun fact: Caitlin is an Irish name that means pure. Fun fact #2: there are literally a million ways to spell it. Most people call Cat or Cherry. I completely understand, I'm the same sometimes. I really want to keep the conversation going, but I end up getting lazy and taking weeks to reply >.< I'm actually trying to defeat laziness too, it never works out :/ I've just finished my exams and summer doesn't start until the 29th, so I'll be busy with school work for a while. Good luck with philosophy! I always hated it because those kind of things make my head hurt and I hated the fact that most of the things are quite debatable and opinion-based. That's probably because I prefer the sciences though. I am doing RMPS this year and that has philosophy, so I'm hoping it won't be that bad.

I've never heard of anyone being scared of Snow White, that's quite strange. Maybe everyone else is strange for not being scared though. I will admit a witch showing up with a poisoned apple is a scary situation. I'm actually quite scared of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my brother makes fun of me for it. I believe that is justified though, those kids were basically being tortured. Being scared of Game of Thrones makes perfect sense, I watch it and I've seen some terrifying things. I like horror anime, but I find it hard to watch live action and I usually only watch scary films at sleepovers. My brother loves them and sometimes puts really terrible (almost funny) ones on and I can handle them as long as he doesn't leave the room. I think I understand why you don't like horror now. 

I'm glad you weren't offended, I get worried that people will feel like I'm attacking them when I ask about their tastes. I don't really like to cause conflict and I'm the type of person who says "stop it before it starts". Constructive debates are good (I've never had one myself though), it's nice to hear how other people think. I also think learning about the other side of the argument can help you be more sure of your beliefs. Are you an athiest then? 

Ah, I see. I guess Lelouch's actions could be hard to watch, especially when you're younger and newer to anime. I think I can understand your reasons after hearing more about you too, so it doesn't seem so strange now.

Don't worry, there's some series I put off watching or decide not to watch for silly reasons. For example, I really want to watch Your lie in April because it's popular and seems like the kind of show I'd enjoy, but I keep putting it off because I hate the love triangle they've gone for. It's the type where his childhood friend has a secret crush on him and I'm getting so tired of those, especially when all of the childhood friends seem to have the same personality in every single show. I also understand dropping shows because you don't like the type of character, watching characters you find boring or annoying can be difficult. 

Those sports uniforms are used quite a lot, especially in older shows. It's not really used now unless it's ecchi. Do you avoid ecchi shows? I don't particularly look for ecchi shows, but I found after a while that I kind of became "immune" to ecchiness and I don't really mind it now. Most of the characters are quite shy and weak-willed, but Tomoyo and Kyou are quite strong. I can't really remember it well though. I can also understand not liking the art, I personally didn't mind it, but I had already watched some older shows with older art styles before it. I definitely think you should give it another chance!

Thanks for telling me about your country, you seem to know it well (more than I know mine). I'll definitely need to visit some day, especially Rome. Although, pizza in Naples does seem like a great idea!

Hmm, I guess English people probably have trouble understanding our accent. When I'm watching Youtube videos with Scottish comedians, I always see at least one English comment where someone doesn't understand the joke or even what the comedian is saying. I haven't really got any experience with that sort of thing myself, but I can imagine it would be difficult for English people to understand us, especially when we speak in Scots or Scottish English(I would always speak in proper English when talking to someone who isn't from Scotland though). There are a lot of different accents in Scotland and some are more "Scottish" than others. I'd say mine is quite tame and probably not as noticable as other accents. I also kind of hide it when I'm talking to people I don't know well, even other Scottish people. That's just one of my nervous habits though. My favourite Scottish accent is the Fife accent, but most people seem to find it annoying. 

I don't know much about the country, so I'll probably end up talking more about the culture because I have more experience of that. I live in a small town that isn't really representative of the whole country (I don't really think any place is), so I don't really know that much. If there's anything specific you want to know, just ask!

First of all, I'll address the stereotypes. Haggis is quite popular here, although I personally don't like it. It's not eaten as much as people seem to think it is, but you can get it in restaurants or even in a tin at the supermarket. I've heard that people seem to think that haggis is an actual animal and it isn't. I think haggis is made with parts of sheep and other things. Kilts (the "skirts" men wear) are usually only worn at weddings and I've only saw a person wear one casually once in my entire life. There's actually a knife called a sgian-dubh (I think it's pronounced like ski-ann doo) that you put in your sock when you wear a kilt. When I was about 10 years old, I went to my first wedding and I noticed the knives in all the men's socks and I thought they were planning some kind of massacre. I've also heard that men don't wear underwear when they have a kilt on. Red/ginger hair is not as common as people think (I'm actually a brunette) and people often get made fun of when they have ginger hair. Bagpipes aren't actually played that often, usually only at weddings or other events like Burns Suppers. Oh, a Burns Supper is an event held on the poet Robert Burns birthday (25th January) where people eat haggis and read his poetry. I've only been to a few at primary school, but lots of people have them. Also, Scottish people do drink as much as people think (I'm still too young though). 

