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My blood type is A0.

Im 165cm.

Im born at 9.June.86-19,

and 33 years old.

My zodiac-sign is cancer.

I live in Duis(Burg)Wals(um).

I am a big Mange and Animefan.

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Sirscaredyclaude Jun 29, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you like most about Sora Takenouchi?

OchTropsHofSaiyaJin Jun 4, 2017

Hi.Thank you for talking to me.

I am a very intelligent Person and love to analyze Anime characters in my free hobby time.

I have a suggestion to you.Could You make betwern the love ans hate characterbutton an extra button with a normal looking Smiley button with The name"normal"character button,I mean between love ans hate characters.because its too stupid and childish for me to decide between only. Love and hated characters.A lot of charaters I have to hate even if they are "normal"to me because I dont love them immediatelx.I dont Want that people have a wrong picture of me.I Want have three characterbuttons to push:Love,normal and hate characters.That would ne awesome.Sorry I dont ne forced to love or hate characters I Want have a choose..Thank you for listening to me.


originalbonbon May 29, 2017

Hey there! My name is Tyler and I am from the Anime-Planet Welcoming Committee! I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the wonderful A-P Community. Hopefully you are enjoying the website and all of its great features, but in the event you have any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to let me know by leaving a post on my profile. Anyway, enjoy your time here, get involved in the forums if you'd like, and of course, continue discovering awesome new manga and anime! ^_^