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UsagiDandere Dec 3, 2015

*LOOOOOOOOOOONG SIGHHHHHH* For the GIFs you put the link to the picture/GIF between [MERPmg] and [/MERPmg] BUT replace the MERPs with the letter "i" so it will be "img" and "/img". I put the MERPs in there because if I actually did write it out the correct way, it would likely show up as a messed up picture or something.

P.S. My tacos were great, but Marc didn't leave me any sour cream -.- I guess that's what I get for locking him in the pantry...

PPS How's Zankyou no Terror so far? >.<

UsagiDandere Dec 3, 2015

I will only tell you how to put GIFs in if you tell ME what Natagami means O.O

delmar2708 Dec 3, 2015

Haha I see. So that makes you my senpai. Im in grade 11.

delmar2708 Dec 3, 2015

Haha no worries. I've hardly visited anime-planet in the past few months because of school and anime. Despite that, im pretty good myself. Whas up with you?

UsagiDandere Dec 3, 2015

Dude, so I heard from my brother that you were wondering where to watch anime? I know he passed on from me that gogoanime was a good site, but I also wanted to mention that I like to watch stuff through anime-planet too sometimes, and also Youtube if possible, because it plays a lot smoother and you don't have to worry about adware. But the stuff on Youtube often gets removed due to copyright, so it's more of a treat when I find the series I want there. But anyways, I just google whatever series I want to watch like "Noucome episode 1" and whatever comes up usually works for me. But yeah, I like to stick with gogoanime, and it's usually one of the first to come up on Google. So yeah. BOOM. You've been unwillingly enlightened, please accept my "Happy Late Thanksgiving!"

Also, I just learned how to put GIFs and pictures in these profile comments, so of course I'm going to put a totally random one here. Why? Because I can.

P.S. Are you watching Gravity Falls yet? I thought I heard Marc say you started it or something xD