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Dec 27, 2014

I wanted to see an anime that had a lot of kisses because oh lord most anime's doesn't even have one (I'M LOOKING AT YOU CLANNAD & NORAGAMI YOU DISAPPOINTED ME). There will be spoilers in this review, but the overall score is without any spoilers :3

Story: 4/10

Alright, so it's about an unsocial girl who meets this attractive and popular boy, they fall in love and yeah...I guess you know what it's about. The story itself is cute, but some of the drama is just...Weird. You know, I stopped when all of that jealousy thing came because it made me want to rip my hair off. Not in a good way, it annoyed me so much. In most anime's they have moments when nothing is happening, litterally nothing. The same with this. I don't know how many episode the jealousy part was, but it was so freaking boring I just stopped, I knew it would end in the most cheesy way with Yamato kissing Mei sorry or something. It's just too cheesy with all the random kisses and such.

yup i'm talking about that scene.

Animation: 5/10

Their bodies looked so weird, it annoyed the hell out of me! I can't eally say anything else than that, sorry

Sound: 8/10

I don't know, the sound was ok I guess. I didn't really affect me.

Characters: 4/10


Let's satrt with Mei.

I liked her character, really. She is an unsocial, cat loving, insecure and good looking girl. The typical main character if you ask me.

But Yamato tho,

He's such a douch like omg why would you want that piece of gabbage. It all was really cute UNTIL the freaking thing with him sleeping with girls to make them happy omfg

I can't even

You can't mean that

All in all I'll give it 6/10. It's a cute story even tho it turns out to be really cliche love story

written by an eight year old. The kisses can be toooooooooooooo much, the characters are ok. If you like weird looking bodies, well then this is something for you.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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RoachCoconut Mar 7, 2021

You said you wanted anime with a lot of kisses? Watch sakura kiss. Just finished it yesterday and i enjoyed it i think you might also.

SupremeMint Jan 5, 2021

That was a good review, It feels so simple and characteristic, I now have a better judgement to my decision whether I should watch this show or not

MikeyMabbs Aug 15, 2018

You might like Doukyuusei. I just watched it and it is very cute. It has a few kisses and is overall very sweet.