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My Hero Academia 4

Feb 10, 2020

Great show, great story, great villains, BUT I had enough especially this season. I can't bear anymore cringe from a lot of short flash back to having the MC explained every single things, because they knew the viewer are kids. 

The Manga it was made for more mature readers, with a lot of cursing and swearing. But the anime man... I used to like this show a lot but now I can see a lot of flaws coming from it, and I can't bear but notices it.

Flaws contain

  1. Slow talking
  2. Slow progression: The anime could have just ended in just 12 ep but they stretch it out more
  3. Too many unnecessary short flash back: "You can become a hero" They show this for so many time that you don't feel motivated anymore. It's like that Naruto swing by the end of the series you've seen it like a million times already.
  4. Explaining to the viewer too much: They explain it to us like we are f-ing dumb or something, this anime pretty much aim toward kids
  5. Slow character development: The MC, he's sucks. I hate Midoriya now. It doesn't took after Hajimete no ippo where the main character train like their life depend on it. But midoriya, no, he sucks

That's all there is to it

In my opinion "It could have been better"

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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