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My name is Blake Hayhurst. I'm 21 and love Anime, Video games, and American Football. I'm a pretty simple guy, I was born in Florida and grew up in a small town before moving to more of a city area. Currently, I attend university in hopes of one day becoming a Mental Health Psychologist. I have always liked to help people and the thought that I could make it into a career is amazing. I also am a person who will open up very easily and will turn no one away that wants to be friends. I also trust people very easily, I know that can lead me to get hurt. But I rather do my best to become someone's friend rather than turn them away because I am afraid.  


I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember but I started watching anime around 5 years ago. I was bored and had nothing to watch on Netflix one day and I came across a section of cartoons I had never really noticed before. I remember being really confused when I started watching a very weird show called Girls Bravo. But after I started watching a show called Sekirei I fell in love with it. Maybe it was because I was 14 and it was a harem, maybe it was because it was something that was interesting and very new to me. But I watched it, then right after I finished watching it I re-watched it, then I fell asleep and when I woke up, I watched it again. For me, there is not allot of people who like anime and there are even more who don't even know what anime is. Therefore I wanted to reach out to an anime community and try to meet more people who like it, so I found this site. I made a list on this site on how many anime I have ever watched and apparently I have spent over 5 month's of my life watching anime...... I have a problem lol. 

                                                                                                            Why I Enjoy Anime                                                             

For me, Anime was a breath of fresh air. Now don't get me wrong American cartoons are awesome and I love them to death but they all seem to be very one-dimensional. When you're a kid you watch Spongebob or The Fairly Odd Parents. Then when you get a bit older you watch The Simpsons or Edd Ed and Eddy. Then when you get even older you watch South Park and Family Guy. Now even though these shows are awesome, what do they all have in common.......?. They are all comedies!!! They're funny but they don't really have much else to offer. Then when I found anime, there was so much more there. It had every genre I had ever heard of and even a few I hadn't. 

So I hope I can meet allot of people who love anime as much as I do and I hope I have a nice long stay here at anime-planet. So if any of you guys or gals want to get to know me send me a message on here, follow me, or...........

I have a youtube channel that I post on once and a while as a hobby. I mostly do let's plays of horror games though......while loving the horror genre I am kind of a pussy lol. If you would like to give it a try please do so below or click this LINK


Thanks for reading and watching :)

Here are my top five favorite anime :)

1. Sekirei

Sekirei is probably the stupidest anime on this list to most people. It is an ecchi, harem, romance, with allot of action. However, out of every harem I have ever seen this one by far has the best plot and the best characters. This anime was one of the first I have ever watched so even though there are many who would not like this show, I love it. I feel like this is one of those hidden gem shows that gets way to covered in tits and ass. Does it have that yes, but it isn't the only point of the show. Below I have included a small teaser for the show in sub format. The reason it is short and in sub is because I felt all of the other trailers were too much about tits and ass lol. So check it out you may like it. The story is about a young man named....Minato Sahashi.He has just failed his entrance exam and the story begins when a strange girl named...Musubi falls from the sky :)


 2. Gurren Lagann

Never could I ever hope to say enough about Gurren Lagann. It has probably the best story I have ever seen. I had waited a long time in my anime life to watch this show. It was a Mecha (anime that involves fighting robots) and I was never too big on them. But when I watched an anime called Linebarrels of Iron which was a mecha that I really liked. I decided that I would give Gurren Lagann a shot. The story takes off quick with allot of action. Pretty much the first few episodes are just about getting you introduced to the characters. But as you get watching things happen that you would never see in any other anime. The story launches and it forms a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I urge anyone no matter what kind of anime you like to give this a shot because I promise you, you are going to find something about this show you like. But as for me, I loved every second of it. I have included a short trailer below that does not really do the plot justice but does get you introduced to the characters and shows you a bit of the action. The story is about two young guys named Simon and Kamina. They and their people have lived in an underground community since before both of them were born. It has been so long that some doubt there is even such a thing as a surface. The story kicks off when a large mecha falls from the surface into their community and shows that there is indeed a surface. After meeting up with a young girl named Yoko. Simon and Kamina rush towards the surface to find it is a war zone. They must now fight to survive and save the human race from the monsters that many years ago forced the human race underground.

3. Spice And Wolf

Spice And Wolf, for the most part, is just a beautiful, calm, loving story. Along with the occasional giant wolves, bandits, and deities. This show is on my top five because of how interesting it is. It is also one of the best romance anime I have ever seen. It is the type of show that I just want to have gone on forever. The story is about a man named Craft Lawrence, he is a traveling merchant who goes through a small town with a very interesting legend about a giant wolf deity that brought good harvest on the land. Soon before he leaves the town he finds that same wolf deity in the form of a young girl named Holo. The story then portrays their travels to the north and the budding relationship between the two. Below I have included a small trailer showing how great this show is.

4. Mysterious Girlfriend X

Ok now, this show is definitely not going to be for everyone. Allot of people find this show weird and disgusting, but as for me, I find it to be incredibly unique. The only way I could describe this show, is that it is both the strangest and most realistic love story ever, and that is saying allot lol. But trust me this show is well worth the watch and it is my favorite romance anime of all time. Not because it is lovey-dovey or that it is gooey by any means. I say it is my favorite because I have never been able to relate to a love story as much as I could this one. As long as you can get past the drool aspect of the show, I feel like you will love it as much as I do. The story revolves around a young boy named Tsubaki and how he falls in love with the new transfer student named Urabe (As a side note Urabe Mikoto is my favorite female character of all time) after tasting her drool off her desk. Below I have included a trailer for the show. It does not do a perfect job giving you the story however it was the best i could find. It includes the opening song and allot of the art. 

5. Initial D

Now don't get me wrong I was never a fan of racing and I'm still not. I have never aspired to be a race car driver or make the most kick-ass turns. I have never wanted to be a legendary street racer or thought that people who did things like that were cool. But I LOVE Initial D, like Gurren Lagann I also stayed away from this show for a long time. I thought I'm not into racing so how can I like an anime about racing??? But then I watched this show and it kept me on the edge of my seat every race. Something about this show kicks ass. It has the ability to draw you into these races and really ponder what is going to happen all the way through. Now if I am being honest there are some downsides. This show has a very simple plot, it tends to get a bit repetitive, and the characters are not really that interesting. I have to say my favorite character is probably the main character but just because he is hard to figure out so it makes him interesting. However regardless of what type of anime you like or even if your into racing or not, I really suggest checking this show out :). The story is about a young man named Takumi Fujiwara who has been driving since he was 10. He never wanted to become a driver and never even thought he was good at it until some show off street racers came to his town and started causing trouble for his friends. After realizing how well he can drive he begins a conquest to become the best street racer in Japan. From there the series pretty much revolves around him facing the best drivers and climbing the ranks. Here is a trailer that kicks ass almost as much as the series does lol :)


 I also used to have a club called the AP Best Friends Club. However, it, along with many other great clubs were wiped out by the sites creator for reasons I am still unclear on. Thank you to all that supported the club and if you would still like to show support, feel free to post a banner on your AP page and assign under it people you describe as your best friends on this site. 


If you need any help that I am not around to give then please contact my AP best friend lindapearl. This girl is freaking awesome, and she doesn't forget about someone even when they ignore her for long periods of time because they are incredibly busy lol. Any friend of mine should be a friend of hers so please go check her out. 


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