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ChaoSeaker May 5, 2016


Tried to log in for like 30 min, but it fails, mybe server is down, dunno.

Anyway ill try tommorow at the same time if not we will see. Just type me in server adress i saved it but just in case ^^

Cheers, Chaos

ChaoSeaker May 4, 2016


Ill be home every afternoon this weak, so from 15h-19h would be optimal :D

Ill log on ts, starting tommorow from 16h-18h , so w/e you decide to come ill be there, or just write me a time when you guys can, if you are not able to join at this time. 

Ill check anime-planet every day, weekend and last 2 days was busy, easter + 1st may ^^.

Cheers, Chaos

ChaoSeaker Apr 29, 2016

Ori :D

Long time no see, had some pc problem, reinstalled windows and basicly lost ts password. And you know i had problem remembiring my username on anime-planet so long search in email inbox and finnaly found it.

How are you doing? Whats new? How is afterlife?

Leave a comment on my page eventually ill read it, and leave me ts password and time you are ussually on :D

Cheers, Chaos

kynz Oct 6, 2014

Hello and welcome to Anime-Planet! hope you'll enjoy your time here.