Our capital city is Edinburgh, although most people seem to prefer Glasgow. I've only been to Edinburgh a few times, so I can't really say much about it, but I know there are lots of museums like The National Museum of Scotland. There's also Edinburgh Zoo (again, I've never been) which is the only zoo in the UK to have giant pandas. I think they also have trams.

The largest city is Glasgow (3rd largest in the UK) and I love going there (probably because I'm from a small town). People in Glasgow also have a different way of speaking (Glasgow patter) and it seems like people around where I live (me included) speak quite similar. Most people go to Glasgow for concerts (at the Hydro or the SECC) or shopping, as there's a lot of high order shops and a few shopping centres like Braehead and Silverburn there. Most of the stuff I know about Glasgow is actually from geography and I'm not going to start talking about the problems with tenements or grid iron patterns, so this is all I have.

I don't know much about other cities other than you're probably pronouncing them wrong. I don't know how to prounounce half the places here and it's hardly ever said how it looks.

There's also some differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Our laws are different with us having the "not proven" verdict as well as "guilty" and "not guilty". Our drink driving limit is also lower and 16 year olds are allowed to vote in Scottish elections (18 years old in the rest of the UK). Our education system is also different and we do different exams and qualifications from the rest of the UK. I think some private schools teach GSCEs and A-levels though.

This is our national anthem and it is very close to the hearts of all the Scottish people.

I guess this is it, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you much about my country, just let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know and I'll try my best to explain it.

LetsGetCherryPie May 14, 2016

Hey, I'm really sorry about this late reply but I haven't been online for a while! 

Nice to meet you too! Yeah my list is pretty huge (it's mostly stuff I want to watch though). Our tastes do seem pretty similar. I can understand why you don't like horror (I'm quite scared of it too), but it is quite fun sometimes!

Oh, I was looking through your list and I wanted to ask about some things. Sorry if I'm being rude here, I'm just a little curious, I'm not trying to criticise your tastes or anything! Why did you drop Code Geass? I've never met anyone who doesn't like it before and I personally enjoyed it (even though I don't like mecha), so I found that a little strange. Why is Clannad on your "won't watch" list? Sorry if I sound like I'm attacking you or something, I really don't mean for it to sound that way! >.<

You're from Italy, right? What's it like living there? 

Sianeka Apr 27, 2016

OutOfTheBlue says..   Hi Sianeka, I hope you're doing well:) I'm new here and was really touched by your idea of WECO, so I was thinking about becoming a supporter of WECO (I'm not sure I have the perseverance to be a greeter, maybe in the future). Is it alright to just tell you here or should I do something else? I would also like to ask you how supporters can help your activity, since they don't do any work.  Hope to hear from you soon,

So sorry for my delay in responding - things got busy for me all of the sudden and I haven't been able to spend as much time on the site as I usually do!

I am adding you as a WECO Supporter, and I thank you much!!! (Supporters are important members of the group. Their endorsement really benefits WECO by boosting morale, and by helping to increase WECO’s reputation and visibility on the site!)  If you ever want to be more involved, just let me know and I can help you take a more active part in the group, but nothing more is required.  While I love the WECO's Greeters, who do the welcomes and who are very special people, endorsements are also very cool and we love our Supporters.  Nothing more is needed. No obligations. If that is the role that is best for you, I thank you very much for your support!  (If you -are- interested in doing welcomes on a regular basis and actually greeting new members as part of the group sometime in the future, just get back to me to let me know and I can send info about becoming a Greeter. I'd love it if you have time to participate at that level, as a Greeter! But no pressure - if you wish to  be a Supporter and not a Greeter, that is totally fine! *smile*)

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.)

BleachSta4Ever95 Mar 21, 2016

Heya! :) You are so very welcome! :) I understand what you mean with the busy and hectic schedules. I'm currently in my training stages and internship to be a full-time State Trooper. And of course! I see that stuff all the time and sometimes even get it back at me. And there can be times where I have done it myself, but only after I've been pushed way, way, way too far over my limit. And it hurts after I do, but some people just will never understand. And yea, with me, you don't need to worry about anything impolite or rude and such. :) And yes, there is sometimes over 500 names a day and there are several greeters. We are always looking for more and you can customize it so it fits for your schedule. Lol, the boss is really nice. :) I have my customized schedule set up for 50+ names Monday through Friday, with weekends off. There are even people who only do 5 names a day for only 2 days of the week. All customizable. It would be really cool to have you join us at WECO. Omg, now I sound like a recruiter. It's only a suggestion. Or you could just be a supporter for WECO. And it's really easy. I can get you more information if you would like. :) And why, thank you. I'm glad I touched you with my welcome. :) I try my best to make everyone feel welcome. I've been doing it for 4 years now, and I really love it. :) And it's totally cool. You are extremely good at English. I can speak other languages as well. If you need to talk in that other language, just let me know and I can totally do it. :) And as always, I hope to hear from you again and I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

~Renji :)

LetsGetCherryPie Mar 20, 2016

Hello, thank you for following me!