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Jan 2, 2015

Haiiii~ (~)~

Another manga review! This time it's Ajin.

This particular manga caught my attention for several reasons. One of them is the genre. I kind of wanted to read some messed up manga with a great story where they cut eachother and bleed to death. Long story short, I was looking for something brutal.

And I can tell that Ajin was a great choice, and not some waste of time.

Let's start!


So the story is based on immortality. Which is an interesting topic. I mean we're all afraid of death and suffering. Ajins are only afraid of suffering.. which is a progress.

Being a super rare human with immortal superpowers is a great thing riiiight? :D . . .

Unless the government finds you and they start experimenting on you and trying to kill you in every single way causing you pain yet you can't die because you're special.

And THAT'S what almost happened to this poor teenage main character. The story follows this god forsaken guy called Kei who gets caught in a accident and finds out he's... a bit more than just an ordinary high school student.

I'd say that the story is kind of unique. I never saw a manga/anime dealing with the theme of immortality so seriously. Usually it's ''temple goddess in a bra'' or ''vixen who looks nothing like a freaking vixen''. Not saying that's bad... it just became boring to me.

Also, the story is sort of elaborate, but very balanced. Not too much detail, not a lot of confusion for the reader. Everything is explained with enough detail. No useless filler stuff...

Therefore it's refreshing to see something like this. In conclusion, the story is interesting and packed with action. I'd give it a 10/10 but it has bits and pieces I dislike.



Art is nice and polished... most of the times. It doesn't lack detail, especially on characters. 

As for the genre. The story has a lot of action in it. I don't think that art catches up to that. I also don't like how the most gruesome scenes aren't drawn. There's some gore, but not enough to consider the genre horror.

So art is well done, however, it is not on the same level with the story.



There are plenty of characters. From humans/ajins to black spirits.

I really like the main character. He seems plain, but he's really analytical which is awesome. I'm just going to mention his sister. She's ugly. It's rare to see a young ugly character in anime/manga that has a POSITIVE IMPORTANT ROLE (not me) in the storyline.

Character desing is well done. I LOVE how the black spirits are designed (picture below). There is character development, but it's nothing major. I like it though, and I think that developing characters more would ruin the story.



I really like this manga. Especially because it focuses on themes I'm interested in. 

The story is interesting, art is well done and the characters are great as well. It's not that easy to read, but it is definitely fun.

And that's it! Thanks for reading my review! ^^

I'd reccommend this manga to anyone who finds immortality interesting, or to someone who is looking for sci-fi ''immortality gone wrong'' kind of stuff.

Rate if you found this review helpful, funny, or just like it. I have more anime reviews so check them out if you want!

Thanks and have a nice day! ^^

9/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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