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(Updated as of 9/18/2023: If I don't answer your comments or messages in a timely manner, I truly apologize; I've been in a dark place mentally, and with certain things I've had going on in my life this year so far, things have just gotten busy for me, and I've just been sad and lonely a lot... Anyways, other reasons why it may take me awhile to respond, are mentioned further in my bio. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great day.)

Just a woman from the USA who has social & general anxiety, is autistic, and has PTSD among other diagnosis'.
Therefore, I'm very blunt and have no filter, which causes most people to misunderstand my speaking/writing style as rude or insensitive. (Which is never my intention.) 
I also can't sense tone of voice or sarcasm through writing unless I know you very well, or you use tone tags, so please forgive me and have patience.

Anyway, I've been watching anime since I was almost 3 years old, and my first one was Pokemon. However, I didn't truly know/understand what anime was until I was 10, when Naruto premiered on the USA version of Toonami/Cartoon Network. I did watch Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service when I was like 5-7 years old, and have loved Studio Ghibli ever since. <3

As for manga, my first one was Dragonball Z, back when I was obsessed with the anime when it was on Toonami. (Though in my teenage and adult years, I've become interested in other things.)

My 2nd manga was Naruto, which I discovered at 13 while shopping with my mom at Wal-Mart lol.

My 3rd manga which I still have a special place in my heart to this day, along with the anime, is Vampire Knight. I believe I discovered it a few months after the Naruto manga. :)

Please refer to me as either Okamihime (without the 95. :P I just added it because the site wouldn't let me do it otherwise), Okami, or just Hime.

While I am "straight" (not sure of the "proper" term to word it), my highly prefered pronouns are she/her.
 Also, don't add honorifics to my name unless you literally are from Japan. Otherwise, to me it's just...kinda awkward? No offense intended.

Oh, and if for some reason you're wondering, I actually watched more anime than what is shown on my "Life on anime" bar, but certain things I never got to watch fully and/or don't remember what episode I left off on. So until I can watch them again, those particular ones won't be added.
I also don't count rewatches as part of my Life on anime bar, so that's why it might seem small for some people, even though I've been watching anime for over 25 years. 
I have MANY, but some of them are Japanese/Korean/Chinese drama's & movies, offline console gaming (more about that later...), and music. (Which I will also explain in the Q&A section down below.)
Other than that, I collect Yugioh/Bleach/Naruto/Pokemon/Magic: The Gathering/Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and certain other TCG's. (Emphasis on COLLECT, since I don't have people to play with irl, and I'm just NOT comfortable doing online gaming.)
Want to know more? Just ask! ^_^ 
Please note that my star and review ratings may or may not change overtime, and that I watch anime & read manga for fun. Therefore, I don't do it to please others. So if you don't agree about my ratings, reviews or opinions in general, that's fine, but for the love of all that's decent, PLEASE don't be a jerk about it... Everyone has different tastes & opinions, as do I. Also, please don't let my ratings & reviews scare you off, cause I've actually surprised myself many times when it comes to anime & manga that I thought I wouldn't like, but ended up doing so! o:

4 - 5 stars (or 8-10 overall rating) = Absolutely wonderful! <3 Huge favorites of mine! Would watch or read them over and over again, if I haven't already.

3.5 stars (or 7 overall rating) = Pretty great, but some minor things keep me from giving these a higher rating. Still favorites of mine, though. Could see myself watching or reading again, if I haven't already.

3 stars (or 6 overall rating) = Decent for what it was. Watchable/readable, but may or may not forget certain parts and/or characters over time. May rewatch or re-read if a good friend asked me to, or if I was bored and didn't wanna watch something new to me, for whatever reason.

2 - 2.5 stars (or 4-5 overall rating) = Stuff that I tried to like, but just couldn't do so, for some reason or another...
Certain aspects made me either kinda uncomfortable, disgusted, scared, or just plain bored. A character or 2 might've played a part in the low rating as well, but it just depends... Might not have cared for the ending, depending on what it was. These anime & manga's saving graces for me are either the music, or the animation/artwork. However, I most likely won't watch/read these again.

