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Jun 3, 2020

This history is tricky, so I will need to explain a little my point of view even though I dropped the reading. Just to be clear, this is my ethical opinion.

Background: I've been in relationships with a big age gap, being 27 years younger in one and being 12 years older in another, so you can see I clearly don't have any prejudice against.

Context: as a person who lived a challenging childhood and adolescence and especially as a mother, I believe being mature enough to face the challenges of a simple relationship and much more a unorthodox one is something that you don't have on your teens. I also believe that as an adult we hold responsibility for our actions, as such we should now that lawful and ethical or moral correct aren't always the same but we should be always looking for them.

Ideology: "because I love you is different".....that isn't right on my book. Predatory behavior cant be justified with love as motivation, or because there wasn't physical violence in the actions, that would be like saying that if a woman that go on a date with a guy, drinks and passed out is okay for him to "have sex" with her, that isn't rape. For me, if a person take advantage of the youth, ignorance, fear, vulnerability or lack of self-love of anyone but especially of a kid (for me ppl younger than 20) that person is on the same tren as any sexual offender. I don't believe on "you don't have control over love", thasth BS, the human mind is something amazing, our core is so powerful that doing something against our own moral code is practically impossible, even though we have laws that reminds us what's allow and what not there are certain things we just now are bad without anyone telling us. Most people think that physical contact is the most painful invasive way of abuse, clearly is because they have never suffered emotional/psychology abuse. So, for me a grown woman leeching of a kid drive for her lack of emotional growth is just despicable.

I don't want to go on philosophical rampage about wrong and right, so I'm just going to say, this isn't for me. Even though I applaud the intention of approaching the theme about and older women with a young guy, been the guy only 12 is just wrong for me, I would like to see the couple but with the kid on his 25 and she on her 43, that is something I would definitely read.

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