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"Top Ten Favorite Capricorns"

This is my own list of favorite Capricorns and a Capricorn that I am thus the reason as to why this is the first of the 12 Zodiacs I plan to list. (I tried to vary the series but yeah....) Please be wary that it may have spoilers.
1 Madara UCHIHA


Birthday: December 24th 

There is something strange about Madara that I find fascinating about him; I don’t know what it is but he is quite an interesting villain. I think I didn’t truly declare him to be a favorite of mine until his ‘death’. When he well dies finally, his last communion with Hashirama and ‘sudden’ change of heart to admit his defeat; the fact that he tells Hashirama that somewhere along the way perhaps he too could’ve lived a life like he did and a dream that could’ve lived on. Madara to me is a very mesmerizing man and one that you can’t help but to pity, you’d want to empathize but for someone like him all you seem to be able to do is sympathize with him. Overall Madara is one that never fails to excite me and feel so much.

2 Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper

Birthday: December 24th 

I knew that I would fall in love with Chopper once I got to his arc and story; I had vague knowledge of his character and the rest but it blindsided me. It was a lot more intense then I would’ve thought. Chopper a funny and awkward loving reindeer; one that I adore quite a lot (not like that…). I can’t really remember if there was anything else that made me admire Chopper but his relationship with the Straw Hats is the best, especially with Usopp.  

3 Howard LINK

Howard LINK

Birthday: December 29th

Guilty that I will say he didn’t really catch my attention until he started to change psychically quite a bit; due to both art advancement and an urge to change his hairstyle and become more likable (By Hoshino-Sensei herself). The day I decided to look up what his birthday is was actually right on my own birthday; welp I missed it by one day... Well regardless Link is a really good character and quite fascinating to say the least, very strong both psychically and mentally he really grabs my attention for putting up with such things. His loyalty to Malcolm and concern for Allen Walker (who he himself is a Capricorn, the 25th of Dec.) is well quite admirable moreover not just for that he was his duty to watch but also seemed to thought more fondly of as a friend.

4 Russia


Birthday: December 30th

Not as a country but as Ivan Braginsky himself; Ivan was not a character I ever understood when I first watched Hetalia. The first time I actually took interest in Ivan was yes partially because of Russia; I was fascinated by the personified Nations. I took curiosity in learning about each country more thoroughly (the ones I really never had heard of that is). I was bored one day and wanted to see their birthdays and (of course America is July 4th) I noticed that his birthday was the 30th of December; why that’s surprising to me? Well my birthday just so happens to be that day of course. There is such a strange fascination with people when it comes to birthdays like you want that one person/character to have the same birthday as you for some reason. That drew my closer to Ivan; after that or well even before that I had noticed a lot of similarities between him and I. And it went full-blown lover of Ivan when I started to take a liking to Sunflowers; although I did already like them to begin with due to another series and early childhood. He is a unique character and as a ‘human’ himself; he is one of those characters that you can rarely find whom have such feelings and so on.  

5 Kisuke URAHARA


Birthday: December 31st

This troll is a troll who trolls other trolls (I’m tried okay…) is a great character and one that is hard to dislike. Kisuke is a very funny and laid-back worker and yet when not seen he is coming up with plans that one would never suspect. I love that he doesn’t take much pride in his work and isn’t fond of being called a genius as evidenced by Aizen and his response saying that he is a mere candy store owner. Sarcasm, perhaps but I doubt it. A man who is funny when wanted and serious when needed is very interesting how he changes through. Also have you seen him without his hat???



Birthday: December 31st

This one won’t be as long for I won’t be able to think much for her but long story short, Sawako is one that I’ve adored for quite some time. It has been a while since I’ve read Kimi Ni Todoke (From me to You) but I really do love her development and so on.

7 Miranda LOTTO

Miranda LOTTO

Birthday: January 1st

Are you kidding me, Miranda is tough and seems to be forgotten by most. I think people forget just how many lives she has saved/protected (sadly some unable to be saved for they sustained too many wounds). Miranda is crazy strong and very in tune with others needs; it may be hard to see how she has developed as a character but she really has. She still continues to grow. Words will never be able to explain how amazing she truly is.

8 Iceburg


Birthday: January 3rd

Do I need to explain why this man is amazing? Iceburg is truly a genius and worthy of the title Mayor. Truly one that is very passionate of his work and soonly enough one that unties all of Water 7 together; working on a plan to keep the beautiful water metropolis above sea in order for its inhabitance. Iceburg is truly what I’d say is a Capricorn; others may disagree but that’s just how I see it, a stubborn yet passionate man of his word and one that is admired by all.

9 Coyote STARRK


Bithday: January 19th

This lazy bum is one of the best characters; it’s hard to explain it I feel like that it is. Coyote is one that hit me on a personal level as well, loneliness. His motivation to do none is quite like me too. He is a very observant character and one that notices quite fast. His death was a very hard one on me for that he realized that he really was never ‘alone’. He had all of the other Espadas and yet he never really acknowledged that. He accepted death with open arms and felt no grudge; although quite obvious he left with regret.  

10 Gaara


Bithday: January 19th

One of the very first characters that I ever related to on such a deep emotional level just so happens to be a Capricorn and one that is actually a Capricorn Aquaruis cusp. Well regardless of that Gaara was a character that caught my attention right away; he was quite intriguing. The thing I truly love the most about Gaara is when he gets some ‘sense’ knocked into him by Naruto; he changed. Not that his personality was bad at all (well I mean as in a non-developed way that is) but his ability to change like that was astonishing to me. Obviously it wasn’t over the course of one day and it took a little while to truly feel as if he could change. That’s what I love about Gaara; it was realistic, exaggerated perhaps, but one that was similar to my path on life. Our issue with love is somewhat alike and relationship with fathers a tad similar. I could go on for a long time but that is really about it with Gaara and the rest of my Top Tens.


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