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The Asylum Session

Mar 2, 2017

The Asylum Session is a movie done by Comix Wave which tells the story of Hiyoko. A girl who ran away from home because her father forbade her from becoming an artist (awesome parenting by the way!) and ended up in an abandoned stadium where she met a bunch of artists with different motivations.

Concept-wise is interesting since it's not a theme that's usually tackled, but the execution was disastrous. The movie ends up being an insipid dreck that will put even the most enthusiastic viewer asleep. On top of it even the action scenes towards the end are dull!

Like the plot, the characters are pretty boring. The characters themselves are flat and uninspiring, and that doesn't change during the whole movie despite the attempts of developing them.

I said the plot was bad, but what was truly atrocious was the animation. The movie looks as if it was done in a rush and didn't put much care in the designs. The characters are off-model if not straight-out ugly and their movements look completely unnatural. I mean, look at this:

One could blame this to the use of cel shading, but shows like Bubuki Buranki are a clear proof that you can get a good-looking show done with this animation technique. The graffitis and drawings in the sketchbook are well-done though.

Sound-wise the movie was fine. The voice acting was well-done and the music was decent. Something that sounds like an achievemnt compared witht he rest of the elements in this show.

All in all what could have been a decent movie turned out to be one of the most mind-numbingly boring anime that was ever done. 

2/10 story
1.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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ChalamiuS Mar 2, 2017

Atrocious animation? What are you talking about? They made proper use of their 5 yen budget I tell you!