0.5 - 1.5 stars (or 1-3 overall rating) = My feelings for these are similar to my feelings for stuff I rated 2 - 2.5 stars, but much worse... Will NOT watch/read these again!

Not rated = Not sure how to rate it yet, it's too difficult for me to give it a solid rating for whatever reason, it's been so long since I watched/read it I forgot almost everything in that particular anime/manga, or have simply forgotten to rate it.
Other than Slice of Life/Iyashikei, you can use this link for reference. --> https://www.anime-planet.com/users/OkamiHime95/loves/tags
I also have various lists that I've made on here of my favorite anime/manga, etc, if you're curious. (Yes, there's a lot, don't judge, Karen! >_>) Otherwise, you can just use what I've watched/read as examples.
Section 4: FAQ
(Please read this and refer to the different sections in the bio before you ask me stuff, as I don't like repeating myself multiple times...)

"Anime or manga?"
I love both mediums, but seeing as I'm more of a "visual" gal, and thus likes listening to the music and hearing the characters voices, I watch more anime than I read manga. Same with books and TV shows/movies; I watch more than read lol.

"Old or new anime/manga?"
I honestly don't care.
What year they're from doesn't stop me from watching/reading them. (Unless they have tags/genre's I'm uncomfortable with, but that's another story that will be later explained further down...)

"Sub or Dub?"
Back in the day, I only used to watch anime in English Dub. (Because back then, I didn't know anime was from Japan lol.)
However, when I discovered the Vampire Knight anime at 13 (which at the time was only in Japanese with English Subs), it gave me a newfound fascination with the Japanese language. So for awhile I watched what I mostly could in Japanese with English subs, so that I could practice learning the language.
In recent years, I watch in both, but there are certain anime's that I'll ONLY watch in Dub, or only watch in Sub, due to the voice acting. (For example, Black Clover. I love its  Dub, but the Subbed version? Sorry, but couldn't stand it...)

"Long or short anime?"
Due to certain reasons that happened to me in the A-P forum in the past, I really don't care anymore. Long episode counts don't intimidate me like it does with a lot of others...

No point in asking, since I'm not really a shipper... Therefore, I don't have any favorites either. Will respect other people's ships though, as long as they're not pedophilic/under-age, or abusive in any way... (You do you I guess, but that kind of thing? Not for me... O_o)

"What anime/manga related things do you own?"
Check out my lists on here titled "My Anime Series And Movies Collection", "My Light Novel Collection", and "My Manga Collection" to see what I have thus far. The lists are obviously works in progress, so I update them when I collect more stuff. :)

"What are your favorite anime series/anime movies/characters/manga/Light novels/Scene(s) in *insert whatever anime*?"
I've always had trouble choosing just 1 or just a few favorites of things, so there's no point in asking cause you'll just hurt my brain lmao. :'D
However, I've compiled several lists on here of my favorite anime & manga. So if you're genuinely curious, take a gander at those.

"What video games have you played and what do you currently own? Favorites? Favorite genre's? Favorite console?"
*Insert "I don't think you're ready for this discussion..." meme*
But for real though, I've been exposed to them and have been play
ing them for as long as I can remember, so be prepared for long winded responses if you ask. XD
It's too hard to explain my favorite genre's of video games, since what I might consider a particular genre, someone might think the total opposite, so it's better and easier for me to answer just what I've played and own... 
My first consoles were a Nintendo 64 and a Playstation 1. My first handheld console was a Gameboy Color that came with Pokemon Crystal. (The latter I no longer have because long story short, due to reasons that were out of my control. Haven't played Crystal since, but I hope to one day be able to afford another copy.)

"What are you currently watching/reading on here?"
For anime --> https://www.anime-planet.com/users/OkamiHime95/anime/watching
For manga --> https://www.anime-planet.com/users/OkamiHime95/manga/reading
I keep the anime one more updated than the manga one.

