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I'm not really good writing bios and this kind of stuff but I'll try not to be too boring ^^u

Hi!, as you can see my nickname is Nicknames (I use this nickname because I decided to put the first thing I saw after trying 7 times to register in a forum 6 years ago).

I like a lot of kinds of anime but my favourites anime genres are mystery/horror and comedy animes, but that doesn't mean that I can't dislike an anime of this genre (It's hard but possible). I'm also translating anime in a fansub from english to spanish (I wish I could speak japanese Y_Y), we are few people but at least we do a good job translating them and all that stuff.

I don't really like manga, not because it's bad or something like this, it's just because I'm too lazy to read a manga XD *Nicknames runs away*

I like all kind of videogames, especially the ones of the PSX/PS2. I feel quite nostalgic playing the games of this consoles because they were the first ones I could buy with my own money (and the ones I want the most). I especially like RPGs but when I'm quite pissed off I enjoy playing action games or FPS.

PS: You can add me as a friend if you want to ^^

PS2: English isn't my mother tongue so, if I make a mistake correct me please.

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I tend to overrate animes so, it's quite easy to find in my anime list an anime rated between 3 stars and 4.5 stars.

0.5 Stars - So crappy that putting somebody to watch this anime forever without rest could be a really cruel torture.

1 star - Awful, boring, don't watch it even if you bet money

1.5 stars - bad and boring, watch it if you have a good reason to do it (curiosity doesn't count as reason =P XD)

2 stars - not really bad, but still boring

2.5 stars - In the thin line between entertaining and boring

3 stars - Average, it's fun but don't expect a great anime

3.5 stars - Good and entertaining but with some flaws

4 stars - Really good anime

4.5 stars - Almost perfect, it impressed me a lot

5 stars - Masterpiece, watch it at any cost.

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FoxNEET Apr 6, 2020

Yeah. Dino's face is too good. I actually have it as a profile pic on one of my social media

FoxNEET Apr 5, 2020

I always love your profile pics

cosmia Jan 20, 2020

GAAAAH THE GODS LIE!!! I really liked that one as well!! I'm a sucker for characters who are in that abandoned/ trying-to-make-things-work-on-their-own type of situation. QuQ

I also read Koguresou Monogatari and I thought that one was alright! I'm currently reading Juuni-banme no Tenshi

Oh you betcha, everyone muct have been feeling the same too as they were watching it, so at least you weren't alone!

LMAO don't worry about it, that's pretty funny actually *pat pat*

cosmia Jan 18, 2020

*Head pats were much appreciated, thank*

I really did like it!! I'm glad I stole your secret santa's recs. B)

Hoooooooof I've seen My Sister, Momoko. D: I watched it on a whim a year or two ago. I didn't know what it was. I just saw the cover, thought it was badly drawn, and then watched it. I was not prepared for it.

LOL ay that's neat, I think! Ah yes, that third talent is a very special one. Hard to acquire !

cosmia Jan 17, 2020

Do you remember the mangas recs you gave to your secret santa?

One of them was Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan 

I just finished it and it made me cry

I'm holding you responsible Q n Q