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Sep 26, 2020

I dont care if you call me a simp or a cuck, this show is good.

Some people say this show is bad because of the idea of renting people. I personally could totally see the "rent a girlfriend" app being a real thing so that never bothered me. Other people say the shows problem is that the guy is a puss. Love is fucking complicated and different people look at it in different ways. The MC in this show kinda has a "true love" approach where he wants to have a real connection and cant just forget about someone overnight. The variety of character in Rent A Girlfriend really show all the different sides/view one can have on love. Some are in it for the thrill, some for a sense of completion, and some dont even really want or understand it. I'm just upset to see so many people hating on this show for dumb reasons.

I enjoyed this show enough to write a fucking review and I aint no fucking weeb critic wanna be so that should say something about the impression this show left.

All this being said, I am disappointed that the season ends without a conclusion. 

Its not the best show but its pretty dammmm good.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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starlightdreams Mar 27, 2021

Nah bro the MC is trash on so many levels he's a pathological liar he's a stalker a creep and the list just goes on

RadicalShiba Feb 3, 2021

Rent-a-Girlfriend is yet another in a long line of anime that weebs despise because the MC reminds them too much of themselves lmfao

Pikupal Nov 29, 2020

I was really shocked to see all these reveiws in front page that are rated low.But this show's quality can't be decided by just 1st season when there is lot to watch in coming seasons as its manga is really good.Yeah there is fan service that I admit,but that doesn't steal the whole attention of the show.The anime has adapted well from the manga and the voice actors really fits well.

Bd2010 Nov 28, 2020

I enjoyed it until the last episode. It left it in such a nothing way that I'm just disappointed.