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Hello, and thank you for stopping by. (Though I wonder how you got here... o_o :P)

You may call me OkamiHime, Okami, or just Hime, if you like. ^_^

I'm a gal on the Autism Spectrum with PTSD and anxiety, who's been watching anime for almost 24 years now, and my first anime was Pokemon. However, I didn't truly know what anime was until I was 10, when Naruto premiered on the USA version of Toonami/Cartoon Network.
As for manga, I actually didn't know what they were/wasn't aware of them until one day when I was 13, and found out that Naruto had a manga.

I have many, which include music, (currently I'm really into certain Japanese Visual Kei, K-Pop, anime OP's/ED's, and certain video game soundtracks) and watching K-drama's/J-drama's/C-Drama's. If you want to know more, just ask. ^_^

It honestly amazes me how people can just pick 1-5 favorites of something. O_O I majorly struggle with that, so I decided to make lists on here so that it's easier for me to explain to people when they ask me.

(If you don't agree, that's fine, but for the love of all that's decent, PLEASE don't be a jerk about it... Everyone has different tastes & opinions, and I'm merely expressing my own. Also, my ratings may or may not change over time, and I watch anime & read manga for fun, and to help ease my anxiety, therefore I don't do it to please others...)
5 stars = I love everything about these. <3 If you haven't seen/read these yet, do it NOW. ASAP. O_O
4-4.5 stars = I love almost everything about these, but a few minor things keep me from giving these 5 stars. Would highly recommend these.
3-3.5 stars = Stuff that I still like & would still recommend to people, but they aren't my major favorites for some reason. *Shrugs*
2-2.5 stars = I may have tried to like these, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually enjoy them fully, for some reason. Depending on what it was, certain aspects made me uncomfortable, disgusted, or just plain bored. Won't watch/read again. Not sure that I'd recommend these personally, but I wouldn't stop you from watching or reading them either.
0.5-1.5 = Same as 2-2.5, only much worse...
0 stars = I'm not sure how to rate it yet, or I've forgotten to rate it.

My main ones that I really enjoy are Slice of Life/Iyashikei, Fantasy (except Dark Fantasy), Adventure, Cooking, (basically almost anything food/drink related XD ) and Romance, but you can check out my "loved tags" to get a better feel for what I'm into. Similarly, you can check out my "Watched/Read" lists. :)

Super Mario 64. (Nintendo 64.), Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (Nintendo Entertainment System/NES version.)

I live in the USA, but I won't say where, due to personal/privacy reasons...

I'm not much of a manga or Light Novel reader like I used to be, due to an eye condition I developed some years ago, but I do read them from time to time.

Though I have social anxiety, I like to make friends and have meaningful conversations with nice people that have similar interests to me, so please don't ever be afraid to reach out to me.

I write reviews sometimes, but I'm not really confident in them, so please go easy on me... ._.

Even though I do play video games, I feel like an outsider in the gaming community, because I'm not comfortable using online features in games, and I also don't like playing online games in general. I've been bullied too much in online games in the past, and still have trauma from it, therefore whenever someone asks me to do/get an online game, I get "flashbacks" to the terrible time I experienced for so many years... With console gaming, I don't have to deal with that, therefore I'm MUCH more comfortable with console versions of games. Plus with most console games, (especially older ones) you can just pop the disc/cartridge in, and play the game right then and there and don't have to wait.

LANGUAGES - My main language is English, but I've been studying Japanese off & on for over 12 years. (That doesn't mean I'm an expert by any means, since a lot of life events & other hobbies have kept me busy.) Currently, I can read in Hiragana & most Katakana, but I can't read Kanji yet. I'm not confident in my pronunciation, but I can understand some basic conversation in Japanese. :)

Lastly, If you have questions, I will try my best to answer them as long as they aren't judgemental or too personal. (I will let you know if something is too personal, so don't worry.) Also, please don't be upset if I don't answer your comments or messages right away. Life has been VERY hectic for me this year, so sometimes it may take me awhile to get back with you.