"What are your favorite Asian Live-Actions/Drama's/Movies?"
Uhh... Almost all of the ones I've watched? lmao. :'D
If you want to know which ones I've watched so far however, just ask. :)

"What music do you listen to? Favorite bands/singers? Favorite genre's? Ever been to a concert?"
 The answer is pretty much the same as it is for anime, Live-Actions/Drama's/Movies, and video games.
I do have a list on here of all my favorite anime OP's/ED's titled "My Favorite Anime Music" though, if you're curious. (Though that one is a work in progress too, and hasn't been updated in a long time.)
For genre's, it's better just to ask what bands/singers I listen to, since what I may consider a particular genre, someone else might think the complete opposite.
I've never been to a concert, since I have a form of sensory processing disorder that makes most noises 100x louder to me than most people's, even with ear defenders on. I almost had the opportunity to go to see Prince and Blue October when I was a kid, but chose not to due to the reason above.

"Why do you have my favorite anime & manga in your dropped/won't watch/won't read list?! And what's with those ratings?! You SUCK!!! D:<"
Well, Janice, lemme tell ya... x:

Reason 1: I know what I like and am comfortable with, and what I DON'T like and am NOT comfortable with. Simple as that. Yes, there are times where I try to get out of my comfort zone a little bit, but that is pretty rare, and it's even more rare for me to honestly enjoy something with tags/genre's that I'm not comfortable with or not into.

Reason 2: Certain genre's & themes such as rape/sexual abuse, explicit sex, and Yaoi/Yuri are anxiety & PTSD triggers for me due to personal reasons, so that's another reason why I won't watch & read certain things. I have no problems with those that are into Yaoi/Yuri/GL/Shoujo-Ai and the BL/Shounen-Ai genre's themselves though. Plus there's actually some BL/Shounen-Ai anime that I do like, even though I don't actively seek stuff out from those genre's.

Reason 3: As embarrassing as it is to admit, I've gotten nightmares quite easily ever since I can remember. Extremely realistic ones at that, so that's another reason why I have to be careful with certain tags & things... :\ Might sound ironic, given that I love Castlevania for example, but just...don't question it, alright? ;>_>

Reason 4: I hate crying in a "negative" way, so some stuff that are in my won't watch/won't read lists contain things that I either heard or read are depressing, or I know the ending itself is depressing, so I rarely watch or read stuff like that. I know for some people, crying makes them feel better, but it does the total opposite for me and just gives me a massive headache... In saying all that, I do love Violet Evergarden for example, but for those types of shows, I HAVE to be in exactly the right mindset. So it's not like I hate those types of shows necessarily; I just hate crying... T_T 

Reason 5: As someone that's suffered from abusive relationships, I personally can't stand seeing it in anime, manga, or any other type of media. Especially if there's tons of emotional, verbal, or psychological abuse involved in the relationship(s). Seeing those kinds of things just...takes me back, y'know?
So yeah, it's fine if you like those kinds of genre's for whatever reason, but please try to be understanding and respectful enough to not make me feel pressured into watching/reading things that I just cannot handle at all, or that I doubt I can...
Reason 6: If I don't like the anime version, why would I want to read the manga? Same with vice-versa. Simple as that. Might sound immature of me, but I don't care. I've wasted too much time in my life feeling peer-pressured into watching and reading certain things only to end up hating them or being uncomfortable with them. I'd much rather spend my time on things that I KNOW I'll enjoy, instead of on things that I know I won't...

I HIGHLY prefer watching anime and regular shows & movies on Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Pluto, and Tubi, but I have no problems with Youtube if they're from official channels. I don't have a Funimation, nor do I have a Premium CR membership (and quite frankly I don't want to...), so keep this in mind if you try to rec me anime, shows or movies. Otherwise, I resort to buying physical copies on DVD when I can. As for manga, I read and buy physical copies only from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-million primarily. (Yes, I'm aware of Ebay, but long story short, it's too complicated to explain my reasonings for not getting manga and other things from them anymore...)

