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Top 50 obscure shows (shorts not included)

This list is for those non-sequel shows that were marked as watched by 3000 people or less. I also excluded shows that aired recently and was watched by more than 2000 people since they will reach the "3000 watched" limit soon.
1 Thunderbolt Fantasy

Thunderbolt Fantasy

Don't let the fact it's done with puppets put you off, this show is what any fan of wuxia movies would've ever dreamt of. It has an engaging plot, cool  action sequences and an awesome soundtrack that will keep you glued to the screen. You should check this one out.

2 Magical Witch Punie-chan

Magical Witch Punie-chan

I'd have never thought a parody of a magical girl show would be so funny. Not only it pokes fun of the typical tropes found in Magical Girl shos but also adds some randomness into the mix!

3 Gal & Dino

Gal & Dino

4 Extra Olympia Kyklos

Extra Olympia Kyklos

5 Dear Brother

Dear Brother

At first glance one might think this is your usual girly high school show, but it's actually a rather dark anime. It's visuals are really pretty and elaborate, the story is quite engaging (save for a short arc at the beginning which is a bit eye-rolling), and the melodrama is so over the top that instead of putting you off it gets you hooked to it.

6 Phoenix


Hi no Tori is a great show that's made out of smaller stories which has a common theme (life, and in some of them there is also the seek of immortality). Each of the stories are really engaging and, while some stories are better than others, this is a show everybody should at least give a try. Also feel free to check the ovas and the movie if you liked the show, they can be watched in any order since they are pretty much standalone.

7 Yurikuma Arashi

Yurikuma Arashi


As expected from an anime directed by Ikuhara, this one is a complex story full of symbolism and plot twists but, unlike some of his other works, this one is a tad less subtle with its themes.

8 Here is Greenwood

Here is Greenwood

This one is a lighthearted comedy which is usually ignored due to its age, but this one is actually enjoyable. The art is good in all its vintage glory, the plot is decent and the characters are endearing. It suffers from being too short though, but you should definitely give it a try.

9 Kemonozume


Don't let the unusual animation style scare you away, this show is definitely good. It might look ugly and unappealing at first but in the end it will grow on you

10 Hells Angels

Hells Angels

11 Yugo the Negotiator

Yugo the Negotiator

Yugo The Negotiator is a thriller that was massively overlooked (undeservedly so). As expected from a show of this genre it has a good amount of tension, and also the cases Yugo takes on are interesting by themselves. Definitely a show you shouldn't miss.

12 Asura


Asura is a dark drama that won't leave anyone indifferent. Definitely worth checking up if you're up for a movie of this kind.

13 Tweeny Witches

Tweeny Witches

If you ever wondered what would happen if Tim Burton was asked to direct a magical girl anime, then this show is what you'd get if that ever happened. With it's unusual animation and strange looking fairies, likeable characters, and engaging plot you're in for a treat! (Don't forget to check the OVA once you finish the show)

14 Wave, Listen to Me!

Wave, Listen to Me!

15 Mazinkaiser SKL

Mazinkaiser SKL

Do you like action shows that have high-octane fights with plenty of explosions and just the minimum plot required to get what's going on? Because that's what you'd get from this show (in fact, I'd describe it as Michael Bay's wet dream).

16 Mecha-Ude


It may be a by-the-books shounen anime but it's actually enjoyable. I'd daresay this is an example of how to make a good anime even if you resort to using the typical tropes found in the genre.

17 Red Garden

Red Garden

A very gripping mystery show with supernatural elements. Definitely worth watching if you don't mind the unusual (by anime standards) character designs.

18 Gakuen Handsome The Animation

Gakuen Handsome The Animation

If I had to describe this show with 2 words they would be 'absolute madness'. The completely wacky scenes aided by the purposefully cheap-looking designs makes this one (and the TV series) an hilarious experience.

19 Drifting Dragons

Drifting Dragons

20 Giant Robo

Giant Robo

Unlike most mecha shows where the power of determination fixes everything, Giant Robo is a more grounded, serious, and darker show in which every action has consequences and anyone can die if they aren't careful.

21 Honoo no Tenkousei

Honoo no Tenkousei

This OVA is a pretty awesome parody of boxing anime (mainly Ashita no Joe, but it also applies to more modern shows like Hajime no Ippo). This one is ideal if you like boxing shows and you're up for some laughs.

22 Wasurenagumo


This one was the first show of the Anime Tamago project I watched and also the one that made me interested on the project. It's deceptively cute, and by the time you start feeling comfortable it reminds you (in a brutal way) that you were actually watching a horror anime.

23 Gag Manga Biyori

Gag Manga Biyori

There's only one thing you can expect from this show, and that's absolute absurdity. The awful artstyle and wacky yet somewhat crude humor keeps the viewers either laughing or wondering what the fuck are they watching (or both). The sequels are equally good, but the Jump Festa OVA leaves a lot to be desired.

24 Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene

Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene

This one is quite an entertaining movie that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It may not be very deep but it's definitely great for a relaxing day/night

25 Hataraki Man

Hataraki Man

There are a ton of anime featuring teenagers saving the world or stuck in a fantasy world, so finding a good show about adults doing adult things is pretty rare. Hataraki Man is one of those shows and it's definitely enjoyable.

