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So the hero has vanquished the Dark Lord, spared the life of the Dark Lord's daughter, and saved the kingdom, what does he have left to do? Why, do it all over again!


While it probably isn't the first story ever to do it, it was the first one I've ever seen with this concept. Picture if you will, the aftermath of the hero's glorious victory and now he has wanders off in search of a new adventure?  Nay, he takes his booty and runs back to his home world where hilarity and many action packed hijinx ensue! I went into this anime with little to no information on it and I'm kind of glad I did. Much like my discovery of Toradora! I've stumbled across another interesting quirky gem of a show. Wonderful story that kind of takes a side track somewhere in the middle but beautifully wraps up one season while also setting up for a second.


While not stellar and as I've stated before in past reviews I tend to deduct points for rainbow  spectrum hair colors, especially when there's no real need for it. The second issue was the cookie cutter faces where most of them were just your typical bishi heart shaped faces and perfect bodies. Meh, it's anime, what ya gonna do right? Those gripes aside, the scenes are well drawn, the animation is fluid and easy to follow so really not much to complain about in the  end.


I was, unfortunately, a little annoyed with the first 2 eps where they kept repeating the line  the Dark Lord says to his daughter about measuring the hero that may some day defeat him and decide for herself  to accept him or kill him as she saw fit. I guess they really wanted to stress this point but after the 3rd time hearing it inside of 30 minutes it was a bit over kill.  That  being said, they did finally get beyond this repetition. Mainly the music and sounds were what you'd expect from this genre,  no  disappointments there.


While many were your cliche archetypes you find in just any action/fantasy show I couldn't bring myself to disdain them at all. Even the "annoying" characters wormed their way into my heart and I found myself rooting for just about everyone. If it were any less so, I'd complain about the blatantly evil antagonist in a "hero's" skin, not because of the strange duality but because I rarely think the world is in such black and white. Either way it's not so uncommon  and I  don't really mind especially taking into consideration the plethora of awesome main and side characters that just oozed of depth and back-story I wana know about.


As stated, a wonderfully unexpected gem of a show worthy of any fantasy lover's time. I didn't want to put it down from ep 1-12 and desire the 2nd season with a vengeance. I enjoyed this one thoroughly and will probably watch it again when the sequel comes out. Highly recommended to just about anyone.

Side note: The... censorship around the female bits was... odd,  intrusive and a bit over done... the only reason I didn't deduct the score for it was I think it was done 100% blatantly, to poke fun at the whole concept or just to mess with the people screening for stuff little ones shouldn't see. After a while I got used to it and almost didn't notice anymore... except for that nagging desire  to go the hell away xP

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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Vrishnak92 Jul 6, 2015

I wanted to make a mention of the censorship you described, you & I must've watched different versions of the same show, as there was little in the way of annoyingly obvious censorship compared to most that I have watched... Odd

chii Jan 3, 2013

wow I would not have pegged you to have enjoyed this show LOL!!