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Satan's Bride

Nov 24, 2021

Art was simple and pretty nothing spectacular, but as the story progress it becomes worse so it's even harder to read.

The story starts kind of stupid, but like fine, sure, it's not regression or transmigration,  so it's a nice plot, but jt is written badly...

It is all about them trying to escape, then falling in love and not wanting to escape etc.

The 3 main characters led comfy life as much as possible, but I mean, falling in love in that kind of situation? Stockholm syndrome in a way. It doesn't matter how nice someone is, you are basically abducted - offered like some object.

It goes mainly about Rupia and Idis (Edith) or whatever name he has later - Demon king.

She is cute and smart, but this is basically just f****** romance with trying to be action scenes or adventure or fantasy or something?

It's boring. I really wanted to give it a try because I had alme fixation in my head it would be great (I did not check any reviews or ratings, I just thought that for some reason). 

I do not recommend....

2/10 story
5/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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