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Nanbaka 2nd Season

Jan 7, 2018

This season didnt dissapoint, it lived up to the great expectations, just like the last season did. If u thought the sparkles would be present all the time just like the last season, then ur wrong. The sparkles are gone now! 

But lets not focus on the sparkles, I found this season a great creation. We see the light shed on the mysterious past of our most mysterious mc himself, Jyugo! This season was just as entertaining as the last, the pace of the season was great, the comedy was certainly still there!

This season is a development in the series, because we have more of a serious turn this season, focusing on the serious look into the plot of nanbaka, but still giving us the good classic comedy! The pace and tone of the anime is well done, and the vibrant colors are well done too! 

Just like last season, we start off with our comedic duo! Given laughs to start, and then getting more light shed into the past of our characters, more info on nanba prison and its layout, and the development of the guards thoguhts on their prisoners. This season, we get the guards being trapped in cells and nanba prisons staff falling into a serious problem, and the prisoners fight to protect nanba prison, save the guards, and save the order of the prison!

Its the prisoners time to shine, and we also get more development on, Jyugo! 

The opening changed for a reason, the lead vocal in the opening changed, and it sounds KIND OF WEIRD. but, thats such a little thing it has absolutely no effect on ur opinion of the series or the music. 

This season had more of a serious tone, but also giving us the perfect splash of comedy at the perfect moments, and not losing its comedic tone!

It perfectly blended the comedic genre with the serious tone! 

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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