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Hero Mask

Dec 4, 2018

Since there is no rating, no reviews, and the summary is terrible I think the Mods can tolerate this being public for now.

So to add to the summary above:

After a well respected prosecutor turns up dead all hell breaks loose, as a long dead enemy resurfaces. Revealing the existence of a mysterious mask with the ability to mimick other people. Now, one man... and a woman demonstrate their ability to wear the same outfit everyday. As they unravel the mystery of their friend's death and bring the unknown purpetrators to justice.

This is about a loose cannon secret agent type character. Very obvious James bond parallels (only more police oriented, less international spy), from his relationship to a Q/R type character down to his name being James Blood. It is basically an action movie, across 15 episodes. But, with a lot of gadgets, masks that let you look like anyone, and some escaped test subjects (some of whom are insane).

The problems:

The series misunderstands of how bullets, or kevlar vests work (the former being less acceptable).
The sidekick woman (sera) is the stereotypical: Completely unqualified (as presented) but obstinate in their immediate need for answers while completely unphased by danger as they jumps in headfirst... Oh and for some reason this desk jockey is an action hero, with a inate skill with firearms. Because why wouldn't a sane civilian let the police do their job, while avoiding the line of fire and leveraging their skills on the back end of the investigation?

Story: fairly basic, the enticement lies in the intensity (which isn't a listed factor). But it is atleast obvious what the story is.

Animation: The style is moderately well detailed (the backgrounds are noteable), though a little dated in its appearance and colouration (particularly with regards to the characters). However, the movements and expressions are well done, so average seems fair.

Sound: They have many levels of audio, but the tone sounds slightly muted.

Characters: So far, there is not a lot of in depth character development, but average for an anime (which is miles below the anime with great Character development).

 I will update this review it as I watch.

5/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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