PS: I have a really hard time talking about why I like/dislike certain characters, since I suck with explanations. (Especially detailed ones.) Also, I personally hate it when people pressure others to take characters off their like/dislike lists. (Which I've seen happen.) Everyone has their own reasons for liking/disliking something, and no one should feel pressured or ashamed about it... 

PSS: If I unfollow you, it was most likely an accident, or me not remembering you because you haven't spoken to me in so long (if at all...) that I literally forget who you are. So please don't take it personally. ^^;

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Neveresta May 7, 2021

Ah alright that makes sense, "you get what you get" kinda thing? I kinda did that with Hunter x Hunter, because I wanted to watch it in sub but only had dub so oh well. And you too? SK8 looked very interesting and I plan to watch it sometime. :) I have it in sub but I reeeeally wanna watch it in dub! One of the few series that I want to of course. What makes you want to watch it? I really like the animation. It's so colorful. :D

And that sounds interesting! Tbh those are kinda the things I'm into. Either fantasy or something supernatural in modern times. The way you describe it sounds really nice. :) Ik what you mean too. That can be frustrating sometimes (okay maybe more than that ;P)

And you used to write short stories as a kid too, huh? I did a little but not all that much. But at least you tried as a kid to make comics! I didn't really. I was bad at drawing back then and I still am now. XD

Im still trying to write stories now but so far I haven't finished one yet. Got an interesting one rn, but I've been lazy to write, so....

Honestly through the years, I've started up hundreds of ideas and yet never really got that far beyond a page or several of planning or just starting...mostly because of lack of motivation to actually DO IT. '--' Although now I'm writing more than I used to before so that should count as progress, right? :D

It's funny how when you told me you write I thought in my head "ah, YES! Someone who watches anime AND likes to write!" Well mostly because idk anyone who watches lots of anime or even writes IRL. XD So thanks for sharing with me! And sorry for typing a lot too! ;)

Neveresta May 7, 2021

Oh okay. :) Guess you don't need my help lol. Add another movie to your collection, right?

And yes there is. Here's the link in case you haven't already checked for it. Link (orange movie)

Wow years? That's a long time. Oh wait-- I forgot you have your super memory. XD If it were me I would have forgotten pretty much the whole thing maybe and would just have to rewatch it from the beginning. And how's the dub? I rarely ever watch dubbed because they're mostly cringey (at least to me, sometimes) Although there is this one series, a new one (new?) called SK8 that I want to watch in dub because of this video. XD

And from one writer to another -- I feel the same way. :) It can be hard sometimes. If you don't mind me asking, what are some genres you tried to write?

Neveresta May 7, 2021

Wow, you're gonna be in for something really good. :) I really liked all those series and they were more than just entertainment to me. I'm pretty sure you might like them too.

And that sucks lol. XD Sometimes I can't help myself when it comes to certain spoilers, but I mostly avoid them as much as I can. (curse my curiosity)

And I just checked A-P and it's sad you can't watch Your Name here. Were you watching it in sub or dub? Because I know some places where you can watch it in either of them. Because it's a interesting movie and you gotta finish it sometime. XD

Yeah lol Orange. One of the first for me. :) Have you watched the movie for it? I want to but I haven't been able to (I say that about so many series...) From what I remember it was either what happened after from another character's view or a different route than what happened...idk. XD

I'm sorry I took a while! Oh and to inform you (lol "inform") this summer I'm going to have less chances to get online at all so my replies will be a lot slower. (like, weeks to even a month) I'm sorry in advance! I'll still always reply when I'm able though.

Currently watching Dororo and Code Geass. They are very interesting. :)

Oh yeah I saw on another comment that you write stories? That's awesome! :D

abbyishere4manga May 7, 2021

Hahaha yeah I do that all the time too 

I did that with attack on titan tbh

abbyishere4manga May 6, 2021

Ah! To be completely honest i never finished it haha (code geass) and the only reason i watched it was due to it's 'i need to watch it so i can say i did' thing, and because i semi liked lelouch lol (this was a while back //w//)