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spoiler free wholesome review for a wholesome anime

The story was pretty wholesome and cute and the characters are all unique and interesting. It's a story of learning and acceptance, without disregarding the differences among others. It did a great job of showcasing different types of people, demi and not, and how they go through things and get along with people. I especially adored the teachers, as they were genuine and kind without being boring, as well as having their own inner issues and monologues and the like that made them very interesting to follow. Bonus points for not overly sexualizing the teens or having creepy or pedo-y teacher student relationships


  • Interesting characters with interesting designs without being too wild
  • Mostly equal focus on both the teachers and students, although obviously leaning towards the students
  • wholesome without being boring!
  • very cute, fun, and silly
  • it all felt very "real" in terms of how people interact with each other. Animes can get pretty tropey and exaggerate or under-do things and it can make interactions and characters feel unnatural but this felt very natural
  • explored teenagers feelings and experiences without making it seem like they were sexualizing, undermining, or getting creepy with it.


  • Some of the episodes seemed slightly?? slow and redundant, but that can be expected with slice of life shows
  • The animation gets a bit ehh and spotty at some points with the proportions and what not, but hey what anime doesn't?
  • there was that one scene in the beginning that was relatively sexual but is was played off in a "teens will be teens" way and didn't show much so not a huge deal but I absolutely hate teenage "fan service" cause it's creepy as hell.
  • there were a few?? uncomfy scenes with the fact a student has a crush on him but that's just my personal opinion but it was portrayed fairly well and accurate to a kid having a crush on someone older without creepy undertones from the teacher so it was fair

This was honestly absolutely amazing and wholesome and cute! It was an amazing change of pace because the teenagers are pretty much never sexualized and any mention of sex or any sort of fan service is played off in a "Teen will be teens" way or is spoken about/done in a non sexual way. The only real fan service is of the adult characters and that is!! well frankly amazing considering how a lot of animes hardcore sexualize their teens. 

9.5/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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