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Yahallo! Welcome to my profile.

Let's start with what I like. I like romance anime the most and I have a bad habit of stalling after a few episodes if the anime doesn't keep me glued to the screen. I don't rate animes that I'm conflicted about (eg: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu series. I really liked the series but a certain implication ruined it) or OVAs (unless the OVA adds something to the story). Other than that I'm just another anime watcher.

Now on to the things I hate. I hate MCs that are wimps and/or chronically indecisive and/or whinny. I'm a man of simple morals so I hate incest, polygamy, glorification of rape and pedophilia (if you claim to be a lolicon then I don't care about your definition of lolicons. You need to see a doctor). I also lack the sophisticated taste buds to like truly deplorable characters. I don't mind ecchi as long as it doesn't take away anything from the story (cough cough highchool of the dead).

Favorite series: Monogatari series.

Rating system:

5 stars    = Almost perfect. Becuase nothing is perfect (everyone should watch this at least once)

4.5 stars = Great (highly recommended)

4 stars    = Really good (generally recommended)

3.5 stars = Good (recommended in the given genre)

3 stars    = Above average

2.5 stars = Average

2 stars    = Below average

1.5 stars = Bad

1 star     = Really bad

0.5 star  = This anime shouldn't exist 

If you wanna talk about animes or PC/PS games then ping me (not interested in mobile games). I'm on AP discord server under the same name. Looking forward to talk to you. Hopefully.

Flag: Russia on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature Drop

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FoodLife Mar 6, 2021

If I have the time I will definitely do a list

LulCatz Feb 27, 2021

Hi! To answer your question, no I am currently not in the AP Discord. I'm just generally open when it comes to being contacted online! Always looking for more people to talk to, ya know.

Also, thank you! I use this pfp for almost all of my accounts. Name and whatnot originate from osu!

YoGirlLeona Feb 24, 2021

Yessss, I will let you know when I'm done. <3

Melissa93 Feb 15, 2021


osaka Feb 14, 2021

we just follow peoples from Du'Kafon and comment to them! 

We can't communicate now with all the member from the family but at least few of them!

I also think it can be nice if we can have a dicord server or something like that but Du'Kafon is also a new group so I think something will change soon if we will have more members maybe?! 

You can always ask the Du'Kafon member what we can change?! 

I don't know who is the higher up of the higher ups haha because our group now work like- I tell the guy that told me so he can told the member who told him etc. haha

I still think it is nice! <3