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Oct 11, 2009

First shout-out after finishing this: "WHHHH... FFFFFF, what exactly did I just watch?" As Otaku108 neatly described on IRC:

[Otaku108] sometimes there aren't words in the dictionary to describe some things

[Otaku108] usually I just cover them with "ZOMGBBQ"

Yes, ZOMGBBQ is probably the best way to describe this beautiful monstrosity. Kemonozume is one big experiment in both animation as in storyline.

The story starts out being quite solid, changing into a suspenseful romance with plot twists aplenty quickly after the intro. However, Kemonozume is like a good mindfuck anime, in reverse, after being put through the blender. Let me explain. A good mindfuck series starts out being fairly easy to understand, with a little bit of mystery thrown in. It then proceeds to increase that bit of mystery while it keeps throwing small hints at you, probably only adding to your confusion, until everything falls into place at the climax. This show however is more like a mix between FLCL, Saikano and Higurashi: It starts out incredibly bizarre, yet understandable, then continues adding more and more completely ridiculous ideas to quite a solid storyline, until it completely drowns you in a mix of limbs, sex, monsters, gore and Oba, all hanging on a thin line of what was once a good plot, albeit a tiny bit bizarre. I’d like to be able to describe this anime as a strong romance anime, with elements of gore and mindfuck thrown in, but that would be like calling FLCL an intelligent show about saving the world, while it was just one big colorfest.

The animation in this show is either love or hate. It’s ugly, but just like Hitsuji no Uta, the way it was animated added to the whole feel the show had, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, because of the way it’s drawn, the massive use of ridiculous gore is easier to take.

In the end, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to many. The use of violence and sex in this series makes it inappropriate for a younger audience, and the use of gore and randomness will stop lots of people from watching this. However, are you one of those weirdoes like me who is into experimental series? Don’t you mind a little brainmelting? Then this is the anime for you!

6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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Omurqi Oct 11, 2009

How could I have forgotten the monkey, or shall I say "teacher" xP I love mascot characters in anime.

KiraRin Oct 11, 2009

You forgot to mention the monkey...

I adore this series though, hence it deserving a place in my top 5. The animation is beautifully bizarre, and the romeo and juliet relationship is vrey romantic. Another 9.5/10 for this one from me :P