"Do you speak/understand any languages besides English?"
I've been studying Japanese off and on ever since I was around 7-9 years old, but I didn't start getting majorly passionate about it until late 2019 - early 2020. I can read Hiragana, and I now can read main Katakana, but I have difficulty with "Dakuten" Katakana and "cursive" Katakana. (Hard to explain, but just imagine Katakana in a cursive writing style.) I can only read 61 specific Kanji. Therefore, I CANNOT read or play untranslated things unless the Kanji has Furigana above it, or the writing is strictly in Hiragana and/or Katakana.
My conversational skills in Japanese are very weak due to not having any experience talking with native speakers in the language. But I do understand some words when they're spoken, due to listening to Japanese music and watching anime, and Japanese movies and shows. :)

I off and on tried studying Korean, but I am worse at it than Japanese. Therefore, I am definitely not fluent in it either. The only language I'm 100% fluent in is English lol...

I used to know quite a bit of basic Spanish as a kid, but I no longer feel comfortable conversating in it as I forgot tons of it. Same with French.

Well, I don't wanna say I'm a NEET, but... X: Let's just say that yes, I do have a lot of free time. What's so bad about that? If you're going to judge me for it, then I'll just ignore you lol... Not everyone has the mental/physical/emotional capabilities to handle jobs or college, and no one should be shamed for it.
I tend to be terrible at starting conversations due to social anxiety, but ask/talk to me about certain subjects, and I'll ramble if I'm comfortable with you. So if you want to help when it comes to a sure-fire conversation starter, ask me about vampires, video games, Asian Drama's/films, Japanese bands/singers, TCG & board games, or stuff that I'm currently watching/reading on here for some examples. (Or HAVE watched/read. :P)

It just REALLY grinds my gears and saddens me whenever I see or hear someone use the "R word." (Especially since I sometimes get called that irl...) However, if you use it by accident, or you truly don't know how that word can affect people like me, then I'll politely explain and kindly ask you not to use it when speaking to me. But if you try to argue with me about it, or you use it on purpose and truly don't care how that word can be triggering, or you joke about it, you will instantly lose my respect & trust... If you don't know the "R word" slur, well, just look it up at your own risk...

I'm not comfortable using online features in games (too hard to explain/articulate properly) and I also don't like playing online games in general. Long story short, I've been bullied too much in online games in the past, and still have trauma from it... With single player console gaming, I don't have to deal with that, therefore I'm MUCH more comfortable with console versions of games. Plus with most console games (especially older ones), you can just pop the disc/cartridge in, and play the game right then and there and don't have to wait. So yeah, it's pointless trying to convince me into online gaming, especially with rando's...

I have a really hard time verbalizing why I like/dislike characters, anime, manga, or whatever. But that does NOT mean that I don't like having discussions, so please don't assume so. The only things discussion-wise that I don't like are arguements, confrontations, and "heated debates." (So there's no point in complaining or trying to argue with/be confrontational with me, because I will not engage with you if you do so.)
Also, I personally hate it when people literally pressure others into explaining why they like/dislike something, when they pressure someone to change their ratings, or when they pressure someone to take certain characters off their like/dislike lists. (Which I've seen happen.) Oh, and peer-pressuring people to watch or read something that they don't want to/are not comfortable with. Now THAT really makes me angry, and is something that I've also dealt with before in the past.

I suck at explaining plots to stuff, so if you ask me what something is about, be prepared for either very short, blunt answers, or me giving you links to the synopsis if you're too lazy to Google them yourself. (Don't mean to sound rude, but what happened to people Googling synopsis' to stories, movies, and games and such for themselves? It's SO easy to do! >_< All you do is type in "Synopsis for *insert whatever you want the synopsis of*") 

Though I'm not a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I have several friends, family, and followers who are, and I consider myself a huge supporter and safespace for them, as well as a safespace and supporter of people on the Autism spectrum, and those who are a part of the Neurodivergent community in general. Therefore I will not tolerate any form of racism, abuse, abelism, homophobia/transphobia, and anything else that's considered judgemental/bullying whether it be towards me, or someone else. The world needs more kindness.

