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NeiJuzzuo Apr 20, 12am
commented on Migen FORTON
Total psycho.  The only thing I like about him is that he is pretty much the psycho throughout the whole story, he never actually changed like other characters (ok, Peacock too). He is pretty though, I mean, he is sweet and cute Nine's twin. He is a psychopath since he was a child based on the side sotry.
NeiJuzzuo Apr 17, 1pm
commented on Rxyna's review of No Doubt in Us
I started watching the anime and it's hilarious! I am just interested if he had anything with the concubines (romantically) or just with the Empress? I ask because personally I do not like harem/reverse harem where they are involved romantically with multiple characters and I understand it's possible because it's a historical manhwa/anime/story. 
No Doubt in Us

This webtoon is so good. If you're looking for some hilarious webtoon you gotta check this. His majesty's brother is fuckin cute and funny. 

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NeiJuzzuo Dec 20
commented on Baobao FENG
I love her and I really want to know about her history especially after in season 2 ep 4 the pink guy said something about the country where they erased people's soul and memories - their QI/KI became transparent like hers.  I can't wait to find out!
NeiJuzzuo Jun 2021
commented on YumYum
Your art is gorgeous and really pleasing to the eye.  It's so good in showing all facial expressions especially funny ones.
NeiJuzzuo Apr 2021
commented on Sonnya GRAY
She is actually someone really important and has another name (around chapters 97+ you will find out 😍). She is a nice character, but she knows to be dramatic in a way. Maybe because she is really spoiled. Overall I like her 🤭
NeiJuzzuo Apr 2021
commented on ThatAnimeSnob's review of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2
I understand you do not like it, but I don't agree with you. I watched first season, then read manga and later watched second season. I personally like it. It's beautiful, it's funny, it has light atmosphere, it is well paced in my opinion. Yes MC is overpowered, but he still has to obtain his power through learning and fighting. It's just that OP MC kind of show. If you don't like the concept - don't watch it. As for comments you got about not reading manga, I do agree with you that you have written a review about anime, not manga, sk it shouldn't be important if you read manga because it's about anime and story in the anime no matter if there is a manga or novel that the anime is based on because you decided to watch anime not read manga or novel or roman or magazine, etc. You give yout opinion and rating based on episodes watched, not on story the anime is based on.  I personally think that when you are leaving a review about anime you don't necessarily need to read the work it's based on if it's not the original work (such as Death Parade which I love).  If I want to leave a review about manga, I will read it and leave the review. If I want to compare manga and anime adaptation I will put that in a review too, but I will say "comparison" or something like that to be clear that it's not just my opinion on manga or anime, but how similar they are, which is better in my opinion, etc. This is a longer comment, but I tried to put my opinion on things I thought weren't related to the anime itself, but on people's perception of your review.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

My overview for the first season of the Slime isekai was well received in every site I uploaded it. And yet there were a lot of people at Anime-Planet who kept commenting about how wrong it was, because I didn’t read the manga. Why should I? It was an overview about the first season of the...

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NeiJuzzuo Mar 2021
commented on Adarsha's review of The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon
It's really offensive. The story is not good and it's far worse than Solo Leveling, but that doesn't give you the right ti use such insults and rude words. If you don't like it try elaborating why you don't like it and what's bad about it so tha can be helpful for others.
NeiJuzzuo Mar 2021
commented on NeiJuzzuo's review of The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon
This is my first review with this bad scores, and it's defined with the worst scores 😭 My heart aches because of the art
The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon

I wouldn't say it's bad nor good. It's below average in terms of stiry and characters. It's confusing. The story is all over the place. about art - it reminds me of paint tool sai a lot, but it's nice. Like you have "Trader" - OP character who anihilatied whole guild when they...

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