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School Rumble

Dec 31, 2010

WARNING: The following review is simply an opinion, not a declarative fact or anything of the sort.

Story: (7/10)

In School Rumble's case, it's better to call it a plot. You see, a story sounds as though it'll play out like a book, but it doesn't really. It's strange in that it's kind of episodic but at the same time the "story" flows from one episode to the next. Essentially, it's just a girl who has a crush on a bowl-cut kid for NO real reason. There's really nothing spectacular about him(although he can ride a bkie damn fast), which is what confused me. But then there's Harima(my favorite anime character of all time), who likes the girl who likes mr bowl-cut.

So in all essence, this show's about a dude who likes a girl who likes a dude. AKA, a love triangle. But, it also incorporates several side characters and some wacky humor, making for something that's definitely entertaining in the story department, but not spectacular.

Animation: (6/10)

Nothing amazing here. Although it suits the style of the show, it's still rather dull and nothing out of the ordinary.

The character designs aren't distorted or anything, but also aren't super unique.

So yeah, nothing stupendous here.

Sound: (5/10)

The OP and ED kind of irritated me, but they were passable jpop songs that suited the wacky show and it's strange slapstick humor.

The voice actors were decent in the sub(especially Harima <3), but the dub voice acting was pretty bad. Then again, I'm pretty biased against dubbing in general because of the way the pronounce japanese names and such. But that might just be me.

Characters: (7.5/10)

Not super in-depth or anything, but really funny and odd. They all had their own crushes and such, and there were constantly flurries of misunderstandings amongst them. In most shows that use mostly misunderstandings for humor, it gets played out and starts to bore you. In School Rumble's case, however, it's just damn funny. At first, the show and it's characters are rather dull, but around episode 8 or 9 Harima's side of the story really kicks in and it gets interesting.

All in all the characters are wacky and funny, but they don't have 300 levels of emotion or anything.

Overall: (7/10)

All in all? A somewhat innocent time-killer that turns out to be suprisingly entertaining. As a casual watch? Definitely recommended. For a huge story and masterful character development? Sorry broheim, all out of luck here.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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shatnershaman Jan 3, 2011

I thought it had a great dub, particullary Harima, and the english script made some of the jokes funnier.