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Trigun Stampede

Mar 29, 2023

This version is poorly written.

There's not much to complain about the audiovisual section, some of the designs may look childish and the movement slows down a bit, but it does the job. Also the opening is a bit catchy ngl.

The map that comes out in the middle of each chapter is totally irrelevant.

Let's get to the important stuff:

With an interesting first third, which promises us to have a plot right from the beginning.

The problem comes in the second third, where the excess of flashbacks (lasting half a chapter) overshadows the present of the series.

Making the characters be defined only by their past and not by how they are now.

We are given very little time to take in their importance before being left aside to advance what little plot remains.

The first time antagonists their arcs end very abruptly. Rollo's death is still funny to me (that headshot, Chuckles).

Roberto: No one knows how he got there other than to infodump us when his assistant asks him. His demise carries no weight because he had been saved before for convenience. Especially against the guy with the bombs.

The assistant: She has so weak presence that nobody remembers her name.

The crazy loli: She's suddenly introduced without any forethought and calls the previous duo hypocrites, claiming why they call her a monster if she's just a kid. (Ah right, as if she didn't try to kill them in the first place for being only human and having unjustified hatred for them. I don't think the hatred is hereditary or is it??)

Vash: Why does he care so much about not killing anyone? If he barely deeply interacts with anyone he actually respects, and he also carries an absurd guilt that is NOT his own but that of his evil sibling. He's too bland and lacks charisma.

Knives: His hatred is totally unjustified, his perception of humans is clearly biased. Justifying his actions for the sake of his brother. Nothing that happens in chapter 11 is really believable, let's remember that he is manipulating him at will. (Lousy example of an older brother).

Nicholas: He is apparently immortal, there is no tension for him to die. His arc of dealing with his past comes to nothing.

While I appreciate the attempt to tell a different story, the execution leaves much to be desired, is chaotic in its narrative and has several flaws difficult to ignore.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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