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Saw some people from MAL use this site and thus I'm gonna on here too. Namely cause some of my fav characters I wanna simp for and characters I don't like I wanna roast to no end lol.

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kanekistoenail May 1, 2021

i was talking about you're comment on yukiteru no disrespect tho

kanekistoenail Apr 29, 2021

**male version but yea i see what you're saying and i can see why you view them that way

HitlersArtTeacher Apr 26, 2021

Hello. There is a user on Personality Database with a username similar to my own, but we are not the same person. My username was inspired by theirs. The account I used on PDB was Ciradyl, but I recently deleted it, as I could not tolerate the people I had associated myself with there. I then created a new account to turn over a new leaf, as they say. I plan to be more cautious on the new account, as the conflicts in which I was involved were taking a toll on my health. Sorry for the monologue.

I love typology, especially the MBTI and Enneagram. How does it feel to have the same type as both Jesus and Hitler? Do you know your enneatype, by chance?

MateusCarvalho590 Apr 21, 2021

Hey, OsumarefromMAL! I understand that you are talking about the positive points of Maka Albarn in that comment that you sent on her profile. But my conmentaries about her and other characters are not ridiculous and I'm not talking bad about her, but are just logical about the negative points of her that are very strong, even if they are not so persistent to be worse, because of her have a lack of credulity and intolerance. And even though she is a good character, well written and well developed, she will never be a much better and written character than many anime characters, and she will never reach the full percentage of her development, and the reasons I already said in the my comment on her profile. But if you disagree with that, that's fine. But all that I'm telling you is all true, and it's not a joke. My reason why I hate Maka is a reflection of why many people hate her. Imagine if Maka is the next anime character to be canceled on the internet, just like it happened with Goku, and the reason for that would be because of Chapter 68 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, because this spoiler has already traumatized the Dragon Ball's fanbase.