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(Last updated on 10/7/2021.)

I'm an Autistic woman with social anxiety/general anxiety, & PTSD, who's been watching anime since I was almost 3.
My first anime (like many others) was Pokemon. However, I didn't truly know what anime was until I was 10, when Naruto premiered on the USA version of Toonami/Cartoon Network. As for manga, I actually didn't know what they were until I was 13, and randomly found the Naruto manga at the magazine section in Walmart lol.
You may call me OkamiHime, Okami, or just Hime. :) (I don't use my real name for privacy/personal reasons...)
I live in the USA, but I won't say where due to privacy/personal reasons...

I have many, which include Asian drama's, offline console gaming (more about that later...), and music. (I do listen to some K-pop now & then, but lately I've been much more into Japanese Visual Kei, J-Pop, and J-Rock. I also love listening to anime OP's/ED's/OST's, and certain video game OST's.) Other than that, I collect Yugioh, Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and certain other TCG's. Oh, and I'm now into Diamond Art. Want to know more? Just ask! ^_^ 

(For future reference, note that my ratings may or may not change overtime, and that I watch anime & read manga for fun, and to help ease my anxiety. Therefore, I don't do it to please others. So if you don't agree about my ratings or opinions, that's fine, but for the love of all that's decent, PLEASE don't be a jerk about it... Everyone has different tastes & opinions, and I'm merely expressing my own.)

4-5 stars = Near perfection. <3 (MUST watch/read these at least once in your life.)

3.5 stars = These are pretty great, but some minor things keep me from giving these a higher rating. (Would still highly recommend.)

3 stars = Stuff that I thought was decent to pretty good, especially for what it was. (Would recommend to people looking for specific genre's/themes.)

2-2.5 stars = I may have tried to like these, but I just couldn't bring myself to fully, for some reason. Depending on what it was, certain aspects made me uncomfortable, disgusted, or just plain bored. Their saving graces for me are either the music, animation/artwork, or the Dub/Sub. Most likely won't watch/read these again. (Not sure if I'd recommend, but I guess I would if you don't want to watch my higher rated stuff for some odd reason...)

0.5-1.5 = Same as 2-2.5, only much worse... These either MAJORLY disgusted me with the content, made me so bored that I pretty much just used it as bacground noise while doing other stuff, literally SCARED me to the point of giving me nightmares, or certain characters creeped me out or made me so mad that it really impeded on my enjoyment. Will NOT watch/read these again. (Would not personally recommend, but I wouldn't stop you from watching/reading them if you so wished to. Just be warned...)

0 stars = I'm not sure how to rate it yet, or I'm waiting for when I get a "Rate an anime" square for the A-P anime bingo challenge, or I've forgotten to rate it.

Mainly almost anything food/drink/cooking/baking/cafe related, Slice of life/Iyashikei, Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Egyptian Mythology, Adventure, Fantasy, Sports, Monster Raising, and Romance with good relationships. I also am into dragons, elves, vampires, wolves, and stuff like that. If you want to know more, please check out my "Loved" tags for genre's, or check out the lists that I've created on here. (Yes, I know there's a lot, don't judge me, Karen! >_>)

"Anime or manga?"
I love both mediums, but seeing as I'm more of a "visual" person, and I like listening to the music, I watch more anime than I read manga. Same with books and TV shows/movies; I watch more than I read lol.

"Old or new anime/manga?"
 honestly don't care, as long as it's good. (Well, my personal version of "good", since everyone's taste is different. :P )
What year it is doesn't stop me from watching/reading it.

"Sub or Dub?"
Back in the day, I only used to watch anime in English Dub. However, when I discovered the Vampire Knight anime, (which at the time was only in Japanese with English Subs) it gave me a newfound fascination with the Japanese language, so for awhile I watched what I mostly could in Japanese with English subs, so that I could practice learning the language. In recent years, I watch in both, but there are certain anime's that I'll ONLY watch in Dub, or only watch in Sub, due to the voice acting. (For example, Naruto and Black Clover. I love their Dubs, but the Subbed version? Sorry, but I couldn't stand them... I may try the Naruto Shippuden Subbed version at some point in the future, but we'll see...)

"Long or short anime?"
When I play the anime bingo challenge in the forums, I prefer to go with OVA's, movies, 12-15 episode anime's, or ones with short episodes that only last a few minutes each. Otherwise, I don't really give a rip. Long episode counts don't intimidate me.

Really no point in asking me, since I'm not really a shipper... Therefore, I don't have any favorites either.