I have a bad memory when it comes to remembering conversations that happened a long time ago, so I'd very much appreciate it if you reminded me of the context of your last conversation with me, if you haven't spoken to me in a long time. I also have trouble remembering names of characters that didn't have a personal impact on me, or certain things that happened in certain pieces of media, so forgive me if I don't know what you're talking about. ^^;

I DON'T do "Follow for follows" because to me, that isn't true friendship, speaking from experience... (I'm not saying that true friendships don't ever happen that way, but from my own personal experience, well, I've mostly had negative experiences that way...) If I DO follow you, it's because I think we have similar personalities/your personality will mesh well with mine, and you have similar interests and seem like a genuinely nice person. Therefore, I don't follow people to become "popular" or "cool." I look for TRUE, non-superficial, non-toxic friendship. Just saying. Other reasons I may not follow you back are because I'm either busy and/or didn't see it because my alerts for follows are turned off.
I also rarely check my follower count, so if you greet me down below and state how you found me, etc, I'll be more likely to see it. Just a simple hello or how are you won't cut it though, because I highly prefer CONVERSATION (which a lot of people lack these days imo, or in other words, just don't want to take the time to get to know people and make genuine friends), so if you want a sure-fire conversation starter, please refer to the FAQ above and/or just keep on reading. (Yes, this is a long read, but have patience, younglings...) This stuff is also explained further down.

 Draken from Tokyo Revengers (do NOT tell me ANY manga spoilers, cause I haven't read it all yet! >:( ), and the header I found randomly online via Google Images. (Credit to the original artists.)
Section 7: MY PERSONAL GOALS FOR 2023 (Will put a strikethrough on the things that got accomplished.)

Watch a total of 2023 (or at least 2000) overall anime before 2024.

Obtain all the pieces of Exodia. (Have one of his legs or arms, but don't have the other cards yet.)

Make 100 true friends. (Like Komi, as someone with social anxiety, that'd be HUGE for me. And by true friends, it means people that talk to me regularly or at least semi-regularly, and the friendship doesn't become one-sided... I've dealt with enough one-sided friendships over the years where I was the only one that put effort, and quite frankly as I get older, the more tired of it I become... My goal is now 73.)

To complete at least one video game wishlist. (Which because of Covid, and due to a lot of the ones that I'm wanting are rare and/or tend to be pricey, well, let's just say it'll take quite awhile. ^_^;)

FINALLY finish the LOTR/The Hobbit books.

 Re-read The Vampire Chronicle books I have, in honor of Anne Rice. (Yes, I've watched both movies, and no, I will not be watching the show, because reasons...)

Get 3rd place in the yearly anime challenge here on A-P.
Section 8: Reasons your follows/comments/messages didn't get a response

Because of my social anxiety, I just don't know what to say to people (especially if they're new to me) a lot of the time, plus I suck at small talk in general. It's not that I don't want to talk, but...yeah, refer to sections 1 and 5. 
Different timezones.
Am busy, sick/don't feel well, or am going through something personal and just don't feel up to socializing at the time.
Working on my Japanese language self-studies.
Am out somewhere.
Didn't notice. ^^;
Am playing a game, reading, listening to music, or watching something.
Dealing with the puppy lol.
So yeah, please don't be upset if response time is slow/late. I usually try to explain up at the top of my bio why I may not answer you, but I decided to give more detailed answers here, just in case.

Stalled = Stuff that I want to watch or read, but had to put them on the "backburner" so to speak, in order to watch something less time-consuming. Or they're stuff that only Premium Members of Crunchyroll can watch. (Which I am not, so...) Or they're on other streaming sites that I don't have and don't want, like Funimation. Or I could only find certain episodes available to me, so I stalled them until I can find the rest of the episodes.

