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BL: Supernatural

1 H&H Roman Company

H&H Roman Company

With technology and the current state of the world, angels and demons are both running out of work.

People aren't asking for reasonable prayers anymore, so God decides to fight this unemployment rate by creating a company.

Ginger and Rum have been together since the day they were born. Ginger has been in love with Rum for the longest time and he constantly has wet dreams about him, but he just can't bring himself to confess.

What if he does and Rum doesn't want to be friends with him anymore?

A funny office setting with pushy co-workers who want to help Ginger get together with Rum. There is also a side couple of an angel x older (adorable) demon.

Full color webcomic

2 At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road

Things were finally starting to look up for Taemin.

He was abandoned by his mother and left with his abusive father as a child. When he got older, his father ran and left his debt behind. But Taemin is almost done paying off the debt and can finally start contemplating what he wants to do with his life. Pursue boxing? Go back to school?

As he thinks of these things, he gets into an accident and wakes up in another person's body.

He had been having recurring dreams of a boy who was being bullied and who ran in front of truck-san. And this is the face that greets him when he awakens.

Taemin feels guilty for taking this family's son away from them, but he decides to make the most of things. He won't pretend to be something he isn't though, and he'll be sure to get back at those guys in school who keep trying to mess with him!

Siwon becomes a completely different person and Siwoon, a person from Taemin's past, wonders if amnesia can really cause a person to change this much. Why does he get the feeling that Siwon is like Taemin?

Full color webcomic

3 Blood Bank

Blood Bank

This is set in a world dominated by vampires.

Humans, and vampires that have been exiled, live in the slums. The luckier humans are raised in human farms are given an identification number and are able to get jobs where they work under vampires.

One works in the blood bank. All he wants to do is live a quite and peaceful life while keeping his secret under wraps. Vampires are able to manipulate humans using their pheromones, but for some reason these pheromones do not affect One.

When Shell, the son of their region's Blood Lord who will be taking over the bank, stops for a visit, he realizes that something is different about One. He is drawn to him and begs One to step on his face and dominate him. And One does his best to get out of that situation.

This starts off as a heavy S&M story and then you get smacked in the face by the plot. A full color webtoon that is excellent if you don't mind S&M content.

4 DoS Obake ga Nekasetekurenai

DoS Obake ga Nekasetekurenai

Yuuji had a crush on his co-worker, Haruki, who recently sent him a wedding invitation. Frustrated that he has always fallen for straight guys, he drinks at home and dreams that he got a blow job. But was it a dream?

He later discovers that he is being followed by the spirit of a high school student who is after his body. Is this one of those spirits that follows people who are sexually frustrated, or something else?

And why is Yuuji developing feelings for someone who is going to eventually disappear?

5 Vampire and Hunter

Vampire and Hunter

This is just a comedic webcomic about a boy who wanted to make a vampire his bride. The vampire meets the boy 20 years after his declaration and believes that they have become enemies, but when he wakes up hundreds of years later, his sister declares that Libra is his lover.

Is he really missing his memories or is the hunter tricking his sister?

And why is a human still alive after hundreds of years.

6 The Red String of Fate

The Red String of Fate

Kei has had the ability to see the string of fate since he was a child. He grew up knowing when couples didn't have strings attached to each other and knew couples who had strings attached to other people were going to split up.

When his string finally connects to his fated person, he hopes that it connected to the girl that he likes, but receives the surprise of his life when he sees a dude at the end of the string.

Kei tries to avoid reality, but he keeps bumping in to Hiro. While Kei contemplates how he could do away with this fate, Hiro's feelings for him just seem to grow stronger.

But this is the strings fault, isn't it? If Kei starts thinking that Hiro has cute qualities, it just has to be the string's fault!

College based setting.

7 A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You

Siwon is a college student who is studying graphic design. Recently, he has been having a recurring dream which features Jihan, one of his classmates.

Jihankeeps mentioning an incident that happened between them, but Siwon is certain that he's never done anything with the snobbish Jihan who distances himself from all his classmates.

Andit wouldn't matter anyway because these are just dreams... Aren't they? But why would he dream about kissing a guy!

Thisis a full colour webcomic.

8 Royal Servant

Royal Servant

9 Trip Lovers

Trip Lovers

Yutaka accidentally fell in a portal to another world five years ago and since then, it's been a battle to keep his freedom and single status!

Everyone in this world seems to be after him because of his rare black hair; men challenge him at duels for his hand and women go at him with scissors to get his locks and bind him in marriage.

The only reason he's made it this far is due to the owners training and safeguarding. In exchange, he made the business flourish with his "exotic" okonomiyaki dish.

When Yutaka makes his first misstep, he winds up with Mel, a kind traveling swordsman. But is Mel really all that he appears to be?

10 My Pet Bat

My Pet Bat

Park Min Gyeom is a high school student who just moved to a new city and is living on his own. His father is a terrible person who wanted to get Min Gyeom out of the house to live comfortably with his new family.

While going home one day, he is ambushed by a strange person who sucks his blood. Min Gyeom is startled by this occurrence, but since he has a disease that produces excess blood in his body, he doesn't wind up in the hospital.

He wants to put that incident behind him, but discovers that his attacker is not only his classmate, but his seatmate as well!

Kim Chun Sam is a half vampire who needs human blood to live. After some convincing, Sam is able to get Min Gyeom on board with helping with his meals.

But Min Gyeom has some deep rooted psychological issues caused by his father. Even though he found someone who relies on him, will everything be smooth sailing from now on?


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