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Just quick note about how i judge all what i watched or read:

  1. Storys are not ratted as overall wich means i judge them on some tagg or style they have in common 
  2. Art i compare based on origin . Manga to Manga, Manhwa to Manhwa and so on
  3. Some anime ratings are rated without fillers in mind so thats why they have higher score then should be for example Naruto is ez 8/10 without fillers but with fillers 6/10 at best
  4. Some of my ratings are blinded with chcaracters that are in it.(DXD 10/10 but in real 6/10)
  5. Droped animes mangas ... are droped cose i had no time to watch them and there was no reson to return back to them cose they were avrage(the world only god knows) but some were just bad ofc.

If u can or want to recommend me somthing it can be anything that doesnt have main story chiled like main character, has over 100 chapters if its for reading and its based on story if its anime number of ep. doesnt matter or has taggs like isekai or yaoi

My most favourite :




What i think:

Animes pros

Anime cons

Manga pros 

Manga cons 

Manhwa pros

Manhwa cons 



Waifu: Taihou


If u want to change my mind about some of my statements feel free to leave comment bellow. Also english is not my main language so  you dont have to correct me if i misspell something.

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ctrlist Dec 14, 2021

Yeah strong fls are hard to find especially in mangas. idk what kinda of manga/manhwa you like but

  1. Appetite- completed
  2. Act-age- cancelled at 100+ chs
  3. A red knight does not blindly follow money- ongoing
  4. A villainess for a tyrant- ongoing
  5. Beware the villainess- completed. definitely not my favorite but maybe you will like it (strong fl)
  6. False confession- ongoing (FL is strong as she can heal but she’s kind of a wimp)
  7. From a knight to a lady- ongoing
  8. Golden time- ongoing
  9. Girls of the wild- completed
  10. Jack: The American Ghost-completed (mentally strong??)
  11. Light and shadow- completed. story isn’t my favorite but the fl is definitely strong.
  12. Master villainess the invincible- ongoing (hiatus??? not sure)
  13. Purple hyacinth- ongoing
  14. Unholy blood- completed
  15. taming the tom boy- completed
  16. this witch of mine- completed

One manhwa that I always recommend is Secret Alliance, the FL is definitely not strong but it’s really good. Try it.

Hoped that helped!

acho7530 Dec 13, 2021

yo thank u so much bro i may ask u other question if i need stay like u are

Joycelovesfood Dec 4, 2021

If by duchess style you mean she has all the power or something like that. Nah I don't think so. But please read it it's such a good story 。◕‿◕。 

P.s sorry for the late reply

Hana815 Nov 29, 2021

First of all your English is ok, English is also my second language so...

I have to agree with you about if the story was short it still would have conveyed the same thing. Like the part with Euntae's sister wasn't really necessary, it was added only to show that he is falling for her. And about the fight with her mother and Yohan, I interpreted it as that since He was blackedout by rage when he was fighting so only got a small glimpse of the fight. I remember the author saying in her live that the fight between her parents and Yohan was different from what was posted. She redid the whole thing for some reason. maybe that is why it feels kinda off. 

I enjoyed the metaphors and nods to biblical references. I am a huge nerd when it comes to finding hidden meanings so interpret a lot. 

HwiUwU Nov 27, 2021

It's ok have a great day as well xD