Dropped = I tried to watch or read it, but got VERY uncomfortable with it for one reason or another...

Won't watch/Won't read = A lot of my reasoning has been explained in previous sections of the bio, but once again, the majority of the time it's because they have tags/genre's that are PTSD/anxiety triggers for me, or I know they have crappy endings to, thanks to other users spoiling the endings for me... Also due to the simple reason that I know what I like, and what I don't.

If you made it this far, I have mad respect for you, since 98% of my followers don't read my bio all the way. :\

If you have questions (minus "Why?" questions because those have always been hard for me to answer), please refer to the FAQ section of the bio first. 
I will try my best to answer them as long as they aren't judgemental or too personal. (I will kindly let you know if something is too personal, so don't worry.)

If you'd like to recommend me stuff, then PLEASE make sure NOT to rec things that I'm already watching/reading or have on my dropped/stalled/won't watch/won't read lists, as they're there for a reason... However, my want to watch/want to read lists are fair game. Can't promise that I'll watch/read them right away (because I have other hobbies/interests, for one thing), and I can't promise that I'll like them, but when I finally get around to them, I'll let you know. If I DON'T happen to like them for some reason, or I can't read/watch something due to it having tags that I'm not comfortable with, please don't be upset with me. There are certain genre's/themes/tags that I have to actually be careful of and/or avoid due to personal, PTSD related, & anxiety reasons.

If you want me to give YOU recs, well, sorry to say this, but as of recently, I will no longer give out recommendations unless it's for the Anime Secret Santa game. I've had too many people in my life say that they will watch/read/listen to something that I recommended to them, and they never did. (Or worse, they hated it.) So, I no longer am confident in my ability to recommend things... :(
PS: If you get unfollowed, it was most likely an accident/glitch, or due to not remembering/recognizing you because you changed your username AND profile pic all of a sudden, or (in the somewhat rare case) don't remember you due to you not conversating for a long time. (If you ever did...) Either way, please don't take it personally. If it was due to the latter 2 reasons, I would appreciate it if you remind me who you are, so you can get followed back again. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I might also unfollow if I personally feel like you don't enjoy talking to me anymore and you don't want to be friends with me anymore...

PSS: Discord is a huge NOPE due to several reasons, so please STOP asking and STOP trying to change my mind about it. I know my own limits, and you should respect that. Chat went WAY too fast for me on there, and my experiences there were mostly negative and I got ignored a ton... Your server might be "peaceful", but I have way too much anxiety around people I don't know, especially if there is a lot. Plus I type slow, so there's that... And yes, that goes for most social media in general, so the only way you can reach me is here...

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quailandduckeggs Sep 19, 2023


Thanks for the follow!! And may I just say I LOVE your profile!!

Hope you're having a great day/night!  ^-^

Lenachan3ko Aug 2, 2023

I'm so happy you replied!! Also omg, the Tokyo Revengers manga is amazing, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :D

As for what shows I've been watching recently, I've been watching Zom100 Bucket List of the Dead as a weekly thing, it's a really fun show! I'm planning on watching Skip and Loafer soon which is a really good series, I read the manga! It's a very cute and wholesome show ^^ I'm usually watching a lot more but I'm keeping stuff small because school is coming up and I've been pretty busy!

I'd love to know what kinds of shows you've been watching lately too! ^^

Lenachan3ko Jul 25, 2023

Hi Okami!! It's been a little while, and I felt like checking up on you to see how you're doing!! ^^ I totally love your pfp and Tokyo Revengers is one of my fave series ever!! If you ever wanna talk about our fave shows feel free to hit me up!! I hope you have a great day! :D

Fallenblackroses Jun 28, 2023

Hi! I love your bio, good luck with your goals. I once set a goal to make 100 friends, about six years ago never thought I'd find someone trying to do that!

bluebear1 Jun 23, 2023

Hey!! No issues. Thanks for replying! Hope you have a great day/night 😊