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I watch anime and read manga.

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GalezOasis Aug 19, 2022

Hello I don't know if you'll remember me from all the way back in December but here I am now, replying back. My apologies for this very late reply, but I'm getting around to it now!!

Sadly yes I have been busy and even busier now, but that won't stop me coming back now!

I understand that feeling, I felt so sad that everything was done and over with. Modaozushi will always be my favorite MXTX work though, however I think the manhua is still going and we always have her two other works!! 

My manga/manhwa/manhua addiction has only grown since my anime phase has stopped. I'm not complaining though, but suprsingly all the ones you mentioned I have never heard of. Or at least not that I think so, but maybe I'll check them out than!

I now plan to finish watching Dororo as it was just so good for its time period and it's very nice to see historical Japanese stories again and not historical Korean stories. Don't get me wrong, both are amazingly good but I have missed Japanese historical/fantasy stories in animes mostly. Have you finished Tokyo Revengers though!?!? What did you think of it/??!?

Currently Black Torch I have put on hold, though I should get back into it because I was reading the physical copy at my local schools library till they ran out of volumes (I think 3,4, and 5 sadly) but it was so good!! Both of those are such good reads though, and actually I was reading the Yona of the Dawn manga and actually rewatched Yona of the Dawn too!!!!!!!! It is just so good, the manga is beautiful though. I did stop so I might have to re-read it, not that big but all my hard work you know? Favorite character, well for sure Shin-ah like you and Jae-ha or Yona. But I love all of them!!!!

Either way I hope you are doing well now and I hope to hear back from you, can't believe how much I missed this. Have an amazing day, afternoon or night!!!! <3

kasasagi Jul 28, 2022

Oh no, sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you're feeling better soon! And hey, you did accomplish something, exams are no joke! 

It's probably hard if you have no one around who really understands why you'd want to be a writer. In a way the internet is really great for that, you can find a lot like minded people. And cool your friend started reading as well! I have quite a few friends who like to read, but we are not really interested in the same books. But sometimes we lend books to each other and discuss them, I think that's always fun. 

After my exams are over I might actually try to write something as well. I think it is about time that I stop carrying all those ideas in my head. I can soooo relate to the folder, recently I also looked through some of the old things I drew and wrote. I miss the time when I just slapped stuff out because I thought it was fun and cool. 

Plus recently I don't seem to sleep that deeply so I actually remember my dreams better. But like I said they are always super weird. One of my friends always had dreams that were like a whole movie she could tell us and mine are just some strange and random things usually. But they might make a good story, who knows.  

Haha, yeah looking for gnomes was always fun xD My mother used to be big reader as well, though she hardly does it anymore. She wants to get back to it now. When I have more time to read again I might choose a book to read together with her. 

Yeah, I think there are quite a few memes from the Office. If you have a good connection to watch I hope you'll have fun :)

My summer is pretty good! The exams are coming closer but tbh I just want to be done with them. Of course I want to do a good job, but even if I barely pass it would be okay. Germany has a big problem atm, since there are not enough teachers, so I am pretty much guaranteed a job. And after the exams are over, I'll have some free time and I'm really looking forward to that. First thing will be a small trip to South Korea for me and I'm so excited - it's been ages since I went on a holiday. 

Thank you a lot for the recommendations! I'll make sure to check them out! Btw I don't know if you know this channel, but I thought it might be interesting to you: it's called 'Terrible writing advice', I think the videos are really funny (like this one)

Geez, I'll stop now, hope thing are going well for you :)

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Jul 20, 2022

oh ty ty,, i think he's rlly interesting too and thats why i like him. i kinda dont like that he reminds me too much of kokichi tho😭😭😭

and yea,, it's ok if ppl are rude about it because nobody's THAT rude. they're just salty

same tho. at this point i dont even know what im watching anymore lmaoaoaoa💀💀

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Jul 1, 2022

my fav is tsukasa,, i just love him sm >///<

lots of ppl hate me for it tho lol

idk what animes are coming up,, i tend to just know when they come tbh lol

but when they do come im crazy abt them 

kasasagi Jun 21, 2022

Hey, nice to hear from you! First, congratulations on passing all your classes! I'm really happy for you! 

I get that, sometimes you are so entangled in responsibilities and obligations it easy to lose sight of the things that are important. Also, I'm glad my words could encourage you a little, I really think it would be sad if you would give up on a dream you had for a long time. It's probably not that easy to convey to others when they don't like reading themselves. 

I don't read as much fantasy as I used to, but I still do from time to time. As a kid my mother used to tell me stories of giants and gnomes and she said that they lived in the forests near our house. And I totally believed her, so I was always on the lookout ;) I guess that's when my love for reading myths and legends started and since fantasy as a genre is very close to that I also like it. But with fantasy books there are not that many I would label truly outstanding. Maybe you have some recommendations? :) 

Yes, it would probably be good to write down any ideas as soon as they come up. My dreams never make sense and are always bizarre when I think about them, but I always wanted to actively write them down in a diary...but so far I have not done it. I also have a lot of ideas when I try to fall asleep and the next morning I have forgotten half of them again^^'  

As for me, I am doing good. Have to study, but I am in a much better headspace right now. Maybe because it's summer, maybe because it is much more fun to learn with my friend or maybe because I moved into a new flat, which is far nicer than the place I had before. Probably a little bit of everything. And thank you, I'll do my best :) 

Also, no need to apologize, you never bother me. If you check out the Office I hope you'll like it. Sorry to hear things are a little eh, hope things get better soon :)