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Seasonals I'm watching:

- That slice-of-life pottery show (15 min./ep): Airs on Monday circa 18:00 in my timezone.
- Super Cub: Airs on Wednesday circa 18:30 in my timezone.
- Blue Reflection Ray: Airs on Friday circa 21:30 in my timezone. Will last for 2 cours. (Stalled)
- Moriarty 2nd Season: Airs on Sunday circa 17:30-18:30 in my timezone.

(I might also watch non-seasonal stuff sporadically, mainly shows from the Winter 2021 season that I decided to watch after they ended, and other stuff that's in my Want to Watch list in general)

Candidates to watch next: Izetta the Last Witch (has greek subtitles), Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (has greek subtitles), Senryuu Shoujo (12 minute episodes), SK8 The Infinity (I think I'll wait for the greek subtitles to release first).

Seasonals that I look forward to watching, but only right after they end, because I want to be able to watch them at my own pace: Wonder Egg Priority (in this case I'll also wait for the Wonder Egg Priority special to release on the 29th of June as that's the conclusion to the story).

Currently on a hiatus from anime.

Here are some gifs I liked btw (since many people put stuff like this in their profiles, I thought why not):


Stuff about me

I'd write something about how I got into anime, but after I wrote it realised it's similar to how most other people got into anime, so I removed it. Generally the "How you got into anime" question doesn't seem to elicit a great variety of reponses imo, and thus many are of the kind "I watched a bunch of stuff on tv, and then got blown away by a Ghibli film" (Spirited Away in my case).

Anime genres I like: Not entirely sure. I like slice of life, but usually ones that aren't way too calm and where things happen. When I watch anime with an actual plot and/or action, I like them to have interesting themes and/or fleshing out of characters/character development/good interactions between characters.  I also don't usually like too serious/depressing stuff, but also not too childish stuff either (being way older than the target age range of an anime completely ruins immersion - I can watch anime aimed at teens, but not stuff aimed at elementary school children and which doesn't offset that with more mature elements). One thing I certainly don't like is stuff that pretends to be innocent and then turns way dark and edgy (stuff like Madoka Magica - thankfully, because I was curious to see what the big deal was with that one, I read the synopsis of the episodes on Wikipedia, and thus was saved from seeing the twist the hard and depressing way). I also don't like stuff with bad or way underwhelming endings, because that leaves me with a sour note, or stuff that starts off good but becomes average to bad later on, for the same reason. I also like finding obscure anime, since they're often better than what the ratings on A-P would lead one to believe (and the inverse is also the case, that is in the case of a number of anime with high ratings on A-P, I didn't enjoy them as much as their rating would suggest). At any rate, you can get an idea of what I like and what I don't from the anime entries on my profile.

Other hobbies of mine: I also like listening to music and playing videogames. I also like history a whole lot, and have a preference towards Medieval history.

Other stuff about me: My native language is Greek. I also have a near-native level fluency of English and French. Since only tv shows for kids get dubbed in Greek, I prefer to watch shows subbed in order to at least listen to them in their native language, since I'm not going to be able to listen to them in my native language anyways. Also since very few manga ever got translated in Greek (you can see my list about it), the foreign languages I know come in pretty handy (French comes in handy for manga not translated in English -see this other list of mine about that), and I wouldn't have even gotten into anime and manga in the first place without that knowledge (and that's probably the case for most Greek anime/manga fans too).

My anime-watching habits

Anime watching habits: I usually watch anime after it's aired. Sometimes I tend to binge watch several episodes at once, but other times (especially when I have less time available) I only watch one episode at a time. I tend to watch anime intermittently, that is in periods lasting anywhere from a couple days to a couple months, depending on how many anime I feel like watching during this time, the number of episodes they have and whether I binge them or not. This means that I might go without watching anime for months, and then, after entering the 'anime-watching period', switch to watching them everyday during it, returning to not watching them again after it ends. I've been doing this almost instictively until this writeup, and I employ this techinque with my other hobbies too, and it really helps with avoiding hobby fatigue e.g. I hardly play videogames at all during the anime-watching periods, but when these end I return to playing videogames. I've only watched few anime as they aired, and think that while the anticipation makes good episodes/shows seem better, it also makes bad episodes/shows seem worse, so it's a double edged sword imo. I also tend to not watch film-length anime too often (because I somehow feel unwilling to sit in front of something that's 1h30 or more long: I feel the sme way for live-action films too).

When an anime has more than 24-26 episodes, there is a chance I might feel like I got the gist of it soon after that point, but might want to watch the finale regardless. In that case I'll skip non plot-essential episodes, basing my decision on the description of the episodes on Wikipedia.