"What anime's/manga's/Light Novels/anime movies do you own?"
Check out my lists on here titled "My Anime Collection", "My Light Novel Collection", "My Manga Collection", and "My Anime Movie Collection" to see what I have thus far. :) (If you have trouble finding the lists for some reason, let me know.)

"What is your favorite anime/anime movie/character/manga/Light novel?"
I can't choose, so there's no point in asking me cause you'll just hurt my brain lmao...
However, I compiled lists on here of my favorite anime's & manga's, since I can't choose just one. So if you're genuinly curious, take a gander at those.

"What video games have you played, and what do you currently own? Your favorites?"
*Insert "I don't think you're ready for this discussion..." meme*
But for real though, just like with anime, I've been exposed to them and have been playing them for YEARS, so be prepared for long winded responses from me if you ask. XD Again, don't bother asking me about my favorite video game, since I can't choose only one, or just a few.

"What are you currently watching/reading on here?"

"Do you watch Asian Live-Actions/Drama's? If so, what have you watched? Your favorites?"
Yes, I do like them. Due to the anime bingo challenge here on A-P, I haven't had as much time lately to watch them, thus anime is my main focus lately. There's too many for me to name, but my first K-drama was The Scholar Who Walks the Night. (I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it yet.) Again, too hard to decide on favorites, since all of the ones I've watched so far are my favorites lmao.

"For music, what do you listen to? Favorites?"
My response is pretty much the same as it is for anime, Live-Actions/Drama's, and video games. XD
I do have a list on here of all my favorite anime OP's/ED's titled "My Favorite Anime Music" though, if you're curious. If you can't find it for some reason, let me know & I'll give you the link.

"Who is your bias in BTS?"
I love them all, so almost everyday it changes. More than likely, you won't get the same exact answer every time you ask me lol. xD

I tend to be terrible at starting conversations due to the social anxiety, but ask me or talk to me about certain subjects, and I'll rant, especially if I'm comfortable with you lol. So if you want to help and want a sure-fire conversation starter, ask me about vampires, dragons, elves, video games, Asian Drama's/films, Japanese bands/singers, TCG & board games, or stuff that I'm currently watching on here. (Or HAVE watched. :P)

As an Autistic person, it REALLY grinds my gears and saddens me whenever I see or hear someone use the "R word." (Especially since I sometimes get called that irl...) However, if you use it by accident, or you truly don't know how that word can affect people like me, then I'll politely explain and kindly ask you not to use it when speaking to me. But if you try to argue with me about it, or you use it on purpose and truly don't care how that word can be triggering, you will lose my respect & trust... If you don't know the "R word", well, just look it up at your own risk...

I mostly feel like an outsider in the gaming community, because I'm not comfortable using online features in games, and I also don't like playing online games in general. Long story short, I've been bullied too much in online games in the past, and still have trauma from it... With single player console gaming, I don't have to deal with that, therefore I'm MUCH more comfortable with console versions of games. Plus with most console games, (especially older ones) you can just pop the disc/cartridge in, and play the game right then and there and don't have to wait.

Since I suck with explanations, I have a really hard time talking about why I like/dislike characters, anime, manga, or whatever. But that does NOT mean that I don't like having discussions, so please don't assume so. The only things discussion-wise that I don't like are arguements, confrontations, and "heated debates." Also, I personally hate it when people literally pressure others into explaining why they like/dislike a character, or when they pressure someone to take certain characters off their like/dislike lists. (Which I've seen happen.)  While I may not personally agree with certain opinions, everyone has their own reasons for liking/disliking something, and no one should feel ashamed about it...
I suck at explaining plots to stuff too, so if you ask me what something is about, be prepared for either very short (albeit funny?) answers, or me giving you links to the synopsis if you're too lazy to Google them yourself. (I really don't mean to sound rude, but what happened to people Googling synopsis' to stories and such for themselves?) 

LANGUAGES - My main language is English, but I've been studying Japanese off & on for 10+ years. (That doesn't mean I'm an expert by any means, since a lot of life events & other hobbies have kept me busy.)
Currently, I can read in Hiragana & most Katakana, but I can't read Kanji yet, other than a few random symbols. So if you're a native Japanese speaker and want to be friends with me & help me learn, and talk about interests, that'd be great. (I don't have a Japanese keyboard, so please don't mind my Romaji lol.) I'm not confident in my pronunciation, but I can understand some basic words/conversation in Japanese when they are spoken. :)
I do understand some VERY basic French, & some VERY basic Spanish, but I'm not confident in conversating in them.
I can't read Hangul (Korean writing), but I understand some Korean words when they're spoken.

