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HazukiNinja Feb 12, 2011

You're just really cool ^^ No need to friend back, I just want to remember your username because you have lots of excellent recs :) And I'm about to go check out your blog, since it also sounds promising (not to sound like a creeper...).

Soz if I come off as really strange ^^; I'm Zuki, just by the way.

totavo Jan 25, 2011

No problem I just had to use it, It was too awesome not to use. Now if a-p would let me use a higher quality picture that would rock even more. :P

detectiveyoshi Jan 23, 2011

jij kijkt veel anime voor een jongen.. vooral uit NL.

NoCheerios Jan 4, 2011

Any good shows in the mindf*ck genre you can recommend to me?

Sunagan Dec 30, 2010

koi suru boukun. kyaaaaaa. het is gewoon een animeversie van The Tyrant Falls in Love :D (heeeeele foute, maar echt yummy yaoi xD)