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Saw some people from MAL use this site and thus I'm gonna on here too. Namely cause some of my fav characters I wanna simp for and characters I don't like I wanna roast to no end lol.

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MrDacat Nov 25, 2022

forgot to mention but love your cover and profile pic, erza scarlet is awesome

SoraSky1995 Oct 20, 2022

You mean im toxic for calling people being wrong like you? keep lying

Unhacker Oct 5, 2022

I don't have an account on "My Anime List". But we can think of services in which both of us are registered.

Queen's Blade is my top 1 anime ever. I love it. (Also, keep in mind that I don't think it's a good idea to reveal spoilers while we talk through our walls in our profiles - that's one of the reasons I want privacy with you.) Osumare, you were right when you said Tomoe is more interesting than Leina, and that her being the main character would be interesting. After all, Tomoe is my most favorite character ever. But I also have huge love for Aldra (second place in my top list) and Nyx (third place). Also, Elina Vance got in the way of both Tomoe and Nyx, which is just one more reason to dislike the bitch. Good boys and girls don't respect Elina Vance, you know.

SoraSky1995 Oct 2, 2022

no there wasnt why do you lie?

Unhacker Oct 1, 2022

Hello, Osumare. Does "Anime-Planet" give the opportunity to write messages to other users? Looks like it doesn't, so I'll write on your wall instead.

I see that you have some interest in "Queen's Blade" series. Can we talk about it, girl?