If you made it this far, I'm honestly shocked and happy you did, since no one reads it all the way. (Heck, I doubt many people read more than my intro...)

If you have questions (minus "Why?" questions because those have always been hard for me to answer), I will try my best to answer them as long as they aren't judgemental or too personal. (I will let you know if something is too personal, so don't worry.) Also, please don't be upset if I don't answer your comments or messages right away. Life has been VERY hectic for me this year, so sometimes it may take me awhile to get back with you. Other reasons for not responding are because of time-zones, I'm busy with other interests than anime & manga, or I simply don't know what to say... ._.

If you've got anime/manga recommendations, then please DON'T rec things that are on my dropped or won't watch lists, as they're there for a reason...
However, my want to watch/want to read lists are fair game. I can't promise that I'll watch/read them right away (because I have other hobbies/interests, for one thing), and I can't promise that I'll like them, but when I finally get around to them, I'll let you know. If I DON'T happen to like them for some reason, or I can't read/watch something due to it having tags that I'm not comfortable with, please don't be upset with me. There are certain genre's/themes/tags that I have to actually be careful of and/or avoid due to personal, PTSD related, & anxiety reasons.

PS: If I unfollow you, it was most likely an accident/glitch, or due to me not remembering you because you changed your username AND profile pic all of a sudden, or (in the somewhat rare case) I don't remember you due to you not conversating with me for a long time. Either way, please don't take it personally. If it was due to the latter 2 reasons, I'd appreciate you reminding me who you are. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

PSS: I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you told me if you followed me, cause unless you do, I won't realize, since I have notifications for followers turned off, and I rarely check the number. Sooooo, please don't feel offended if I don't follow back. If I didn't, it's because I didn't realize that you followed me.

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XxZeroeZxX Oct 16, 2021

It's been a minute old friend...

How r u? R u keeping well?

Seeing old faces brings the spark back in my eyes ^_^

goj0h Sep 28, 2021

I haven't started the manga yet, but I'm in the middle of 20 manga's rn ( ̄▽ ̄)

Bungo Stray Dogs is rlly good so far! I love all the characters sm. But my fav is prob Dazai ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

goj0h Sep 28, 2021

Hii, its ok. I hope your doing better now! (っ´ω`)ノ

OMG! Howls Moving Castle is SOOOOO GOOOD!

I saw that your watching Bleach rn (so am I) how do you like it so far?

Best Gojo Satoru GIFs | Gfycat

Have a nice day/evening!

Rosevecheya Sep 18, 2021


I am soossosooso(!!!) sorry I forgot to respond to your last message! I've had a bunch going on with mock exams and prelims soon (starts tomorrow, very scary!)

It's understandable, and great that you're doing better today!

But those are such great lists! You have some really cool favourites, and didn't go overboard at all! Although I can't speak because I have once or twice sent people 1,000 word long messages just about David Bowie!

You also have some really cool favourite music! I also quite liky Eurythmics, and I LOVE Bon Jovi!

My favourite video games are probably the Legend of Zelda games (Particularly Link's Awakening, the more recent version, as I'm not really good at fighting dungeon bosses but I got through this game really quickly!), Pokemon games (and the modded versions), I ADORE the game that David Bowie voice acted for(Omikron The Nomad Soul), Broken Reality, Portal, Assassin's Creed games, and a small range of other games!

I haven't watched any Asian dramas as I don't tend to watch much TV (or even Anime for that matter, I'm more of a reader) except for shows about Vikings (who are VERY cool)

Do you have any that you could recommend to me?

I do collect TCG cards! I have a whole bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, some Magic: The Gathering, and a few Pokemon cards. I don't really play them as none of my friends play them, so I mostly display the cards on my ceiling and walls. I also have some of the Final Fantasy TCG cards, and Legend of Zelda collectable cards. I do, however, play the digital Yu-Gi-Oh! game as it is accessable!

I'll answer the question about David Bowie last, as it could take some time to answer as I am not skilled in writing concise answers!

My first anime was either Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Cat Planet Cuties (which I, the unknowing idiot, watched at 9 and really loved), or if anime movies count, one of the Studio Ghibli films.

My first manga was Sailor Moon or Pokemon, both of which I got in Australia, knowing only that pokemon was really cool and seeing a similar art style, and then fell into a massive hole of anime-manga obsession

Now; I would likely recommend listening to his album "Let's Dance", specifically the first three songs on the album and Cat People, as it's a satire album towards the music that was then really enjoyed; the dance-type music of the 80's. I also recommend the titular song's music video as it is set in Australia and is a very cool video. It was the album that set in stone his popularity because it did suit the style of it's era, but Bowie has said that he hates it because that is some of his most well-known work

I also recommend Space Oddity, as it is one of his most famous songs, then Ashes To Ashes as it revisits the Major Tom video.

