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I love this show. I'm giving it a fairly high rating not because it's an exceptional piece of art, but because it delivers exactly what it advertises. If you watch this show and are upset at the premise even though it gave exactly what you expected, it would be disingenuous to give it a bad rating. Like a fast food worker serving you a perfect meal and a car mechanic offering an underwhelming service, the car mechanic's job is much more important and held to a higher standard and the fast food worker's is not so, but the fast food worker delivered exactly what you expected perfectly with a smile to top it off, but the car mechanic's service was sub par at best and less than what they advertised. So giving this a bad rating would be unfair, so instead I rated it compared to what I expected out of it and even then I was pleasantly surprised. There are a number of things I could list, but by far the most important thing in any show and what this show excels at the most is its characters. I love every single one of them, all the girls are contenders for best girl, the main protaginist is not like any other harem MC I've ever seen. He is the funniest and most realistic harem MC I've seen so far, he does things the viewers would recommend and he understands what to do in certain situations whether it is to comfort the side characters in a realistic manner or to create potential plot routes that would have never been explored if he were your usual nose-bleeding harem MC. The dude's a gigachad. The plot did not fail to keep me watching the entire way through with its wonderful blend of cringey yet hilarious comedy, heartwarming moments, and interesting advancements in the plot. Personally, if I were to compare it to another show I love, I would say it shares a partial resemblance to Grand Blue. Even with all the praise, don't take it the wrong way, this show is best when you turn your brain off and enjoy it and not the kind of show you mold your schedule around. Even still, it's wonderful and I highly recommend...mostly to the cultured degenerates of the anime community.

8.8/10 story
8.2/10 animation
8.8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall

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