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a review from a huge fan of both persona and shin megami tensei series  anyways without further do let's dive right into the things . 

Well the I think this is the worst persona story I played the game and I  played the definitive edition p4 golden and both of them has the worst story it's so weak and the plots sometimes start being ridiculous  anyways we are here to review the anime not the game  so I was saying ppl who said oh p5 animation is bad I'm gonna say bro there is something wrong with you , I feel like the show ignored the shadow world and focused on the real world , the story at the beginning was really interesting and almost died because the curiosity but after that the events were so slow and the anime has filler can you believe xD 

The characters were clunky and robotic not emotions and they act so dumb especially the MC omg he was a fucking poker face , herr I'll say the adaptation was ehh they fucked up 

the animation was avreage nothing much to talk about it and tbh it was kinda bad comparing to other 2011 anime 

The thing that was hella dope and I loved it is the soundtrack and the opening and ending songs omfg that shit was hella good and let's be honest it's fucking anticipated from persona series ofc the songs will be good 

At the end persona 4 in general wasn't that bad but I didn't like it and I know it has some fan out there but I'm sorry I just it was eeeh to me 

6.5/10 story
6/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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