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Hello, everyone. :)

Well I'm not very good at doing bios, so bare with me... :S

I started watching anime at around 3 years old, and I've been HOOKED ever since. <3 (My first one was Pokemon.)
My first anime MOVIE was either Spirited Away, or Kiki's Delivery Service, but I forget which one. (I know I saw one first and then the other second.)

I didn't get into manga however until I was 13, mainly because I was into other stuff at the time and because I wasn't even aware of what manga was until one day I got this little pamphlet thing that showed different anime & manga. (My first manga was Naruto. :) )

I've always been interested in learning about different countries/cultures, (especially Asian) and am currently trying to learn Japanese & Korean.
(Mainly just how to speak and understand when they are spoken, since learning the symbols are too difficult for me at the moment, especially when it comes to Korean/Hangul.) I am what you would call a definite beginner, so while I don't understand much, (out of the 2, I am better at Japanese lol) but I love learning.

It's very hard for me to choose just ONE favorite anime or manga, so here is a list of some of what I'm currently into. (I'm very picky about which ones I watch & read due to personal reasons, (LONG story I don't want to get into...) so while I enjoy recommendations, please understand & respect that there are just certain genre's/series that I just absolutely cannot handle.)

ANIME: Pokemon, (especially
 the older series; I'm not up to date on the newer ones, but once I have time I'm gonna try to be lol.) Yugioh, (especially the "Duelist Kingdom" era) Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight Guilty, Vampire Hunter D & Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, (my favorite being Bloodlust) and pretty much any Studio Ghibli movie. (I say "pretty much" because there are still several that I haven't seen yet that are in my "want to watch" list.)

Manga: Pretty much the same, only A Silent Voice, My Hero Academia, Black Butler, (I saw some of the episodes of Black Butler, but for some reason, it just didn't grab me like the manga did. *Shrugs*) Komi Can't Communicate, (I really relate with Komi since I too have social anxiety and selective muteness, and while we both would like friends, it's very hard for us to make them.) and "Jojo" to name a few.

 Aside from anime & manga, I am a pretty avid gamer, (mainly classic/"older" stuff, but I do love me some Skyrim! :D) and I love animals, collecting trading cards, (Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle are my main ones) and certain genre's of music. (Lately I've been really into Japanese music, certain anime themes, & certain video game OST's.) 

My personal rating system of anime & manga: (If you don't agree than that's fine, but please don't be a jerk about it. Everyone has different tastes & opinions, and I'm merely sharing my own. Also I may eventually update this, but we'll see...)
5 stars=I absolutely ADORE, and would highly recommend. :)
4-4.5 stars=I thought it was really good and would recommend to others.
3.5 stars=I found it above average, in my personal opinion. Not really something I'd rewatch/reread a lot, but I would rewatch/reread it again if I didn't want to watch/read anything else.
3 stars=I found it average. Again, not something I'd rewatch/reread a lot, but would if I was majorly bored.
2-2.5 stars=For whatever reason, I found it "meh" and would most likely not rewatch/reread again.
1-1.5 stars=I didn't like it as a whole, but there may be certain aspects that I found slightly interesting whether it be the music, artwork, or a particular character, etc.
0.5 stars=There was only one or two aspects that I may have found interesting, but other than that I definitely wouldn't watch/read again.
0 stars=Either I'm not sure how to rate it yet, or have forgotten to rate it, or am too busy with other anime/manga to rate it yet, or I simply don't like it enough to give it an actual rating...

You may call me OkamiHime95, OkamiHime, Okami, or just Hime, if you'd like. :3 (I kinda prefer the first 2 options or Hime, but whatever floats your boat I guess lol. :P )

I'm fairly new here and don't have many people to talk to and in general I don't have many friends and even fewer IRL... I have social anxiety/anxiety in general, and I'm also on the Autism spectrum, (Asperger's to be exact) so while it can be very hard for me to initiate friendships/conversations, (it's not that I don't want to, but it's just hard for me to do.) I'd love to make new friends, so if you don't mind all that, feel free to say hi to me down in the comments. :)

I am/was a writer of poetry, and I also am/was working on 3 novels off & on for several years. (No I don't have anything published or online, since the novels are unfinished.)

I recently started writing reviews on here, but I find that when I write reviews in general, (not just on here) they aren't sensational like other peoples are, so forgive me in advance if they suck... ;_; 

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Queenlinda88 Dec 5, 2019

Thanks, OkamiHime95, for helping me with my bio.

Tisarana Dec 5, 2019

Ah I see, maybe your collection will grow this year :) 

The one I bought for my mother is a paper fan. One from Kyoto acutally. I probably should check out the episode on folding fans you mentioned ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ My Japanese teacher taught as a tiny bit about fans recently, but not much. Apparently you always have to hold it in your right hand. Otherwise you'll be seen as barbaric (those were his words). 

Oh you're afraid of flying? Sorry to hear! I also know a few people who are, I think many feel that way. I've been used to traveling by plane ever since I was a kid and luckily I don't have that problem. Did you ever fly somewhere?

Haha, I think a lot of people here have the dream to go to Japan one day ( ´ ω ` ) So far I've been to Japan only once, but I really enjoyed it. Definetly would love to go again, but that requires planning (because by now there are a lot of places I want to visit) and money, since Japan is very expensive. Is there a particular place you'd like to visit?

Oh and in your bio you said you write? What kind of novels are you working on? (I also enjoy writing, but for university I have to write so much that I hardly feel like writing anything else. I'd love to get back to it somehow) 

Tisarana Dec 4, 2019

I'm glad you're okay! :)

Oh, 8 already? Do you buy them as souveniers? Or were they presents? And are there different types? (I don't know very much about folding fans I'm afraid) 

Queenlinda88 Dec 1, 2019

Hi, and thank you for the welcome to Anime Planet. (Sorry I didn't respond sooner.)

I'm sorry you didn't get welcomed on your first day either, but it seems that you've still been able to make friends, which is great. :)

Tisarana Nov 30, 2019

Hello, sorry for my late reply! Hope all is going well at your end!

You collect folding fans? That sounds interesting! How many do you have so far? 

My mothers birthday is coming up and I bought her a folding fan. xD She wanted one for quite a while, but it took me a while to find a nice one. Doesn't really fit the season, but in summer she can use it ヽ(・∀・)ノ