When an anime has both a series and a film and I've marked both as watched that means that I watched the series first and then watched from the film any extra scenes not in the series, skipping scenes that were also present in the series.

Oftentimes, I might not have anything against shows I dropped, but simply just feel that I got the idea, and don't need to watch further.

Also note that shows that I marked as 'Watching' but haven't added the number of episodes watched are ones I haven't started yet, but plan to do so soon.

Personal rating system for anime

The ratings I give for anime are based on my gut feeling on how good an anime was. Here is what these numbers mean:

5: A masterpiece. Only one anime on my list rated thus so far, and it might be me seeing it with rose-tinted glasses - I generally don't give stuff a perfect rating even if I liked them a whole lot.

4.5: Really, really, good/great. I rate thus anime that had either a really good plot/atmosphere/humor (depending on the genre), really emotionally impactful scenes that stayed in my memory or really good action that mesmerized me.

4: Very good. Less impactful than the ones rated 9, but I still enjoyed my time with them a lot.

3.5: Good, but less so than the ones rated 8.

3: Average. Was enjoyable while it lasted, but ultimately was nothing special. Some of these might have some flaws that made me enjoy them less that the above e.g. plotwise.  Also a lot of shows might end up with this score if it's been a while since I watched them and they didn't leave me a lasting impression.

2.5: Like 6, but with more flaws that made me enjoy it less.

2: Stuff with very few redeeming points - I'm not quite sure why I watched these.

1.5 and below: Maybe I shouldn't have watched these. I want my time back... (Thankfully haven't needed to use this so far..)

And there's also a lot of stuff I haven't rated, because I'm not quite sure how I feel about them e.g maybe I liked them, but I'm not sure if it's a 3.5, 4 or 4.5.

My manga-reading habits

I like discovering obscure/less well-known manga, which is also evidenced from the manga section of my profile. I prefer to read them digitally (even those that are also available in physical format), as I don't have enough space to store lots of volumes (not to mention that since I seldom reread comics, having them physically would also be a waste of space in the long run). Only exception to that would be when a manga is only released physically, since in that case a digital format isn't available.

Manga/manhwa reading habits: It might seem like I'm reading a lot of manga at the same time, but I'm going to drop most of them sooner or later, after getting the gist of the story and/or losing interest. I only recently got more into manga in the first place, because I get the impression that most of the better known ones have main objectives/arcs that go on and on without being resolved even 100+ chapters later (which makes sense from the authors' perspective, as they want readers to keep buying issues, but is rather annoying from the readers' perspective to not have an end in sight). I thus prefer manga with episodic/semi-episodic structure, manga that somehow happens to have short arcs or manga that resolves what at first seems like the main objective fairly quickly and then is kinda slice-of-lifesque (but the latter only if I like the interaction between the characters enough). If I happen to read manga/manhwa that isn't the above, it's probably because I like the art and/or am invested in the story/characters a lot, but those are few and far between for now.

Also note that mangas that I marked as 'Reading' but haven't added the number of chapters/volumes read are ones I haven't started yet, but plan to do so soon.

As an aside, if I've read enough of a manga, I won't want to watch the anime adaptation, and the inverse, that is if I've seen the anime adaptation, I'll only wish to read the manga if I'm interested enough to want to continue from where the anime left off (which is rare).

When a show has both a manga and an anime available and the anime is based on the manga (because there's no need to see the manga when the inverse is the case), I'll decide which one to watch based on how much time I feel like investing in the story (anime is more time consuming than manga for me, since I have high reading speed, however a lot of manga have many volumes, in which case the anime might be a quicker way to get the gist) and which one is more readily available and with more content in a language I can understand. For example, I might prefer the anime version of a manga when it has more episodes than the currently available scanlations of the manga it's based on, or when the manga has more than a few volumes and I want to just get a taste without investing time to read the whole thing. But then there are also the cases where the anime is definitely the better way to enjoy the content, thanks to it having color and animation. I usually judge on a case-by-case basis, though I seem to prefer the anime version most of the time, if one has already been released when I discover the manga - it usually has to do on whether the art style of the manga draws me in enough, and whether the anime follows it faithfully or not (I prefer when it does), because otherwise the bonuses of the anime version are rather attractive.

N.B. Manga that I mark as stalled is manga of which I've read all the currently available to me translated volumes/chapters (which thus means that I'll also add to stalled manga the next volumes of which I haven't access to yet e.g. haven't bought them yet) and am waiting to see if/when more will be translated (and that's probably going to take a while, more than 2 weeks or so). These might be moved to dropped if I get tired of waiting for the next translation and/or have lost interest by the time the next translation is released.

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