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Hey there! My name is Yusuf Al Sanad, once known as Joseph Coen Mason (an old alias I no longer use), but most will know me as "Mr.Gamer990" or "OtakuGamer990", and i am but a simple guy who loves Anime more than anything else in the Entertainment Industry. I hope to share my opinion, lists, thoughts, analysis, and theories on Anime. Anything having to do with Anime, whether past, present, or future, i am there! I do prefer Modern Anime over the classic ones, but i try to keep an open mind on whatever new anime i discover or classic one i wish to check out. :D

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Draiga Aug 30, 2018

Image result for thank you anime gif

Thank u For Following me 
I hope i can learn more about animes from u 
Lets be friends

Lamelija May 31, 2015

Yup, the story was deffinitely sad. The end though is very open ended :D One can only speculate who were those two twin girls at the end. It really does seem like "Romeo and Juliet" in a way.

You will need that truck of tissues xD

If you tear up easily, then Clannad will deffinitely make you cry :D

Will do so, once I have the time to check them out ^.^

Yup, and that's very sad. But best friends are the type of friends that are always there, even when you don't talk to them for a year or so xD "Alls fair in love of war! That made no sense at all!!!!" That actually rhymes O.O

Study hard to be sure not to fail the exams ^.^ Even if there is always another time, it's best to finish on the first time :D (did that make sense?).

I can't wait until summer comes. I need a break from all that learning -_-

Yup, the bond that Naruto and Sasuke have is the best type of friendship. But I have to say, that Sasuke is an idiot. I mean, wanting to kill your own best friend BECAUSE he's the only friend? I can't follow that logic -_- lol

Lamelija May 17, 2015

You read the Elfen Lied manga? Yay ^.^ I have to say I prefer the manga over the anime. It is more clear.

I'll need to check them out someday :)

Let me tell it to you this way. I HARDLY cry when it comes to sad stories. Clannad on the other hand made me howl from crying. I hope it helps you understand how sad it is :D It's a great anime that takes your heart, throws it on the ground, stomps on it hundreds of time and puts your heart back in O.O

Lol, really? :D I have never met people like Sunohara :D It must be kinda fun, though xD

I need and want to watch SO many animes, but there's hardly any time T_T

I'm happy to hear that ^.^ Friends may leave one day, but the Family will always be there :) I don't understand people who don't care about their families :(

They are going ok :D Could be better, but oh well :D Finals are a bit far, so I don't worry about them yet :) Thank you ^.^ Good luck to you too, on learning French and Japanese and other languages that you want to learn :)

That's what I do :) I rest as much as I need and learn as well as I can ^.^

It's ok :) Don't worry about it ^.^ Like I have said so many times: take your time :)

Lamelija May 3, 2015

After I finished watching Elfen Lied I felt so frustrated at the open end, that I went and read the manga xD I've never seen Berserk or Golden Age, I guess I'll check them out once I have more free time :D

You are welcome :D It will be awesome....well...I guess T_T Just have a bunch of tissues ready. You'll most likely need them.

Yup, Sunohara is definitely the best friend one could have even if he doesn't seem to be the smartest xD

Lol :D I never do that. I prefer to have the latest episode marked :D

Oh, that's sad :( I hope your bond with your father will get better soon :)

Pfft...sure... In three weeks I again have a bunch of test -_- I need to start learning already today, especially Kanji T_T

Same here. It's tough studying at a uni and still trying to find time to relax :D

Lamelija Apr 28, 2015

It's ok, I'm no better at replying :D The ending of anime "Elfen Lied" was very open. As far as I can remember, the anime did take a small turn to a side from the manga, but just a small :) And by "horrible ending" I meant that the ending was very sad and depressing :( AND had as well a rather open ending O.o

Aah, on your watch list it was marked as "Watched" so I thought that you finished it already :D And yup, their encounters are hillarious :D I find it kinda funny how much kicks Sunohara can take :D

His name is Okazaki Tomoya. I find that as well sad :( But near the end of Clannad: After Story a nice surprise is waiting :)

I wish I would have more time to watch anime :( Then I could watch them as well. 

My main occupation at the moment are learning for test O.o

Thank you, took me some time to find that :D It's from Chuunibyo demo koi ga shitai :)

Yup :D But it's kinda funny too :D And what would animes be without their quirks :D