I would definitely recommend The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, as it is his most famous album (probably alongside Aladdin Sane, which is known for the album cover) and has some VERY cool music on it! My favourite songs from this album are the titular song, Moonage Daydream, Starman, Suffragette City, and Rock And Roll Suicide

Aladdin Sane is also a good album! I really like and recommend the songs Aladdin Sane, Lady Grinning Soul, Drive In Saturday, and The Jean Genie

The Hunky Dory album is also very good, specifically the songs Life On Mars, Changes, Oh! You Pretty Things, Queen B*tch, Andy Warhol, as those are some of my favourites of the album. Life On Mars is pretty famous, and while this album isn't quite like some of his others, it has quite a nice feeling to it

Also, the Diamond Dogs album is absolutely fantastic! I recommend the songs Rebel Rebel, Diamond Dogs, and 1984

I also recommend the Blackstar album, as it was his final album and it feels exactly like that. There are no specific songs I recommend, but it is a very good album

As for specific songs; "Heroes" is a fantastic song (you can find it sung in English and in German, as Bowie has sung in a ridiculous amount of languages which have included Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and Italian to name a few), Girls (Japanese version), Station To Station, Golden Years, Young Americans, Beauty And The Beast, Breaking Glass, The Man Who Sold The World, All The Young Dudes (which he wrote and gave to Mott The Hoople, but later sung himself. Both versions are good!), Boys Keep Swinging (I definitely recommend the music video for this!), a specific version of Cat People from the album A New Career In Town, 

These are my song recommendations, but if you want to know more information about him and/or his music, albums, outfits, etc. I can share with you my extensive google doc which is almost 10,000 words which I am considering turning into a novel about him! I'm currently working on writing about the people that he often worked with! I'd likely then write about locations!

SHOTO777 Sep 17, 2021

Oof, that's really unfortunate about the Pokemon! I don't think I've had any of mine stolen, but that's because when I was younger I never got into trading the cards at school or anything, and also because my brothers know I would kill them if even a single Pikachu went missing.

The Ancient Magus' Bride was absolutely amazing for me, and I really hope that there's a second season for the anime in the future. I haven't finished reading the manga, so I don't know if there's anything past what happens in the first season. School Babysitters was also something I questioned at first, but apparently, anime babies are also one of my weaknesses so I fell in love after a few minutes. AND KADO IS AMAZING! There are a few parts where I was thinking, "Okay, this character's acting a little childish," but in context, it makes sense. The ending is amazing, I literally cried for half an hour straight (then my parents walked in and made it awkward), but there's a second season coming out at some point and I can't wait for that.

I only just started the anime for Tokyo Ghoul, and I guess I can say I'm pretty far in the manga, but I like how the manga started a whole lot better. The anime was just a bit... meh, to be honest, and I'm only a few episodes in. Now, with the manga, the art is awesome, there's a bunch of fighting scenes, there are quite a few likeable characters (and by likeable, I mean hot), and the story just feels more... real? I don't really know how to describe it. I think if I had started watching the anime before reading the manga, I probably wouldn't have given the manga a chance, so I'm glad that I started with the manga. I don't really do horror in general, but for some reason Tokyo Ghoul doesn't really feel like horror. I mean, there are a few kinda gruesome parts, but I didn't find it too scary. Maybe that's just because I could see what was happening, but I wasn't being jump-scared or anything like that. If it were just a normal book, I think my imagination would've gone wild and freaked the heck out of me. Although, just because I wasn't too freaked out so far doesn't mean I won't be freaked out in the future...

And thanks for the recommendations! I've actually been thinking of checking out a few of them, such as My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle, but due to school, I don't always have time to watch anything (which is why I love Spring, summer, Thanksgiving, and winter breaks). Also, we don't have Netflix at home anymore because we got rid of it (it's a kinda weird story), so the only anime I've watched from there is A Silent Voice (which I forgot to recommend, I love the manga as well), which I watched at a friend's house. Most of everything I've watched far I've watched on my computers, which isn't too bad until I can't find what I want to watch/read on a good site. I'm certainly eyeing Vampire Knight now, I need to check if I have it anywhere in my "want to watch" or "watching" lists.

I'm bad at ending these things. Have a good day!