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1001 Nights

Feb 15, 2011

Story: I don't think there is a definitive story or plot to this or if you can figure it out, you must have been high while watching it. It's pretty much inside the dream of the main female character, Budu, who apparently dreams about being naked a lot and possibly being raped by the devil, but is in love with Kamar (who quite possibly could be the devil/demon), the male lead who she eventually has sex with too. There's also fairies being chased by demons randomly in this dream. Maybe it's all a metaphore for Budu fighting her inner demons, her being the innocent fairy being chased around.

Animation: There are parts where the animation looks quite well done with water color-ish animation style with some cg things thrown in here and there and also what looks like paperdolls being used. But, other places where it just looks like sketches with pencil.

Sound: The whole movie is just an instrumental piece that plays along with the scenes. Intense scenes with the devil had intense music with lots of dramatic horns playing and drums. The only spoken words are at the beginning and it was only a few.

Characters: It's honestly very hard to follow the characters since there's no real development, but apparently Budu has some issues going on.

Overall: This 23 minute "movie" is pretty hard to follow. Being so short, I'm sure you could watch it a few times and figure it out, but honestly, I don't think it'd be that worth it.

1/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
1/10 overall

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Assiman Dec 23, 2011

Funny how you gave it 1/10 even though you praised some aspects of the film. Kinda random.