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Nov 6, 2016

Lemme just start off by saying this is the overall best male "Idol" anime I have seen. That being said, male "Idol" animes tend to be bland reserve-harem stories spiced up with beautiful boys, songs, and a dull heroine. B-Pro is no exception, however it makes a great effort to not make the heroine not so annoying dull or Mary-Sue like which inturn makes the story much more fun and the anime an overall a great way to pass the time.

Story - 6
The story itself starts without you and there is not much that is introduced about what happens before the heroine comes along even though the story seems to pleading for an explanation about the boys' success before B-Pro [in their respective groups] and how B-Pro "really" came to be.
Still, the plot is nicely paced and the boys get entire episodes dedicated to them, however their are obvious favorites in the way that there is less focus on certain guys. Considering there is 10 guys and only 12 episodes this is a fair sacrifice so that story is able to progress and we're not stuck with a repetitive reverse-harem gimmick.
[Spoiler-ish] However the ending conjured up in the last two to three episodes is surprising and somewhat uncalled for which is why I brought score down a little bit. The theme of this anime is overall light-hearted and gives little to no clues to the darker future which leaves you very confused as as it all happens too quickly and makes no sense. If they expanded this a bit further and the anime was longer this could have played out more smoothly but they compacted it too much at the end there and left the me with more questions.

Art- 8
I personally very much liked the design of the boys. A lot of colours and effects were used throughout the anime to bring life to the beautiful and handsome idols and their life. It was a little more crisp than I expected considering the move to make anime much smoother and softer recently--but the budget may have been used more on the amazing choice of voice actors instead.

Sound- 8
Going into what I said above--the voice actors "made" this anime. It was very enjoyable hearing them speak, talk coquettishly, act, and sing. Most of the songs were very addictive and you very quickly may find yourself knowing how the song goes as parts are played strategically and almost incessantly.

Character- 7
Half of them were unique, interesting and the series focused on them. They had backstories and problems and our Heroine, of course, helps move them forward in their world of fame. However the way they divided the boys was very bad. KitaKore and THRIVE were full of bright characters and the series seems to focus on them and give them extra shine, while the MooNs boys seem to come up short despite making up half of B-Pro. Considering the anime seems to be about bringing these three groups together both in relationships and for fame there should have been some brighter individuals in MooNs. Considering the sacrifice for the plot in this short anime, they should have brought down a member from THRIVE or something to help give MooNs equal opportunity.

Enjoyment- 9
As mentioned, this is my favorite male idol anime show thus far. Plenty of fanservice, pretty boys, entertaining episodes, and songs to keep me intrigued throughout the anime.

Overall- 7/8
My score is a little higher than expected, especially for this type of anime, but there wasn't much I could nitpick at so the score is what B-Pro is deserving of. Whether you like idol animes or reverse-harems, B-Pro is well put-together and an enjoyable 12 episode anime.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.6/10 overall
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