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Just quick note about how i judge all what i watched or read:

  1. Storys are not ratted as overall wich means i judge them on some tagg or style they have in common 
  2. Art i compare based on origin . Manga to Manga, Manhwa to Manhwa and so on
  3. Some anime ratings are rated without fillers in mind so thats why they have higher score then should be for example Naruto is ez 8/10 without fillers but with fillers 6/10 at best
  4. Some of my ratings are blinded with chcaracters that are in it.(DXD 10/10 but in real 6/10)
  5. Droped animes mangas ... are droped cose i had no time to watch them and there was no reson to return back to them cose they were avrage(the world only god knows) but some were just bad ofc.

If u can or want to recommend me somthing it can be anything that doesnt have main story chiled like main character, has over 100 chapters if its for reading and its based on story if its anime number of ep. doesnt matter or has taggs like isekai or yaoi

My most favourite :




What i think:

Animes pros

Anime cons

Manga pros 

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Manhwa pros

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Waifu: Taihou


If u want to change my mind about some of my statements feel free to leave comment bellow. Also english is not my main language so  you dont have to correct me if i misspell something.

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SenseiMedo Oct 15, 2022

I understand what you mean with pornhwa logic but it just felt so childish and ruined the mood of the pornhwa , like some logic liek not recognizing fmc vocie , seeing his friend yet not reconizing that his friend is walking with another girl then does childish girn run away from cruch shit while somehow holding and draging the blond with him. I just felt that iwas very childis, badly written and the whole pornhwa mood for me felt liek dog shit. 

prihtrite Sep 6, 2022

Hey ! It is basically a female centered manga , it basically focused on life of female protagonist.

Hope this helps!

BurntT0ast Aug 9, 2022

I'm not sure whether you mean if the story's target/focus demographic is female, or if story's the female characters are more of a focus, so I'll answer both. The target demographic is female. As for the latter, given that the story has a female MC, alot of the focus is towards her. However, there are alot of significant male characters in the story too (I.e: Claude | The manhwa is mainly focused on his relationship with the MC)

Ampradora Jun 27, 2022

In my opinion it's not worth it. I just feel as the story becomes really lacking as it goes on. The story also kinda spoils what happens. 

acho7530 Dec 13, 2021

yo thank u so much bro i may ask u other question if i need stay like u are