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Hi guys!

I'm Noth, a girl, I'm 30 and I'm italian.


After more than 10 years that I am registered on this site,
I finally have a Bio! 
(For info I leave you here my nick discord: Noth94#6013)

I am a (veryintroverted person and not very talkative with strangers, but when I know someone well, the real me comes out: crazy, passionate about sweets (candy above all), perfectionist, reflective, (a little moody), loyal, I carry to termite what I set (even if with my time) and with a sharp sarcasm tending to cynicism, some people tell me that I am "nice" and slightly talkative when it comes to something that arouses my interest.


I have been following anime&manga since I was 3 years old, addicted tv series, I love video games from the age of 6 (Spyro/Crash, TES V: Skyrim, Metro 2033, Manhunt, VTM: Bloodlines, CoD: Modern Warfare, CS:GO, just to name a few), I like small and cute things and animals, especially cats.

Which genres of manga/anime do I prefer? Well a little bit all, even if I have "main" genres...

I am a bit like the dark and light part of the otaku (but without the finances and possessions of the latter), I like the deep works, even those that many would call "boring" or find the ones snubbed by others. As long as I am not viewing a certain work myself, I don’t let myself be influenced by external agents (you can see from the votes I give to each individual work and you will understand what happened once I reached adulthood).

From a long time ago, Shounen are my favorites, in fact I don't mind the long manga that last for years, even if when I discovered "the dark side of the otakumy tastes became a bit particular...


Apart from the one mentioned above, I recently rediscovered the "Seinen", a great genre... 
If we want to go more specifically: IsekaiVampires and Yuri, if a work has one of the three or all, have been while certain that it will be on one of my lists with the highest reading/viewing priority
Yes, there are other genres, but we will go too much on the classic: action, adventure, comedy, mystery, supernatural, horror, gore, etc.

Although I have to admit that the genre "Yuri" or if we want to call it with the English term "GL", I have only discovered it in recent years and...
Without a doubt it was the most beautiful discovery of my life. It nourishes and warms my soul and helps me to achieve peace of mind, as well as making me have a lot of fun thanks to all the things that happen in the various subgenres (don't touch me those set in high school and the Age Gap, the nice and cuddly ones, but also those a little more lively u_u). Let's just say it was the beginning of the end.

The YURI will conquer the world! *evil laugh in the background*


Yes, among the things I follow you will also see some BLs, it is not one of my favorite genres, but when I find something interesting I read it without problems (especially then, if at least one of the two requirements mentioned above is present).

Are you wondering why I have all these manga in progress?

Well, my philosophy is "the moment and the interest", if these two factors arise, I can read an entire manga with 20 volumes/250 chapters in 2/3 days.
Most of the time I stop reading so that I don't have to wait a month for the next chapter or simply accumulate as much as possible to enjoy it to the fullest, other times I stop like this for no reason.

You are wondering why, aren't you?

Because for certain things, there is always the moment... have you ever seen something as a teenager and not liked it and when you look at it as an adult you find it amazing? Well the sense is that.

So don't worry if the number of manga you see here increases dramatically... I'll read them all... sooner or later...


RATING SYSTEM (Used for Anime/Manga)

0.5 Stars - You can't get worse than this, total waste of time and energy. (0.5/10)
1 Stars - Terrible, only one of the elements I liked, the rest is to be thrown away. (1/10)
1.5 Stars - A little better, but always terrible, a 2 element liked, the rest in the bin. (2/10)
2 Stars - Not terrible, but boring or too predictable, the animation/drawings "Nì" (3.5/10)
2.5 Stars - as above, but with something more. (4-5/10)
3 Stars - on average, say a 6/10, it entertains, but with many flaws or with something that doesn’t convince me (5-6/10)
3.5 Stars - Good with some minor flaws (7/10)
4 Stars - Really good, I would say excellent (8-8.5/10)
4.5 Stars - Almost perfect, with something more and at the same time with a small missing piece (it can also change during construction and go to 4/5 stars) (9-9.5/10)
5 Stars - Masterpiece, to be seen at least once in a lifetime (10/10)

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Emiuko May 17, 2022

Thanks for the mangas

stardust2222 Sep 13, 2021

It is going to get better in season 2 and 3

stardust2222 Sep 13, 2021

Your welcome i hope to get along with you ps if you got amazon prime account I recommend this show

stardust2222 Sep 10, 2021

My name is mason and I have autism 

vchong May 3, 2020

Hello,  i just want to know how to enter the chapter of the mangas its just that im new and i dont know very much of the page 

Thank you if you read 

And it will be awesome if you tell me bye thanks again