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The Boy and the Beast

Mar 3, 2016

The Boy and the Beast is a quite interesting movie. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of Hosoda, but this one was way better than the Wolf Children. 

The story's about a young boy named Ren who meets a beast when he was lost. The beast takes the little boy as his disciple. The beginning is very classic, with an important "Miyazaki-touch". But if the plot is great in the first half of the movie, the second part is very incoherent, with big errors in the story telling. Of course, the romance was very dispensable, and the end reminds me a bad horror movie. After a refreshing beginning, it's a shame!

However, the couple of main characters is really good. There is some good alchemy between the boy and the beast. But so much vulgarity! I don't think this was so important, and if it can be funny during a few minutes, it's finally annoying.

I have to deal with some graphical stuff. But it was a deception. I can't bear that flat style, with no personality. And the constant use of CG is a pity. The end is just horrible to watch. All this CG is just not acceptable with that poor render. Fortunately, the character design was really efficient. 

But I enjoyed especially the music. Its use was just perfect, and a few scenes were really epic with that music. The sound design however was a little cheap, with disproportionate sounds.

Finally, I think The Boy and the Beast is not a bad movie, but the director is not subtle at all. I hate when the characters say to the spectator how he have to watch the movie. A good movie doesn't need any manual, and have to keep a part of mystery. And here, the movie is so obvious that we don't need these dialogs. It's really a shame, and I was really annoying. I had the feeling that the director spoke to some children, and was forgetting all the other fans of animation.

So, that's a 7.2 for me, but I think I'm too generous. This movie wasn't that bad, but to much imperfections to be considered as a masterpiece.

6.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.2/10 overall

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