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Hello there, welcome to my profile!

I've joined this site some time ago, due to my love for anime. When I was small, cartoons ( and video games ) took up most of my time. Animes weren't popular at that time where I live so I got into them much later - around the time when I started high school.

My first anime ever was Transformers Energon and it was a whole new world. Shortly after that I got sucked into the world of anime and I started watching shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Slayers, Cowboy Bebop, Rave Master etc.

Then over the years I got into more diverse genres and found myself watching more and more each day ( the record being watching 80 Bleach episodes with my cousin in 2 days )

For a list of my favorite animes/characters refer to my page here on AP :)

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Sirscaredyclaude Jun 13, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you love most about Reiji Moritsugu?

kurokam1 Oct 18, 2019

Akame ga Kill is great but I have to rewatch it. Also Seryu sucks

kurokam1 Oct 15, 2019

Agree with what?

xXTheOutsiderXx Jan 7, 2016

Lol Thanks. Assuming Direct Control

duchessliz Jan 5, 2016

Comedy anime are just the best aren't they! xD And it's wonderful that you're also drawn to character driven anime! That's what I tend to love the most about anime ... when the characters completely and utterly captivate you!

It's kind of funny that we both hate Shoujo-ai/Yuri. I did try watching it ... twice, but didn't like either anime (one I ended up dropping and the other has been stuck in my stalled list for ... four years? I should just stick it in the drop list already lol). So it's a genre I tend to avoid. My most hated genre though is tragedy ... which is kind of ironic that I have favorite anime that have tragedy in them (even if it wasn't the main focus) but I still despise the genre. Mostly 'cause I hate to cry! T.T Tears of laughter are wonderful! But the heartwrenching sorrowful ones that tear me up are ones I outright avoid... -_-'

Hmm. That's an interesting way to watch ... I wonder why I never tried that? o.o

It's great! ;D And yeah the Straw Hat crew is fantastic! Zoro totally won me over though in Thriller Bark! He was soooo badass! He became one of my all time favorite characters for that!:D

Junjou and Sekaiichi really do (handle the couples so wonderfully, I mean)! I always question why it is that the romance in Yaoi is so much better ... I still can't figure it out! Doesn't stop my love for the genre though! ;D

I'm so jealous! I don't have any anime posters! The ones I want are always so expensive and I just can't force myself to pay thirty dollars! So jealous! T.T

... well the internet isn't a bad thing. That's my preferred way of watching. I buy them for when my internet goes out (which since I live in the mountains, it happens more often than I'd like ...) or if the power goes out (which also happens more often than I'd like due to trees falling down into power lines due to high winds or snow).

You sound like a cat expert to me! Animals usually love me, cats especially so I take high offense about the fact that my sisters cat hates me! T.T

It sounds good to me ... so much anime to watch that you have yet to fear running out! I some times feel like I've run out of good ones and the new season anime sometimes end up being all I watch besides re-watching... you're lucky! Take your time with them and savor them! You'll probably eventually find yourself in a rut though ... the best of us do!