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PoisonMask Jan 1, 2021

Sorry, almost forgot I had an account here hahaha

The purple one? I think I remember it. 

Another problem appeared? That site is really horrible. I barely visit it lately.

PoisonMask Dec 27, 2020

Your previous avatar? Do you mean the one before Christmas?

Hahaha That's the army with a Megaman uniform!

Yes, I fear that's the case.

I see, my problems in that site are also huge.

PoisonMask Dec 22, 2020

Happens to me all the time -.-

I look at the avatars before reading because the evil hand of Megaman but when I see one that rings a bell I just assume it's somebody I know hahaha

Don't knew it happens to you aswell O.O

Things that happened? What are those?

PoisonMask Dec 19, 2020

It's a good thing you changed your avatar, each time an unregistered user uploaded something I clicked on like -.-"

You never liked any of your usernames?

Hahaha I only delete the old ones, can't have them storaged forever T.T

But the most recent ones are kept there to look at them in case they are forgotten, as it's almost always the case 

PoisonMask Dec 18, 2020


Understand, could choose a worse username thinking it's better, at least it's completelly possible for me -.-"

Don't worry, the worst thing that can happen is that I forget what my message was, making to understand the answer difficult ^^"