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Fire Dragon Roar!!!

and set your heart a blaze!!

Welcome to my profile, my name is Liam in the real world. I've always loved anime, to me anime is the best form of entertainment that brings out the best in every genre. Anime made me feel emotions I didn't know I had.

My profile is named after my favourite anime character. I love Natsu as I feel he embodies me as a person. I have always suffered with motion sickness, love making people laugh, fighting for my friends and whenever I'm asked what power I'd want, I always answer with fire.

When I'm not watching anime I love video games, my favourite genre being rpgs I love getting lost in a different world. Playing instruments and skateboarding. 

I remember growing up watching Dragonball z on tv and instantly becoming hooked to anime. I love a good chat about anime, feel free to follow me if you'd like, I will always follow back. 

I will review certain animes,mainly if there really bad or my opinion differs from the majority. I'd love any feedback on those if you come across them. 

Enjoy life and keep loving anime, thanks for checking out my profile. 😀

My Top Ten Favourite Anime Characters 

Number 1 Natsu Dragneel

Number 2 Vegeta

Number 3 Goku

Number 4 Edward Elric 

Number 5 Thorfinn 

Number 6 Gray Fullerbuster 

Number 7 Yugi/Yami

Number 8 Jellal

Number 9 Erza Scarlett

Number 10 Deku

I recommend this challenge of picking your top ten favourites. It was tough I keep thinking about all the awesome characters I didn't put in my top ten, but it's a fun challenge.

Sharing My Music Taste

The Strokes don't have one bad song and Julian Casablancas fantastic lead singer.

The Horn - awesome cover I wish bands like this got the attention they deserve.

The Kooks - Not one bad song here as well. Awesome songs. 

Yungblud - I'm a big fan of Dom and what he stands for, in his message that. We should all be able to be ourselves without judgement.

Stand Atlantic - Bonnie is one of the best female lead rock singers,fantastic songs here.

The 1975 - I love this bands frontman Marty Healy and what he stands for against country's with silly LGBT laws. The songs are fantastic too.😊

Hot Milk - I love what this band is doing, a great mix of talent of display here. 

Iron Maiden - one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Frontman Bruce Dickinson has a badass voice and steals the show.

One Ok Rock - loving this band, great songs. A lot of them feeling like they could be used for anime openings and probably have been.

Phoebe Bridgers - I love Phoebe and the indie rock genre. Her songs are perfect to decompose to. 

Megadeth - I've always loved this badass metal band, Dave mustaine has always been badass.

Metallica - I've always loved these legends of rock. 

Linkin Park - I remember listening to these legends at school RIP Chester Bennington.

Bright Eyes - I've always loved this indie rock band. Connor Oberst is like the modern day bob dylan, just epic.

Foo Fighters - I've always loved foo fighters and nirvana. This song hits you hard through, it feels like it's written about Taylor Hawkins R.I.P legend.

Disturbed - I have always loved this badass metal band, it's the kind of rock that hits you in the face. 

Motorhead - This was the real, I don't care badass rock n roll, I miss Lemmy what a legend

Eddie Van Halen - what a legend we lost.RIP rock hero.

Biffy Clyro - I think Simon Neil is a lyrical genius of our generation.

Def Leppard - I've always loved def leppards awesome songs,about love romance etc. 

Just an insight into my taste of music and what I love to listen to.

My Favourite Anime Rage Moments

Natsu finally rages against Zeref after holding back all his anger for all the pain he caused using the legendary dragon king mode.

Vegeta rages against beerus. Never touch another man's woman.

Brolys insane rage after losing who he thought was his father and then being used as a puppet. 

This rage scene is so ironic to me. Goku going super Saiyan for the first time from witness the murder of his best friend. Frieza made a big mistake.

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki rages against Jason, after being tortured by this monster for hours. Jason got what he had coming to him.

Levi's rage mode against beast titan, after all Levi's comrades and friends the beast Titan killed.

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noodlesncheese May 3, 2024

You're welcome! :) thanks for following me back

Jancool Apr 10, 2024

Probably, good to hear you have never experienced that XD

Jancool Apr 9, 2024

I used to buy them from one bookstore that happened to sell them, which is why it didn't make sense to me that why the manga pages were so easily torn. My friend thinks that it must have been because the manga being sold were translated

Jancool Apr 8, 2024

Cool, I used to read physical manga too but for some reason the pages started to rip off even from the slightest of use

Jancool Apr 7, 2024

A while, yes. I started using Webtoons around ages16-17 and so far it has been the best webtoon provider for not ripping you off with monthlt subscription. The ones that you have to pay for I find via not so honest means