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Secret Alliance

Jan 17, 2022

I was really enjoying the story up until the 16 ep mark. Terrible people who do terrible things and each one of them needs therapy but there's a vast difference to how they're portrayed. It's the most unrealistic 'realistic' story I've read and a few chapters before it ended it made my blood boil. I read the final chapter along with the authors note and just felt empty. It was similar to the feeling you'd get when you try out a dish you normally love and find it's prepared by a nut who can't cook, you look at them and feel anger for ruining something so easy to make, you then feel an overwhelming sense of nothing as you pay your bill and never eat from that place ever again.

I loved the comic, then i hated the comic, then i just felt nothing at all. I was rooting for the blonde character because manga and manhwas have a tendency to pick the worst characters in the bunch and making them the male love interest. Unfortunately this comic decided to do something different, they made both main characters awful and after making them that way made them get together. It's honestly fitting that two awful people end up together. I hope they finally die soon so they can stop being a cancer to society. 

Beside the awful portrayal of such disorders and even the disgrace of writing that was sian. There was a number of ridiculous concepts you'd ignore at first glance but after reading it a second time with anger on the mind, you notice. Do these people not consider therapy a viable option? It's such a helpful tool of our modern day life and yet it goes completely ignored just to make a trashy manga more narratively compelling. When sian was a child what should've the mom done? Gotten her daughter a therapist. When she was older what should she have tried instead of harassing a coworker? Gotten therapy. When anyone in yul's life realized how much of a danger they were becoming what should they of done instead of trying to play y/n ? Gotten the boy some therapy. Alright we're done here. Goodnight humans and obviously humans alike, we're done let's all go back to our villages and put this cancer to society behind us. 

4/10 story
5/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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