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Saw some people from MAL use this site and thus I'm gonna on here too. Namely cause some of my fav characters I wanna simp for and characters I don't like I wanna roast to no end lol.

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SugarPie444 Nov 30, 2023

Because @Your comment on Akira's dad from Shadow Star Narutaru, it's heavily implied and more blatant in the manga that he SAed her on the daily. That's why she has trauma and emotional damage.

LakeTrek Oct 17, 2023

What about Tomoya Okazaki? I think he is also a great Harem MC other than Yuuji Kazami. (If you count Clannad as Harem) 

DGFischer Aug 27, 2023

Spot on true as you can get!!!

rinnyisrin Jun 7, 2023

ngl he gives more perry vibes