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Hey guys & gals! My name's Yusuf Al Sanad, formerly known as "Joseph Coen Mason" (a name I no longer use, but one which I'm still very fond of!). Most will know yours truly either as "Mr.Gamer990" or "OtakuGamer990". I am but a simple, bald dude who loves Anime(s) more than anything else in the Entertainment Industry. I hope to share my opinions, lists, thoughts, analysis, and any theories I formulate! 😃 Anything having to do with Anime or Manga(s)/Light Novels, whether past, present, or future... I'm definitely there!!! While I do prefer Modern Anime(s) over the Classic ones, I try to keep an open mind on whatever Anime(s) I happen to stumble upon! 😄👊

Top 20 Favorite Anime(s) of All-Time:

1) Berserk (1997-2017)                                                                                                            

2) Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations                                                

3) Dororo (2019)                                                                                                                     

4) Fate series (Fate/Stay Night standing as my personal favorite, followed by Fate/Zero.)               

5) Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)                                                                                

6) Asobi Asobase                                                                                                                   

7) Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop)                                                                                                            

8) Akame Ga Kill                                                                                                                       

9) Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru? (How Heavy Are the Dumbells You Lift?)                                          

10) Banana Fish                                                                                                                       

11) Gungrave

12) Claymore

13) Elfen Lied

14) Monster

15) Death Note (Japanese live-action films were great too!)

16) Death Parade

17) G.T.O. (Great Teacher Onizuka ...he truly was & will FOREVER be the GREATEST Teacher ever employed! 🤘)

18) Isekai Shokudō (Restaurant to Another World)

19) Ergo Proxy

20) One Punch Man (Seasons 1-2)

Top 10 Favorite Manga(s)/Light Novels of All-Time: 

1) Berserk (Obviously! Haha)

2) All You Need Is Kill

3) Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations

4) Claymore

5) Monster

6) Akame Ga Kill

7) The a-Kira Story: Death Note One Shot (LOVE Tanaka Minoru! 🖤)

8) No Game No Life 🎮

9) Asobi Asobase 

10) Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

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osaka Apr 5, 2021

Aaaaa so happy you started playing it!! :D

I will soon add you to my friend list <33

osaka Mar 31, 2021

Thank you so much for all of the warm words again!! 
I do really appreciate it ^^

I will try to respond to it more 'detailed' soon when I will have time <3

osaka Mar 29, 2021

Thank you so so much for all your warm words about my review <33

It means so much to me because I try very hard and devote a lot of time to these reviews. Therefore, I did not write so many of them because it takes me at least 2/3 hours to write one. Therefore, I greatly appreciate all comments and praise regarding them. Again thank you very much.

actually English is not my first language so I am even more grateful that you praised my vocabulary and grammar <3

And yeah about Itsuki I can agree XDFGFGH she is a weirdo tho-
but tbh all of them in kakegurui are weird lmao

And for the future I will just give you my honkai id: 202947805 (currently on level 61)

And I mentioned in a previous comment that I don't play THAT much overwatch haha but want to take it more seriously if u get what i mean hahaha
same for azur lane and arknights and many more games that I want to try ^^
But even tho Honkai is my main and i am mostly playing it <3

Yeah maybe I will be comfortable one day to say it but normally only my close friends
in internet know my name, age etc. :P we will see we will see :D

Also may I ask if it is not rude for you if i am replying short for your long paragraphs haha? :~

osaka Mar 26, 2021

Yeah so that is why I wasn't responding because I didn't know what to respond to that ^^

I am just reading all comments and analizing them haha but not responding to all of them <3
But I am sorry if you feel bad because of it TwT

So I can just thank you for your opinion about them I agree with your opinion-

If I have to answer to your paragraphs then here u r-

I recommend you demon slayer definitely!!! <3 It is amazing and if you are interested I wrote review about this anime so if you are interested
in reading it I would love to hear your opinion about it :D

I don't much like Jabami Yumeko but she is fine i guess?? my favourites from kakegurui is Kirari Momobami, Sumeragi Itsuki, Miroslava Honebami and Mary is also nice ^^

It is my pleasure! And I am glad you I was able to recommend you something!! because I see you watched a lot so I was 
wondering If I can recommend you something that you ahven't watched yet :P

And good taste also!! If I can say my favourite games are definitely-

It is hard to say because I like a lot but some of my favourites are- Honkai impact- this one is personally my number one, Genshin impact- which is also good but i like better Honkai, don't know why haha, I also like Sky: children of the light but I went through it at on day so it is hard to say what my opinion is about it haha, Identity V is super cool... and many more- basically my ultimate favourite is Honkai Imapct 3rd. 

But I wanted to start playing Overwatch and few other games like- arknights, azur lane etc.- I mean I played them before but to start it more seriously? nevermind xDD- 

If you want I recommend all of them and if you will start some of them we can always play in co-op! <3 I would always love to- but it is just a question not anything more ^^

Hope I responded properly to your comment and sorry one more time :<<

osaka Mar 23, 2021

omg yeah I know that you commented but I thought that I replied to you didn't I?

I am so sorry I tend to forget about such things sometimes :<<

May I ask what were we talking about?? I have too many comments and I forgot
I am so sorry one more time </3