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UsagiDandere Jan 3, 2016

ONE MORE THING: Since you're finished with Attack on Titan now, you just HAVE TO watch the abridged version on YouTube! IT'S FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS. It's actually what got me to watch the show in the first place >___<

Also, while the other AoT OVAs are so-so, I seriously recommend that you watch the "No Regrets" OVAs, because: Who doesn't want to see Levi's backstory? ^w^

UsagiDandere Jan 2, 2016

While I do prefer showers, it's not like a bath is any less efficient (might actually be better, since you soak). That's cool that you got Skyrim; so, are you going to attempt to recreate the exact character that you have on our computer, or are you going for a whole different experience? 

Maybe you could learn a couple things on terrorizing from actual terrorists on ZnK; then you could keep up with Ben. Maybe blow up a couple buildings or something? Just a suggestion. Might turn out to be a fun hobby.

Anyways, good to see you finally got your password situation under control! Happy New Year! Congratulate Ben on his new job for me, too! Did my dad tell you that I got a 26 on the ACT??? I'm so relieved, haha. I guess I got all worked up over nothing! xD

UsagiDandere Dec 18, 2015

Sup man, I ate all the hostess cakes you gave me within two days. The only reason it wasn't in one day was because I decided to leave one for breakfast the next day. They were delicious. I regret nothing.

Soooooooo ya never told me how Zankyou no Terror was going for you... and do you like Ouran so far??? Those are both some of my favorites, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on them >_<

delmar2708 Dec 3, 2015

Technology huh? Thats too bad. I hope your keyboard feels better. ;)

Lol, yea, decisions are hard too make.. Fortuantly, I have already figured out exactly what Im going to do... or at leat a simple plan that is.