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If you're looking for a decent story then this one is not for you (This is a review up to chapter 631) (I've decided to drop this because of the characters).

I've been reading this manhua when it only has 330+ chapters and the story is just like most Chinese cultivation manhuas where the plot just repeats over and over and if that's not enough of a reason then I will make another explanation,

it's similar to most Chinese cultivation stories out there because it has almost all characters stupid enough to go against the mc despite mc being able to beat people powerful than them.

of course, it also has the underestimating plot which is a very common thing on Chinese stories and honestly annoying to the point you want to keep reading just to see the mc beat them up.

THE STORY SUCKS, Extremely confusing from chapter 400 and so on.
POOR ARTSTYLE, What do you expect?.
ANNOYING CHARACTERS! (I started to wonder how the heck this got adopted)

Overall it's bad.

ps: if you don't like my review then why not try it for yourself, it's pretty fast to go through chapters and I expect that you're gonna judge it early.

3/10 story
4/10 art
0.1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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