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Hey, My IRL Name is Justin (Well, if translated into English).


Some info about myself:

Name - Justin

Nationality - Lithuanian

Languages - Lithuanian, English, tiny bit of Japanese

Birthdate - June 20th

Favorite Colors - Purple & Light Blue

Hobbies - Playing Games, Watching Anime, Malware Hunting

Favorite Music Genres - Trap & EDM

Favorite Movie - Real Steel

Favorite Animes - Favorite Anime List

"Oh you think you know Japanese cause you watch anime"

Nah, I went to a camp thingy, that's where I learnt it. Hope to take some more Japanese classes someday!


Some of my Social Media:

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Website (Click)

The rest can be found on my website on the "About" Page!

~ Milestones ~

1st Anime: Spirited Away

30th Anime: Future Diary

34th Anime: High School DxD New

50th Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan

69th Anime: Bunny Girl Senpai

100th Anime: Hyperdimension Neptunia: Nep no Natsuyasumi

200th Anime: - not yet -

300th Anime: - not yet -


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123 total

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Nexurent Dec 7, 2018

Hehe, I was sick (and currently am) but I think I'll recover in 1-2 days now.

YggdrasilBrandrinn Dec 3, 2018

I'm waiting for that 69th

Nexurent Dec 1, 2018

 Yeah, it's one of my faves now.

NoHP Dec 1, 2018

Saw you post a comment somewhere and noticed your profile picture. You like WorldEnd? Omg my #1 favorite anime! 🤗

FullmetalDragon Mar 4, 2018

Hey! Welcome to Anime Planet! Hope you have a great time here :D

Here’s a super helpful document you might want to check out! It has the answers to a few questions you might have about the site, and probably a few others too! And if you have any other questions, or just want to chat, feel free to leave me a comment!