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Apr 4, 2020

Shocking, another history where the seme is an traumatized egocentric emotionally immature sadistic guy who use sexual and verbal abuse to express "his love" for the low self-esteem, obsessed, masochistic uke.

The (potentially) good plot get lots in pro of the "love history".

The only character I loved was Cecilia, the trustworthy, intelligent, beautiful female friend who always fix her gay friends mess 😂😂

I hate how mangas/manhwas always put BDSM before love comes, is like saying: "You would never do this to the one you love"😑 you can be perfectly in love, be kind, open hearted, respectful and yet have a safe, consensual playtime that involves ropes, chains, whips, gags 😒 kink can go hand to hand with love you fuckers!

So sad for the potentially good history tho....

4/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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