26 Hacka Doll the Animation

Hacka Doll the Animation

Hacka Doll is one of those comedies which are kinda hard to rate. The humor relies mostly on parodies of various shows and videogames and tends to be quite hit and miss, but when it hits hilarity ensues.

27 The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

The story may not be the best and some characters may be a bit annoying, but the dogfights in this show clearly compensate most faults this anime have. They put so much care into it that not only it was animated greatly but they also nailed the sound of the engines, the bullets and the damage the palnes get. Watch it wearing good headphones and you'll feel like you're flying in a WWII-era plane.

28 Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis

Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis

The CG may be a bit wonky and the characters might looks like they'd explode if they get pricked with a needle but this show is pretty much the epitome of MANLINESS. The characters have enough charisma to carry the show, and the fights are awesome. It's a pity they added some unnecessary comic relief that does nothing but ruin the pace, but the show still worth your time.

29 If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die

30 Mysteria Friends

Mysteria Friends

If shows featuring cute girls doing cute things in a fantasy world with some hints of shoujo-ai are your thing then don't think it twice and watch it ASAP

31 Sekkou Boys

Sekkou Boys

S E K K O B O Y S Sekkou!


As you might imagine this is another absurd comedy I liekd a lot. The weird concept of having busts as idol leads for some funny situations which at the same time may make you wonder what did they smoke while this show was in production.

32 Mermaid Forest TV

Mermaid Forest TV

Mermaid Forest is an episodic horror show which could have been better if they changed a few things. The animation may be subpar (though to be fair, a good chunk of the shows made in that era have the same problem) but it's still quite a good show to watch with some popcorn.

Also I recommend to skip the OVAs since the arcs covered in them were also included in the TV series (which makes the fact that the final arc of the manga was left out even more infuriating *shakes fist*).

33 Violinist of Hamelin

Violinist of Hamelin

This show is one of those cases where you can tell a gripping and enjoyable story without having to resort to flashy animation, though to be fair the animation of this show is so bad it can get distracting at times.

34 Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku

If you ever wondered how hammy can a mahjong anime be, then this show is the answer. It might not follow the rules of Mahjong properly, but the hot-bloodedness of the characters make it for an amusing albeit short experience.

35 The Dragon Dentist (2017)

The Dragon Dentist (2017)

36 Stratos 4

Stratos 4

I may or may not be biased on this one given how much I like stuff featuring real-life planes (or ones that look similar enough), but that aside this show is fairly entetaining plot-wise and the ecchi bits aren't really frequent to the point of getting annoying (IIRC there were one or two panty shots and a close-up to a girl's butt).

37 Girlish Number

Girlish Number

This show portrays the harsh world of voice acting in a realistic way even though it can get a bit cynical from time to time. The show might not be the greatest anime ever created but it's entertaining enough to make you marathon it by accident.

38 Pupipo!


Probably the premise of an ESP girl who got bullied by her peers due to her powers sounds way too similar to a few shows, but unlike them this show stays away from being too melodramatic and not only keeps a somewhat light-hearted atmosphere but it also has a plot! Definitely something worth watching when you're a bit short of free time (or just don't feel like investing too much time in a show)

39 Momoko, Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo.

Momoko, Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo.

This movie is one hell of a feels trip. Make sure to bring some Kleenex if you plan to watch it.

40 Ruin Explorers

Ruin Explorers

Ruin Explorers is your usual adventure anime set in a medieval-like era that was so prevalent in the 90, but instead being just a generic run of the mill anime it actually manages to be interesting. The tone of the show changes halfway, but that doesn't make it less enjoyable at all.

41 Goku: Midnight Eye

Goku: Midnight Eye

Like most 80's OVA this anime is full of cheese, blood, and nude girls for the sake of titillating. Unlike them the show is actually entertaining as long as you're looking for some mindless fun and you can overlook the main guy's odd stylistic choices.

42 Buki yo Saraba

Buki yo Saraba

This short movie may not have much of a story but it compensates that with some intense action, so if you're up for a popcorn flick give this a go.

43 Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

Have you ever wondered what making pork cutlet and being a DJ have in common? No? well, neither did I until I found this show.

This show is actually funny and the music is good, though it takes some time to get used to the art style (and it would probably turn off a lot of people at first). Anyway, you should go ahead and check it out. You won't regret it.

44 Harukana Receive

Harukana Receive

Harukana Receive is an odd one when it comes to sports anime. While it has some moments of intensity during the matches most of the time the tone of the show is quite relaxed, making it a pretty comfy watch. Of course there's a lot of ecchi and male gaze, but what else could you expect from a beach volleyball anime? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

45 Princess Nine

Princess Nine

46 Hinata no Aoshigure

Hinata no Aoshigure

As the studio's name might hint, this is a cute, colorful show about a kid who falls for the popular girl in his class. Definitely worth checking out

47 Ace wo Nerae!

Ace wo Nerae!

48 Yumedamaya Kidan

Yumedamaya Kidan

49 The Great Passage

The Great Passage

This show manages to take a pretty boring subject and turn it into an engaging story. I mean, who would have thought that a show about making a dictionary would be interesting? It's a bit slow-paced at times, but it's endearing cast and lovely art will make it quite a experience.

50 Tabi Machi Late Show

Tabi Machi Late Show

A short yet enjoyable (and at times emotional) anime which deals with departures. The minimalistic animation might bother some people, but it's worth watching.


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