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Hello, everyone. You may call me OkamiHime, Okami, or just Hime, if you like. ^_^

I really suck at bios, so I might edit this from time to time. I know it's long, but bare with me here...

I'm a gal with PTSD & anxiety, (along with other diagnosis') who's been watching anime for 23 years now, but I didn't truly know what anime was until I was 10, when Naruto premiered on Toonami, in the USA. As for manga, I actually didn't know what they were/wasn't aware of them until one day when I was 13 and saw the Naruto manga in the book/magazine section at Walmart.

 I have many interests, which include music, (currently I'm really into certain Japanese Visual Kei, and anime & video game OP's/ED's) video games, (console only, as I'm not a PC player. It's fine if others are, but it's just not my cup of tea) and watching stuff on Youtube/Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime Video. If you want to know more, just ask.

 MY FAVORITE ANIME/MANGA/CHARACTERS: Honestly, I'd say that's pretty difficult for me to answer since I have a lot, so if you'd like to know, take a gander through the custom lists I've created on here, or you you can check out my "Watched/Read" lists. :)

MY PERSONAL RATING SYSTEM OF ANIME/MANGA: (If you don't agree, that's fine, but for the love of all that's decent, don't be a jerk about it... Everyone has different tastes/opinions, and I'm merely expressing my own.)
4-5 stars = Stuff that I HIGHLY recommend watching/reading. Basically, these are my absolute major favorites. <3
3-3.5 stars = Stuff that I still really like & would still recommend to people, but they aren't my major favorites for some reason.
0.5-2.5 stars = Doubt I will ever watch/read again for whatever reason... (Probably because something in it made me highly uncomfortable.)
0 stars = Either I'm not sure how to rate it yet, or I've forgotten to rate it.

MY FAVORITE GENRE'S: My main ones that I really enjoy are Slice of Life, Fantasy, Adventure, and Romance, but you can check out my "loved" tags to get a better feel for what I'm into.

 Lastly, If you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them as long as they aren't judgemental or too personal. Also, please don't be upset if I don't answer your comments right away. Life has been VERY hectic for me this year, so sometimes it may take me awhile to get back with you. If you have recommendations for video games (console only)/books/music/movies/or shows (including Kdramas/Jdramas/Cdramas), that'd be great! :) I'll try to give you recs too, if you want. Just let me know what genre's you like and/or a general idea of what you're looking for.

Edit as of 11/9/2020: If I follow you randomly, it's because I like your taste in anime, and/or I see on your bio that we have similar interests. Also could be that we have mutual A-P friends/followers.

 Edit as of 11/15/2020: Most often I'm not aware of new followers since I have notifications for them turned off, so if you followed me, please let me know down below.

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Farny Nov 19, 2020

I think that learning every language one step at a time is the best solution xD

Wow, 10 languages at the same time! O_O I can't even imagine it ahah xD I can see why it all became chaotic at one point xD

Yeah, sign language is really beautiful, I'm just disappointed because lately I don't have enough time to practice, I should definitely start again D: Also, I'd love to take an official course but they are really expensive and since I don't have an actual need to learn it, I don't think I'll do it in the near future ç_ç So, I'm just trying to learn as much as possible from the net for now <3

ASL seems even more interesting because it's considered a real language... Unfortunately, in Italy sign language isn't considered an actual language (sadly) so the signs aren't the same in every region and they can also differ from one city to another... I think that it's kinda complicated like that, because I'm always not sure if what I'm learning is right or not or if people will actually understand me if I'll ever get the chance to sign to someone... It's really disappointing >_<

gabrielz8 Nov 18, 2020

I think that the only Harem that I enjoyed was Nisekoi, and I'm not sure why to be honest kkk

Yeah, I do get the feeling that if I give Jojo a shot, I'll enjoy it a lot (base on all the videos that I watched...just the "engrish" compilation and the "oh are you approaching me?" I watched more times that I want to admit kkkk) I want to enter in a longer history for quite some time now...so who knows? Maybe my time with Jojo is coming kkk

gabrielz8 Nov 18, 2020

Great! I really hope that you enjoy the read, it's so amazing =D (I see, even so, sorry once again kk)

I feel you, there isn't a genre that I "hate/dislike", but let's just say that Ecchi and Harem aren't my favorites ones...I only "heard" about Waiting in the Summer before, but now knowing that has a little bit of Ecchi in it, I don't think that I'll watch it so soon kkk Thanks for the heads up!

I didn't watch Jojo yet...I've seen so many videos/memes about it that my expectations are incredibly high, so I'm kinda afraid of it kkk

Venosaurka Nov 18, 2020

Hi! I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to reply to your comment much sooner. I was really inactive on this site the entire spring and summer, I try to reply to everybody whenever I find time, hopefully I will be able to reply to everybody eventually. Anyway, how are you? Are you watching or reading something good atm? I like your profile photo, I really like Jotaro, he used to be my favourite JoJo's character. Which JoJo's character is your favourite? I love Gyro Zeppeli, Funny Valentine and Jobin Higashikata the most, but I also adore Narciso Anasui, Enrico Pucci, Jolyne Cujoh, Bruno Buccellati and Jonathan Joestar.

Tbh, I'm not really into Pokémon recently. I used to be okay with the fact that they didn't include national dex in Sword and Shield and I was okay with how expensive the games were, but I refuse to buy the DLC. Pokémon GO also dissapointed me with the two most recent events. I tried to watch Pokémon Journeys anime, but I just couldn't get into it. I've watched all 7 episodes of Twilight Wings, and while I found some episodes dissapointing, I would still recommend it. It gives a lot of lore and personality to gym leaders. I haven't watched the bonus episode yet through. I loved the GOTCHA! music video, BUMP OF CHICKEN is one of my favourite bands, so I ofc loved the music and the animation was imho really awesome. I'm really into Animal Crossing now, I bought New Horizons in july, and  I'm still obssesed with it. I will probably buy New Leaf soon. Are you also peraphs into AC?

I feel the same towards Tsundere. I actually like Tsun Tsun characters more, they're usually less aggresive and more complex than Tsundere. I dislike Kuudere and Yandere characters a lot. Kuudere tend to be really simmilar to Rei Ayanami from NGE, and I'm honestly not really fan of her, so many Kuudere are obviously not that interesting imho. I used to dislike Himedere characters, but they're now my favourite. I also like Hinedere characters, but many of them are edgy and unrealistic.

gabrielz8 Nov 17, 2020

To be honest, the first time that I notice that the "cartoon" I was watching was different, was when I start watching Tokyo Mew Mew, so let's just assume that was my first Anime kkk

Damn, really? That seems to be a pretty complicated...sorry to hear about that, I hope that everything is fine now!

I don't know if there is a english name for ir, but the full name of it is "Ani no Yome to Kurashiteimasu", try to go by there!

OMG, I'm so sorry! Since English is not my mother language, I'm kinda used to use the same slangs that I use in Portuguese, and here "man/dude" is roughly translated to "cara/mano", and it's not necessarily associated with a specific gender...I'm really sorry for that!