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Jan 7, 2017

the ending spoils it all! I would have given it a 9/10 if the ending was anywhere closer to good! I enjoyed the first half episodes very much,the characters were fun and youthful,you really enjoy watching.The show started with an unrealistic theme but that's ok but if can't end it well what's the point? The worst thing was Chizuru Hishiro was also a relife subject..I mean what the hell.iit spoils everything,if she was actually a high school girl that would have been interesting and challenging but what happened was predictably stupid..Worse Ending ever! And most importantly they don't what's next for Arata after relife! what will do in his adult? what's the effect of this relife!

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
4/10 overall

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andreichekov Oct 21, 2018

you've got spoilers in your review without a spoiler warning

Nizia Feb 12, 2017

Yes you are absolutely right

grimsoul0 Feb 12, 2017

I have to agree with you on the ending. It just felt rushed and half assed. It's like they made the first 12 episodes then decided to just end the show and threw together the 13th episode to try and finish it and left to many questions unanswered. This anime should have had twice as many episodes or a second season to wrap everything up the right way.

Does Arata get his act together and get a job with the Lab? Does Arata and Chizuru get together and then find out they're both in the ReLife program and stay together after it's over?